Dharmesh Kharwar: A Veteran Leader & Researcher in the Pharmaceutical Domain

Dharmesh Kharwar: A Veteran Leader & Researcher in the Pharmaceutical Domain

Dharmesh Kharwar ,DirectorAfter completing his Bachelors and Masters in Pharmacy from Nagpur University with specialization in Pharmaceutics, Dharmesh Kharwar pursued an unconventional research at the time involving Chitosan based bio degradable, water resistant, scar reducing, hemostatic healing gel. This eventually led him to his first work engagements at FDC Limited in product development. Here, Dharmesh Kharwar was involved in many projects on almost all dosage forms before moving on to Janssen, the pharma division of J&J, where he took on additional leadership roles of quality, packaging, regulatory management, and product launches for a decade as a Director.

Throughout his career, Dharmesh has actively taken part in industry associations and projects guiding policy and industry matters, including assignments for MSD India (Subsidiary of Merck, USA). After accumulating several decades of cross functional knowledge involving three companies, and their people, products, and processes the veteran researcher moved on to start his own business in the niche domain of pharma manufacturing and alliances for exports with the foundation of NGB Laboratories Pvt. Ltd( NGBL)in 2019.

Recently, CEO Insights India Magazine got an opportunity to interact with Dharmesh Kharwar. The versatile leader shared with us the wealth of knowledge he gathered through out his professional journey and the approaches he is undertaking at his venture NGB Laboratories.

What inspired you to establish NGB laboratories pvt ltd(NGBL), and how has your journey been so far? What were the major challenges that you encountered during your professional journey to date?
I have always been an “intrapreneur”: hence it was a natural transition to an entrepreneur. It's been a passion to always search for opportunities that combined the organizational growth ventures with my strategies. I built teams that
thrived on the same energy and delivered. Whatever seemed like a challenge initially turned out to be an exhilaration at the end. These were in areas of business continuity during natural disasters like the Mumbai floods of 26th July 2005 floods where temperature sensitive lifesaving drugs were rescued at warehouses, being part of the team, which won the patent matter, relocations of multiple supply chains having regulatory and commercial significance without impacting business.

AIML(Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning) Is My Current Ongoing Skill Development Program Via A Us University And I Have Plans To Deploy It Soon In This Space

Having a broad experience of more than 25 years of extensive cross functional capabilities aided by a comprehensive knowledge of global R&D, manufacturing, quality, regulatory, legal & business environment in the pharmaceutical industry, how did you reach the success that followed in the later phase?
Taking up additional responsibilities, including ones where I do not have much experience, drove me to read more and experiment, which later led me to the leadership roles. This was the critical phase wherein I stretched myself and found that I could do more. The operational challenges were always there, but once I got myself into strategy development, my vision started getting achieved in all these areas. I engaged extensively with customers, regulators, policymakers international stakeholders under several associations and initiatives. I also became a very active speaker in conferences, expert panels, and industry meetings on a wide number of subjects. Traveling across the globe enabled me to build networks and experiences along the way. There are times when I had to make all stakeholders see the events beyond the horizon on divesting near obsolete portfolios.We made the best of any opportunity to turn fully imported patented products into entirely Made in India, which was quite a task given the negative bias towards India's GMP compliance profile a few years ago. All this finally got me recognition wherein my ideas and strategies were sought for, and that was quite satisfying that it was put to
implementation all due to trust and synergy with all my seniors who continue to inspire.

You have successfully built and retained dynamic teams brimming with talent and the goal of generating revenue by executing new growth platforms, shaping healthcare policies and the business environment. Please share with us more about your skills and strengths, which is unique from the others in the industry. How do you inspire and motivate your team?
It's been my experience that every individual brings something unique to the team, and as a leader, it was my prerogative to identify that and connect with the team and the mission. This never required changing the core of the team member's individuality, which is why we had exciting times with them in this journey. All of them have exceeded initial expectations, and as we look back, we are energized to get the next goal achieved. My approach is straightforward. I share my vision with a precise time bound plan and spend a significant portion of the time at this stage. We get over all the disagreements at this level and then move forward as one neural network, with only minor adjustments along the way. The team is fully engaged as we share a common vision, and all success is theirs, any failure is mine. That's the motto I have followed.

As a director, what strategies are you devising to reach a stronger position in the lifescience & pharma domain?
Being a CLP® Emeritus (Certified Licensing Professional, USA), I am also engaged in the deal space for not only businesses and services but also technologies. The life science space is converging rapidly, accelerated by the current phase we are all passing through .To support the increasing investment in pharmaceutical space we have on board in2021,the expertise and proven track record of Airtech Systems Pvt Limited. We have joined hands for a complete turnkey solution so our Indian and global customers get seamless design & project execution including equipment & product validation for all kinds of pharmaceutical oral, topical and injectable forms including vaccines.

AIML(Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) is my current ongoing skill development program via a US University and I have plans to deploy it soon in this space. I am about halfway there, and have realized the transformation it can unleash in our system to make "healthtech" accessible to all.

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