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Dr. Anuj Tiwari: An Experienced Professional Poising New Benchmarks In Healthcare

Dr. Anuj Tiwari: An Experienced Professional Poising New Benchmarks In Healthcare

Dr. Anuj Tiwari,CEO & Ex-COO

Dr. Anuj Tiwari


A captain can help the ship sail through rough waters, so can a competent leader who understands the business and the market very well. There are numerous traits of a successful leader scribed on the pages of books and websites. Traits like open minded learning, strong communication skills, building relationships, realistic optimism, thinking out-of-the-box, fast decision making, leading by example, and more. But in today's world, a successful modern day leader needs to go beyond the convictions and showcase mastery in various aspects of the business while being empathetic. At the end of the day, the quintessence of business operations lies in People, Products, and Profits. Such a maven who can spin the hospitals in the right trajectory and truly represents shining set attributes as most impartial 'constructive'critic is Dr. Anuj Tiwari (CEO & Ex-COO, Athaayu Hospital) the awardee of many leadership awards.

With 20 plus years of practice, Dr. Anuj forms the most accurate picture of a great medical professional. He is almost a stupendous in his ability to design effective operational strategies for hospitals and consistently ensure better performance and growth. Carrying the experience of working in executive leadership roles with giants like Apollo Hospitals, Wockhardt Hospitals Group, Prince Aly Khan Hospital, AMRI Hospitals, Shalby Hospitals, Lifecare Hospital & Research Centre, and Escorts Arneja Hospital, he is making Athaayu Hospital exceptional in integrity, intellect, drive and culture.

A visionary in its true sense, Dr. Anuj is leveraging all his remarkable
expertise in various verticals such as P&L Management, Strategies, Operations, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, HR, Microeconomics, Hospital Administration, Management and more to propel business growth. Particularly amidst the pandemic difficulties, he is paving the road to progress by keeping up with all the changes.

The following excerpt is an exclusive conversation between Dr. Anuj and CEO Insights that briefs his journey, leadership role, and his strategies that drive the business.

While analyzing various business aspects, I maintain harmony, balance and ensure reduction in losses - both in terms of humans and finance

Highlight the professional memories that bestow you with utmost satisfaction.
Throughout my career, I have been playing leadership roles such as VP and Unit Head. I come with experience of working with several renowned global hospitals. I remember where a complete turnaround was done in the hospital to streamline the processes,fillup the gaps for accelerating the business. A thorough planning & development and execution of strategies was done to improvise the EBITDA at a desired level and the blueprint worked and we were able to achieve a dignified sales growth.

What responsibilities have you been undertaking to set comprehensive goals for performance and establish policies that promote the hospitals' culture and vision?
As a CEO, I am responsible for the end-to-end operations of a Hospital's. My focus lies in formulating strategies and guiding the team towards growth, success, and profits. In short, business development, increasing topline sales, reducing bottom line targets, and quality enhancement are my forte. Setting up the KPIs of the
team does motivates the performance levels of the members of the team.

As a person with a high degree of technical skill in the medical field and proficient managerial capabilities, I always focus on motivating the team as they are the asset for our growth. We provide open opportunities for our employees to rise and shine. The significant Y-O-Y growth in sales and profit illustrates our ability.

Share some of the challenges you encountered in your professional journey
The C-19 pandemic has created havoc in the medical industry, and the healthcare workers are on their toes for efficient management and treatment of the crises. I recall the similar situation of dealing with the H1N1 crises few years back in the country. In my two decades of experience, I have observed drastic shifts in the medical field and battles against deadly diseases.

"Myfocus lies in formulating strategies and guiding the team towards growth, success and profits"

How do you manage to strike the perfect balance between your work and life? Give a quick note on your personal front.
For any medical professional, the biggest challenge is balancing personal and professional life. Yes it was tough to manage personal and professional life during this pandemic scenario, but still we were able to superintend the same.

Speaking about my personal front, I love playing chess and reading books. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma is one of my favourite books.

Dr.Anuj Tiwari,CEO & Ex-COO, Athaayu Hospital
With exemplary professional experience and impeccable academic excellence, Dr. Anuj is transcending the ordinaries of hospital operations. To ensure smooth functionality, he is channelizing the core strength of formulating sound strategies to make patients feel carefree, employees feel empowered, and the Board Members feel satisfied.

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