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Satyajit Jena: A Passionate IT Professional Domineering The Supply Chain Market

Satyajit Jena: A Passionate IT Professional Domineering The Supply Chain Market

 Satyajit Jena,  Co-Founder & Associate Partner

Satyajit Jena

Co-Founder & Associate Partner

As befits a rapidly growing, innovative industry, the business landscape is rapidly evolving with the burgeoning competition today. This overhauling has a pragmatic effect on procurement and supply chain management too. However, when digitalization is prolifically changing the way businesses and their procurement, supply chain, and operations operate, Satyajit Jena, Co-Founder & Associate Partner of Acuver Consulting (an innovative IT supply chain provider company), is one of those noteworthy leaders who has made significant efforts in this pursuit. Let’s get to know more about him!

Give a brief account of your professional journey. Also, delineate the inspiration behind the establishment of Acuver Consulting.
I am an IIT Kharagpur alumnus and have done B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. Getting college campus then, I first kickstarted my career by joining TechSpan which was later acquired by Headstrong, which is now known as Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets. There were a bunch of us who together got through the college campus and started here we became friends. Well, being there for around three years, it was a fun experience spending a lot of hours at the office and learning new things around diverse domains like finance, supply chain, and lifestyle, including technologies like .NET, Java, and more. However, after those three years, we started thinking that we should probably be doing something more interesting than this.

Subsequently, a few of us resigned including me. After that, we started discussing ideas and everything, but unfortunately, things didn't materialize. It was right then that I got a call from Sunny (my ex-colleague at Headstrong) and we discussed a new opportunity it was not exactly a startup, but it was about growing a branch for a startup Expicient Inc. It had offices in Bangalore and set up in the US, but having a Gurgaon office also for it was our project. So that was how
my partnership with Sunny grew strong and my journey transcended from Headstrong to Expicient (two years) and then Acuver Consulting. Though it has not exactly been a smooth journey, but spectacular with Sunny and now we have a lot of talented individuals in the organization who have joined us and are helping us grow the organization even bigger.

As befits a rapidly growing, innovative industry, the business landscape is rapidly evolving with the burgeoning competition today

Please share with us your academic experience from IIT Kharagpur. What did you learn from the campus beyond academics?
Sure, so IIT Kharagpur has been a very interesting and humble experience. Meeting extremely talented, and hardworking people with whom every conversation was intriguing and challenging at the same time, I really had fun. It brings you back to the ground and lets you know that there are people who are extremely smart and intelligent in the world. You need to make your peace with the facts and understand how you can collaborate and work with them, which is very critical because the network that you build there is your biggest asset as that will only become your partner or guide over time.

I experienced an encouragement for innovation and excellence there. I was part of the robotics lab, and I spent a lot of time there, beyond academics, working with teachers, working with students, and mostly students. There was always a sense of competition because we used to get to interact with students from other institutes, other IITs, and other NITs, who used to join us for the Tech Fest or Spring Fest. So, it was not only purely books and knowledge but also extracurricular like games, and music activities where the whole organization participated. All the experiences were enriching to me there.

Define Acuver Consulting as an organization and its position in the market.
Well, I would define Acuver as a niche IT solutions provider company that focuses on order management and warehouse management. Having been working a lot in this domain all of our employees are the experts in this domain, and we pride ourselves on the fact that we’ve
become trusted advisors to our customers because of our techno-functional knowledge. We understand the business and we have put in a lot of effort to ensure that our customers are satisfied, hence not only just getting the project but delivering the project right generating our customers the value they wanted for their money is our priority, leveraging our best knowledge and experience of dealing with multiple retailers.

Today, having a strong base in India, we are working with a lot of leading retailers of the world in Australia, Singapore, the US, and UK, helping our customers with their e-Commerce journey, and driving the whole end-to-end digital transformation through robust supply chain solutions & networks.

As the Co-Founder, what are the factors you look into when developing effective corporate growth strategies? Also, how do you foster a culture of innovation?
Well, you have to know that every market is different for respective regions, so one of the first things is to know your market or have enough research on the market. The second step is to ensure that the company is always financially independent, and the third is to understand the competition. When you are entering a new segment or a new market, understand who are the players, and how you can differentiate yourself from them. These are the factors that I emphasize on.

What is the future destination you are headed towards?
Well, at present we are well-established within India and are in our early stages of global expansion. We would like to have a much larger global footprint establishing ourselves as the market leaders, not only India, but in other geographies as well in the years to come reaching out to the customers over any challenges and innovation factor when it comes to order management and warehouse management.

Any advice for budding entrepreneurs & industry leaders?
Be humble, patient, and goal-oriented. Know that people are our biggest asset, hence invest in them with knowledge as well as time. Also, take pride in your work and your team's work and ensure that you create value for your customers.

Satyajit Jena, Co-Founder & Associate Partner, Acuver Consulting
An IIT Kharagpur alumnus, Satyajit is a proficient professional and entrepreneur who is conscientiously boosting the supply chain management space through its unique IT solutions company.

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