Shivanand Pathak: Show Casing Exceptional Leadership Skills In Driving Everest Aluminium To Different Levels Of Success | CEOInsights Vendor
Shivanand Pathak: Show Casing Exceptional Leadership Skills In Driving Everest Aluminium To Different Levels Of Success

Shivanand Pathak: Show Casing Exceptional Leadership Skills In Driving Everest Aluminium To Different Levels Of Success

Shivanand Pathak,    CEO

Shivanand Pathak


Being a leader in a corporate house needs a lot of strength, courage, strategizing mindset, and focus to guide a team of professionals to the right path along with bringing success to the business. The experience here is the most crucial aspect that plays a pivotal role in developing leadership skills and achieving business goals. Being in the consultancy domain for almost a decade, Shivanand Pathak was chosen as the CEO of Everest Aluminium in 2020. He completed electrical engineering in 2009 from HBTI Kanpur and then pursued MBA from IIM Kolkata. His extensive knowledge and experience while working in the various industries has helped him to grow as a versatile leader in his professional world.

Here's an exclusive interview of Shivanand, CEO of Everest Aluminium with CEO Insights.

Tell us what motivates you to perform as a leader in Everest Aluminium?
I have been in the consultancy industry for almost a decade and today when I look back, I find myself contributing towards implementing innovation and uniqueness mostly in every aspect that I have worked on. In my professional journey I have always been keen to work on new things, or the same things in different ways. And this consulting experience gave me approach to get perfect solution for any kind of problem in front of me. My experience over the years has taught me to look at a situation from every possible angle, and then evaluate and choose the best way to achieve the desired result. So, as a leader today I follow the same approach and keep myself motivated by providing the best possible results to my company and the growth and happiness which comes along with this to people associated with it.

Share your experience of learning at IIM Calcutta and how has that helped you to become successful in your professional life?
IIM Calcutta gave me a holistic approach to learning and questioning how to proceed with newer technology. IIM taught me everything that is required to run a business, be it finance, marketing, or
others. The most important and best part of the institute was the faculty members whose techniques of teaching have guided me to get going in different situations in life. Every case study, every learning what they have taught us is still in the line. Whatever they conveyed through their teaching is still fresh in my mind and whenever I am stuck in any critical situation in my day-to-day life, I go back to the classroom and apply the lessons that I had learned from IIM Calcutta.

IIM Calcutta gave me a theoretical holistic approach to learning and questioning how to proceed with newer technology and consultancy experience added practical value into it

I remember very well that one of our professors named Soji Shiba taught us a unique technique called FSDP (Five step discovery process). This is the same thing we apply in our work as root cause analysis and I have implemented it in my work for the last six years everywhere. By identifying problems from their roots, it becomes easier to find solutions for any system and as well finding results through it.

How do you define Everest Aluminium as an organization and how is the company positioned among its peers in the industry?
We at Everest Aluminium were known for having technology of producing Aluminium circles. After I joined, we are also knows for our consistent quality, customer service and employee satisfaction. Just for a fact, we Have created 20 percent more jobs in last one year and there is attrition less than one percent. Here, people from CEO to operator, everyone is conscious of quality and customers satisfaction. The communication from top to bottom is done in very transparent way and everyone is working hard to achieve its VISION which is 'to produce best valued quality Aluminium products at the least cost possible'.

Everest Aluminium is in the business of making Aluminium Circles, which are also known as flat circular sheets formed in various diameters and thicknesses catering to specific needs to utensil making industries. Utensil brands like Butterfly, Prestige, Pigeon, United, and others, procure Aluminium circles to manufacture their utensils like pressure cookers, non-stick cookware, Tawa, pans, and others. Our incredible services in this sphere of producing the unique
quality of flat Aluminium circles have helped us to earn the trust of many leading brands.

Our circle manufacturing processes involve DC Casting, ingot homogenizing, impact scalping, hot rolling, cold rolling, circle punching, and heat treatment to maintain the right tempers. We also implement advanced technologies of Inline Trough Degassing and inline filtration to utilize minimum Hydrogen content and other inclusions. Our circles are as good as the leading brand Hindalco and it is proud to run a company which is in a niche field where by implementing process, systems and automations we are producing something which is of best quality. In addition to this, Except Hindalco we are the only producers who has achieved technology of producing Hard anodized quality circles in India.

What are the major challenges that you have overcome over the years and what have you learned from them?
During my days in the consultancy industry, we always had too much on our plate which inevitably resulted in us running short of time. At one point in time I realized, there is something wrong with me as I am moving ahead but not able to manage time. I have read many books like Eat that frog, Getting things done etc. and realized importance of differentiating urgent and important works. So, I started focusing more on important things and solving urgent needs in the first place along with balancing other work to avoid running short of time. Following the advices and techniques in the books, I was able to manage my time better and complete the projects succesfully and on time. . Focusing on important things became my habit, and nowI am mostly ahead of my time and I plan my day 4-5 days ahead and then follow my schedule accordingly.

Shivanand Pathak, CEO, Everest Aluminium
Shivanand is a dynamic professional with an Electrical Engineering degree and an MBA degree from IIM, Kolkata. He has obtained vast experience in various domains including Hindustan Zinc, Renoir Consultancy, and Kama Ayurveda. He has now been hired as the CEO of Everest Aluminium where his extraordinary skills have helped the company to reach different heights of success.

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