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Gaurav Arora: An Expert In Seasoned Marketing And Advertisement

Gaurav Arora: An Expert In Seasoned Marketing And Advertisement

A leader motivates others to take action while also directing their actions. They must be approachable in order for anyone to obey their instructions, and they must have the ability to think logically in order to understand the appropriate way to use the resources under their influence. In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights Gaurav Arora, the Managing Director of Redknot Marketing enlightened us about his professional expedition and the challenges he encountered while setting up his own venture.

Tell us about your professional journey so far and what are the challenges that you encountered and how did overcome them.
I am a first-generation entrepreneur, whenever any entrepreneur starts an enterprise, in the earlier stage variety of challenges occurs, the same way in my case most of the initial challenges were uncertain to me. I had no one to support me throughout my entrepreneurial pathway, and while in the course of learning managerial skills I have managed to understand them from my previous mistakes. As they say, failure will teach you more than success, and it is through failures that I have gained a deep understanding of my industry. When I came across challenges while setting up Redknot Marketing, I preferred to conduct extensive research to learn about what our competitors are doing, how they are doing in the market, what variables we can apply to our business to be better than them, and how we can cut costs.

Another challenge I encountered was with third-party suppliers, as a result of which we have committed to providing our services directly to our clients. I do not outsource any resources for our projects, and as a result of this process, I have created a number of local teams across states and towns, allowing us to maintain full control over the quality of services that we provide. Regardless of location, the Redknot Marketing team goes on the ground and works with the customers, ensuring that we deliver the services provided to our clients and that their needs are met.
In the current day and age, the Founder of a company has to assume various roles such as a leader, visionary, decision-maker, manager, board developer and others. What different roles have you been undertaking at Redknot Marketing?
Before leading a company, I feel that all of the planning must be completed in order to understand how much effort must be put in to make a company successful. I am such an individual, and for the first couple of years, I was heavily involved in the company's operations; however, in recent years, my position has shifted to developing strategies for the company's growth and establishing new ventures across the country.

As a new and small agency, I am proud of the brand image we have built in the market by working with some well-known clients

Give a brief account of how methods/ strategies that you laid has transformed Redknot Marketing entire work culture and client relationships.
To build a strong company in this field as an entrepreneur, you must develop certain principles, which we pass on to our employees. If a person can't do anything for themselves, I believe they should not expect others to do it for them; instead, they should get their hands dirty as a leader and lead by example.

My employee's core value in their professional journey is that persistence leads to victory; a proper amount of patience can lead to victory; it's just that one will have to work hard to get there. There are no other ways to achieve success than to work hard for it, and to provide the quality services that I have promised my clients, I must work hard, and my team will do the same by looking at me.
In your professional journey so far, which are the milestones that bestowed your utmost satisfaction - both as an individual and as a Founder?
As I previously said, I am a first-generation entrepreneur, and no one in my family or immediate circle has ever worked in the business world, so this is a significant achievement for me. Managing a couple of teams in the IPL was my first project as an entrepreneur, and it was a good start for a startup to manage teams for such a large event. In addition, we completed nearly five lakh kilometers of activations for the Thumbs Up brand in 2019, making us one of the country's largest activation agencies.

Gaurav Arora,Managing Director

Over the years, Red Knot Marketing has worked with a number of notable firms, including Coca-Cola, Citibank, ICICI Bank, Honda Motors, JSW Steels, and Toyota. As a new and small agency, I am proud of the brand image we have built in the market by working with some well-known clients.

Gaurav Arora, Managing Director, Redknot Marketing
Being a National Level Boxer and have played for Team India, Gaurav holds a degree in Mass Communication from JIMS, Delhi. Gaurav has an advisory approach to identify, plan and implement major change projects in line with the long-term goals of a company. Concept development and marketing strategies are some of the fields where his expertise lies. He is also a certified kick boxing trainer by American kick boxing federation and an avid martial artist specializing in JeetKune DO & Karate.

Location: New Delhi

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