Dr. Abdulbaqi Al Khabouri: Leading Intiative Towards Digital Transformation By Using Smart Water Managmnet Solutions

Dr. Abdulbaqi Al Khabouri: Leading Intiative Towards Digital Transformation By Using Smart Water Managmnet Solutions

Dr. AbdulBaqi Al Khabouri,CEOClimate change is a time bomb with an already set-off timer, making water resource management more critical than ever before. It's no rocket science that water conservation allows water to be transported from areas of excess to areas of drought, if an effective distribution channel can be established between the areas of source and demand. Given that freshwater resources are increasingly becoming scarce, better local water usage, particularly in agriculture, can result in significant water savings. As existing water supplies are disrupted by climate change, water resource conservation and management are critical for survival and sustainability of mankind. Need of the hour is experts and specialists in natural resource preservation who can mitigate this severe situation.

An exceptional leader with a great environ mental vision, Dr. AbdulBaqi discusses his professional journey with NRCS in an exclusive interview with CEO Insights.

How did this journey begin and how has been the experience along the way? What unique skillsets help you reach where you are today?
For five years, I had the opportunity to work for PDO, Oman's largest Petroleum Company. Water management was my passion because of the paucity of water and the issues we face in this region. As a result, I was offered the position of first Omani Project Manager at the Ministry of Water Resources in Oman. I was appointed Director-General of Water Resources Assessment in Oman after receiving my Master's degree in Hydro geology from Norwich University in the UK and my PhD in Water Management from UIA in Malaysia. I was attracted to 'PDO' again, this time as a Policy Advisor, after having the pleasure of working in a
government organization as an executive. Having worked in both the commercial and public sectors, I was allowed to work for the Oman Research Council (TRC) on the development of Oman's first multi sectoral research science park, Innovation Park Muscat (IPM). With that background, NRCS development has always been a passion of mine, and I have always wanted to help safeguard the environment and water resources in Oman and the region.

In terms of skills, I am a dedicated professional who believes in teamwork. My team's strength reflects positively on my personal accomplishments as well as the company's performance.

As a CEO, I am working hard to position NRCS as a major player in offering smart water manage ment solutions to our clients in a cost effective and long term manner

How would you define Natural Resources Consultancy & Services as an organization and its position in the global market? What is the unique proposition that your products offer to your customers?
Natural Resources Consultancy & Services (NRCS) is classified as a mediumsized business. The NRCS is concentrating on environmental management, with a particular focus on water management. NRCS is the first and only firm in Oman and the region to offer smart water management solutions. We use AI, IoT, ML, Big Data analytics, and blockchain based tools to provide smart solutions to our clients.

How has been your response to the challenges posed by the Covid affected market? How would you describe your role in tackling those challenges?
In terms of project execution and physical contacts, COVID-19 has presented various obstacles to NRCS and its clients. NRCS has aided its stakeholders in running their operations successfully by adopting Smart Management Solutions. During the epidemic, machine learning (ML) and sophisticated digital data collection techniques proved their worth.

In your professional journey so far,
which are the milestones that bestowed you with utmost satisfaction both as an individual and as a CEO?
Leading a great team at Innovation Park Muscat(IPM) has contributed the most to my management portfolio, as I work with both government and private stakeholders. This includes top tier science based investing firms from throughout the world.

Going forward, what are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate and what are the opportunities that you foresee? Also, what're your future goals as a CEO?
Markets will undergo adjustments as a result of the global economic crisis, which has been hastened by COVID-19. I see this difficulty as a chance to come up with innovative ways to help our clients. In the environmental management and water sector, digital trans formation(DT) is becoming a need, and our stakeholders must take it seriously. The NRCS is ready to assist you in making that journey. As a result of Oman Vision 2040's support for DT, NRCS has already taken steps to embark on such a journey under my direction.

As CEO, I am working hard to position NRCS as a major player in offering SMART water management solutions to our clients in a cost effective and long term manner.

In the light of your strong experience in the fields like environmental studies, new technological development and the project management industry, what advice would you give to the budding entrepreneurs?
A budding entrepreneur must be patient, devote time, and effort to the development of their businesses. One of the most important aspects for success is the careful selection of a firm that is supported by market pull. In addition, I would tell them to pay close attention to their team members, as they are critical to their company's success.

Dr.Abdulbaqi Al Khabouri, CEO, Natural Resources Consultancy & Services(NRCS), Masqat
A visionary leader, Dr. Khabouri has over 30 years of private and public sector experience in environmental studies, new technological development and a science parks project management throughout Oman and abroad.

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