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Sreekanth Vaniveettil: Bridging Technological Challenges To Impart Seamless Experience

Sreekanth Vaniveettil: Bridging Technological Challenges To Impart Seamless Experience

Sreekanth Vaniveettil,  CTO

Sreekanth Vaniveettil


Healthcare has become one of India’s largest sectors, both in terms of revenue and employment. Healthcare comprises hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical equipment. The Indian healthcare sector is growing at a brisk pace due to its strengthening coverage, services, and increasing expenditure by public as well private players.

Genworks Health is a healthcare company, based in Bangalore with a presence across India, the Middle East, and other countries. A number of factors play a crucial role in the success of a healthcare company, and the CTO’s role is one such vertical. Sreekanth Vaniveettil, CTO, Genworks Health, sheds light on his experience and how his role is revolutionizing the industry. Here are a few highlights from our interaction with him.

You possess over two decades of experience. Could you give a brief account of your professional background and experiences?
I possess around 22 years of experience in engineering leadership and building technology products, primarily worked for product-based companies such as Oracle, Cisco, Aon, EigenRisk and ANZ, an Australian bank. Created technology solutions in different domains like insurance, banking and healthcare with cutting-edge technologies in data engineering, AI/ML, Analytics, Web applications and mobile apps. I currently work in the healthcare sector as CTO for Genworks Health.

Could you elaborate on your roles and responsibilities at GENWORKS?
As Genworks' CTO, I endeavor to
make the healthcare accessible and affordable across India through technology innovations. We have around 700+ employees and we do 25,000 customer visits in a month. Building the technology platforms required for a scalable distribution network for the organization. This platform helps our employees and partners to collaborate and serve our customers seamlessly. Also focus on the strategies to use the technology to improve the operational efficiency in the organization.

As Genworks' CTO, I endeavor to make healthcare accessible and affordable across India through technology innovations with a mission of healthier India

How would you define Genworks Health as an organization and its current position in the market?
At Genworks, we help in creating an impact by providing relevant and affordable technology to the healthcare providers in India which, in turn, improves clinical outcomes. We can elevate the quality of healthcare in our country by offering complementing solutions that are aligned to our customer care areas and bring together the best inclass technologies available in the world as solutions. Genworks’ success hinges on investment to enable specialist access and to expand affordable care through early screening, early diagnosis, and early intervention.

While we continue to leverage the best quality technologies, we have also built a connected care platform across the care areas (Tele Oncology, Tele Audiology and Tele Pulmonology) to improve the access to the specialists at any point in time, wherever the patient requires it. Major healthcare providers are only found in India's major cities. Patients find it extremely challenging to go to larger hospitals swiftly from rural areas and small towns for urgent needs. We are attempting to fill this void. We are trying to support these small
hospitals in connecting to the larger hospitals through technology so they can provide the same level of care. Also, we have our own panel of doctors in different care areas and making them available on demand to bring a change in the current landscape.

What is your take on the dynamic technology trends in the healthcare sector and how would you describe its interventions in your organization?
While we started as a Wipro GE invested company, we have now partnered with the best brands across the globe to put together cutting-edge technology in over eight care areas. Advancements in artificial intelligence made a big impact in the healthcare solutions. We provide FEMTECH solutions for breast screening and cervical screening which use AI to predict abnormality. Also, we have the digital solutions from other partners in different care areas (Tele Pathology, Tele Radiology, Tele ECG, Tele ICU and NICU).

In addition, we have a home grown e-Commerce platform to support our customers.

In light of your strong industry experience, what advice would you give to budding leaders?
My advice to anyone seeking to become prominent in this industry is to make your customers as your partner. Try to understand their pain points while coming up with the solutions, ensure that the customer feels like they are building something together with you. The solution should help them to improve their day-to-day life. Longterm partnerships can be forged in this manner.

Sreekanth Vaniveettil, CTO, Genworks Health
Sreekanth is an engineering leader (CTO) with 22 years of experience in engineering leadership. He completed his B.Tech in Computer Science from University of Calicut and MBA in Strategy from Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode. He created several B2B SaaS products, highly scalable data platforms and solutions. He has extensive expertise in creating highperforming product engineering teams.

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