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Praveen DR : Pioneering Renewable Energy Solutions For A Sustainable Tomorrow

Praveen DR : Pioneering Renewable Energy Solutions For A Sustainable Tomorrow

 Praveen DR ,  Executive Director

Praveen DR

Executive Director

Kumaraguru College of Technology stands proud as a nurturing ground for accomplished alumni leaders who have significantly influenced diverse industries. These individuals, molded by the institution's commitment to excellence, have become trailblazers in their respective fields. Among these distinguished alumni is Praveen DR, an exemplary executive and visionary leader in the renewable energy sector.

Graduating in Computer Engineering in 2014, Praveen has traversed a remarkable trajectory from Kumaraguru College to assume the pivotal role of Executive Director at Rich Phytocare. His journey epitomizes the college's un-wavering dedication to fostering individuals who not only inherit a robust academic foundation but also emerge as transformational figures in the professional lan-dscape.

Engaging in an idiosyncratic interaction with CEO Insights magazine, Praveen shares the imperious details of his journey as one of the influencing leaders in the country. Let’s hear it from him.

Could you tell us about the unique experiences the Kumaraguru College of Technology offers and what did you learn from the campus beyond academics?

Kumaraguru College of Technology was an eye-opener that reshaped my perspective on life. Beyond the traditional focus on academics, the institute encouraged a culture of exploration, providing us the freedom to delve into our ideas. The college's unique approach treated students not merely as learners but as budding professionals. This ethos instilled in us a sense of responsibility and a professional outlook from day one. The college's commitment to treating students as professionals fostered motivation, and witnessing the accom-plishments of seniors inspired and propelled me into the entrepreneurial path I tread today.

How does Rich Phytocare define its organizational identity in the
market, and what distinguishable value additions characterize your flagship offerings for customers?

Rich Phytocare stands as a stalwart in the market, excelling in agro-input products and solar renewable energy. Established in 2004 with a commitment to sustainable agriculture, our evolution into the renewable energy sector in 2014 reflects our adaptability to emerging markets. Our organizational identity is deeply intertwined with sustainability which is evident in our prioritization of bio -products over pesticides in agro practices. In the renewable energy sector, our mission is to democratize access by making clean energy affordable.

Learn, adapt, & use set backs as catalysts for future success, & remember that in every stumble lies a hidden stride forward

We strive to provide a holistic journey towards sustainability, where customers not only receive top-tier products but actively contribute to a greener future. Our offerings ensure quality and sustainability, embodying our ethos of responsible business practices and a shared responsibility for environmental stewardship.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies that you follow to lead your team?

In steering my team, I am a firm believer in the power of processes. While establishing a process may sound straightforward, adhering to it demands unwavering commitment. My approach to business centers around clear, defined roles for each team member, coupled with a profound belief in the reciprocal nature of giving and taking responsibility. I take pride in fostering a team where every individual comprehends their role, and my responsibility is to articulate and instill these responsibilities. I believe in leading by example, instilling a sense of pride in sharing our company's legacy with each new team member.

What is the envisioned future desti-nation you are steering towards?

In the next five years, my vision for Rich Phytocare is deeply rooted in both financial prudence and expansive growth. Our foremost goal is to achieve complete debt-free status, despite our strong debt-to-equity position. Looking forward
we aspire to transition from our current role as an EPC/system integrator in the solar division to becoming backward integrated. This entails establishing our manufacturing facilities and developing proprietary products through collabo-rations with Research and Development (R&D) teams.

In the renewable energy sector, our focus remains on reaching as many people as possible with affordable solutions. For the agro division, expansion into the northern region is imminent, mirroring our solar industry presence in 12 states. Particularly, the rooftop space in the solar industry holds immense growth potential, and we are dedicated to harnessing and expanding our foothold in this segment.

So as a leader in the industry, what is the piece of advice that you would like to give to the upcoming leaders?

At this juncture of growth, I hesitate to position myself as an advisor, but I do have a personal philosophy that I'd like to share with aspiring leaders. I firmly believe that failure is not a roadblock but an invaluable stepping stone. My journey has been marked by failures, each providing a unique learning opportunity. I believe that failure is a chance to dissect, understand, and grow. To emerging leaders, I would encourage embracing failures not as endpoints, but as gateways to improvement.

Praveen DR, Executive Director, Rich Phytocare

Praveen DR, Executive Director of Rich Phytocare, is a visionary leader guiding a team in delivering cutting-edge solutions in the renewable energy sector. A Computer Engineering graduate from Kumaraguru College of Technology, he commenced his career as a System Engineer at Infosys, cultivating a strong foundation in software development. Praveen is driven by a passion for leveraging technology to address realworld issues. His leadership has propelled Rich Phytocare to be recognized by CII as a top-quality vendor for rooftop systems, and has also earned accolades for speedy installation techniques, reinforcing the company's dedication to reliability and quality service.

•Favorite Hobbies: Jogging, Playing Badminton
•Favorite Cui-sine: In-dianized Chinese
•Favorite Book: Atomic Habits, Ikigai, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
•Favorite Travel Destination: Home

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