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Dumidu Ranaweera: The Face Of Organizational Excellence & Lean Six Sigma In Sri Lanka

Dumidu Ranaweera: The Face Of Organizational Excellence & Lean Six Sigma In Sri Lanka

Dumidu Ranaweera,Global Director APAC, Middle East, Africa, Oceania & Canada

Dumidu Ranaweera

Global Director APAC, Middle East, Africa, Oceania & Canada

One of the well-known resources in the field of 'Lean Six Sigma'(referred to as the `Lean Six Sigma Guru of Sri Lanka' by the print media)and'Organizational Excellence' in the region, Dumidu Ranaweera has been personally endorsed by the principal architect of Six Sigma Dr. Mikel J. Harry as one of the best resources available on 'Six Sigma'. Dumidu Ranaweera is the Global Director APAC, Middle East, Africa, Oceania & Canada for Dr. Mikel J Harry Six Sigma Management Institute Asia. He has guided over 500+ organizations, both manufacturing and services across 10 countries in their Organizational Excellence journey and known for his avid skills in Lean Six Sigma deployment and credentials in multiple business disciplines. During the past two decades, he has mentored over 500+ process excellence projects across various domains and trained over 30,000+ resources including close to 1000 Black Belts/Master Black Belts. Below is an excerpt of our conversation with the leader himself who gives us walk through of his journey and success mantra.

Undoubtedly you are the most sought after resource on organizational excellence in Sri Lanka and are often featured as 'The Lean Six Sigma Guru' by print media. What made you get into driving organizational excellence for companies and promoting structured problem solving methods in APAC?
Born in Sri Lanka in the early 80s, we were faced with many vicissitudes due to the ongoing civil war, natural disasters and political instability on the island. Our lives were uncertain, and access to knowledge was limited. I used to always think, what would be the field that I could contribute most to help build my nation to the glory days it used to have in the 1950s. Sri Lanka is a resourceful nation, but we lack the capacity to fulfill or cater to the total world demand for any product or service. Hence, as a developing country, it is essential that we focus on value differentiation and export high margin products and services. This is the same strategy countries
like Japan, Singapore and South Korea adopted to jump the curve.To create value differentiation, it was essential for every company to focus on organizational excellence and structured problem solving methods. I realized this at the early age of my career 18 years ago and figured it as the chosen field to contribute to the island's progress.

To create value differentiation, which leads to high margins, it is essential for entities in developing economies to focus on Organizational Excellence and the use of structured problem solving methods

You have been featured in over 100+ local and international conferences as a keynote speaker, award judge etc. and trained over 30,000 practitioners, assisted over 500 organizations around the world. What was the passion to get into training and public speaking?
My journey to acquire knowledge was not easy, considering the constraints I had. I did not want it to be the same for the next generation. I always had a passion for sharing and believing in the power of multiplication. Especially, Sri Lanka and other developing countries are abundant with highly talented resources.My ambition was to help them develop competencies on structured problem solving and organizational excellence to support their companies to grow and prosper.

I always felt, for a country like Sri Lanka to be known or to build a brand for value differentiation, it had to be featured in every forum and event in the region. This is so vital for our progression as a nation. To support this aim, I travelled the world and spoke in events no Sri Lankans have ever been featured. Just like South Korea used Samsung, Japan used brands like Toyota & Panasonic I really wanted to contribute towards creating a brand identity for Sri Lanka in the field I am in.

Out of the many international awards and accolades over the years, what is the most valued award you have received?
True that there are many awards and accolades that have come my way over the years. How ever, I think the biggest award that I get is the support and appreciation I get from my loving wife, my SSMI Global Family & the community to take this journey forward.
One of the highlights in my journey is to be asked by the principal architect of Six Sigma, Prof. Mikel J Harry to help eradicate the dilution that had been affecting the goodness of Lean Six Sigma by taking over his company (Dr. Mikel J Harry Six Sigma Management Institute SSMI Asia) operations in APAC, Middle East, Africa, Oceania & Canada in 2016. Considering, I started my journey on Six Sigma precisely 12 years before reading a book I photocopied of him it was a dream come true. I think my efforts in this regard were the most awarded and most cherished by me. During the last three years, SSMI Asia has been ranked as the best organizational excellence and lean six sigma training and consulting organization in the APAC region, and it continues to serve thousands of practitioners and organizations in the region.

What is your ultimate vision and how do you want to be remembered?
My vision is to make competence in organizational excellence & structured problem solving methods an essential element among the resources, especially among the developing nations. In this regard, among other things, I am working closely with the academia, institutions & associations constantly in the region. I also have gone to the extent of producing songs on the subject and contributing towards many publications in creating awareness. My aim is to help the next generation of leaders to be well versed in this essential competence to take prudent decisions focused on growth and creating velocity of value.

Well, I would like to be remembered for someone who gave his all to promote the goodness of structured problem solving and organizational excellence methods in the region, and to create an identity on the same for his island in the world & someone always willing to help the next generation to grow and prosper.

Dumidu Ranaweera, Global Director, APAC, Middle East, Africa, Oceania & Canada, Dr. Mikel J Harry Six Sigma Management Institute Asia
A certified Lean Six Sigma executive master Dumidu has mentored teams of 200+ organizations in manufacturing and services for 10+ countries in his 20+ years of successful career. Dumidu has won many awards including Lean Six Sigma Coaching Excellence Medal by Six Sigma Management Institute USA, Karmaveer Chakra Silver Award by REX in association with United Nations, 'Business Leader of the Year 2017 & 2019' Awards during Sri Lanka Quality Leadership Awards and many more.

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