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Subrata Sahaan: Innovative Business Leader That Strives For Perfection And Excellence

Subrata Sahaan: Innovative Business Leader That Strives For Perfection And Excellence

Subrata Saha,Head - Investment Banking

Subrata Saha

Head - Investment Banking

He has till date successfully managed an investment and mobilization portfolio of around Rs.3000 Cr and has successfully managed to handhold several corporates in their growth stage, towards turnaround of their operation. And most importantly he is able to lead a great team of professionals and manage multiple successful businesses at the same time.

KeySol Capital Advisors Private Limited is a pioneering business organization that has been created out of the sheer passion to deliver one stop business solutions to Corporates across industries. The nature of association for KeySol Capital is perpetual with their client and all their products and Services are tailor-made, thereby suiting the requirements of clients, which over years has helped KeySol Capital to create meaningful relationships with their clients.

Industry stalwart, Subrata Saha heads the Investment Banking portfolio of the company and has successfully advised several organizations through Business and Financial Advisory services. An Investment Banker by profession, Subrata is a Botany Graduate and holds MBA in Finance & Marketing (Europe). He has over 13 years of experience in Investment Banking and Corporate Finance. In his professional career, he has worked as Senior Business Associate with one of the Global Merchant Banking Consultancy Firm and has worked with several corporates in multiple roles. He is also co-founder to two startup organizations in India and has worked as CEO in one of the prominent retail food brands in India.

In an exclusive interview with CEO INSIGHTS, Subrata talks more about his professional journey and how he is able to guide Keysol Capital towards sustained success in the industry.

Tell us about your educational and professional background prior to Keysol Capital Advisors. How has been your professional experience helping you in business operations.
I am a Botany Graduate and have done my Post Graduation in Business Management from Brussel, Europe. To give a watered down version of my professional journey. It's been almost more than a decade since I have been in this profession. I started my professional carrier with a Multi national Investment Banking Consultancy Firm and worked as Senior Business Associate for five years in their India Operation. Since 2013, I have worked with multiple corporates before formally starting KeySol Capital in 2018. I co-founded two starts up in food and ecommerce space and presently working with a brilliant team of professionals towards the overall objective of our organization.

I always value my personal and family life above anything. I don't believe spending long time at office and a quality 6 hours a day in office is enough for me

Prior to starting KeySol Capital, I had the opportunity to work with some of the best business brains in India. During those time through my working in multiple projects I somehow managed to understand the dynamics of investments, risk mitigation, fundamentals of fund mobilization, importance of promoter's vision and management's strategy for a successful business operation.

With 18+ years of experience in different verticals of industry, how have you been performing your responsibilities at Keysol Capital Advisors? What are the most crucial skills that helped you to succeed in the industry?
Being into an Industry where clients depends on your advise and put on their lots on you, you have the obligation to perform. Out of 100 of things that I do and manage in my company, for me importance of living up to the expectation of my client has always remain most crucial subject for me. I always try to be as practical as possible to my client, surely with a bit of marketing salt to it.

The capacity to identify and manage human capital.When you are running an organization, you have the obligation to align the entire workforce and to make them believe the company's vision. I make sure to listen to everybody, resolve any difference and motivate them when it requires. I seriously care about the personal feelings of my employees, their need and growth. These small
things helped us build a brilliant team that has respect for each other and ownership for their company. You must do enough to make a team and the business will surely be taken care of by them. I spent 60 percent of my quality time in making my team and rest 40 percent in doing business.

How do you integrate the consideration and management of risk in the setting of strategy, achievement of goals and objectives, optimization of performance and management of major projects?
It's a MAZOR factor and you may say it as the central nervous system of the Project. A plan may go wrong, a strategy may not be perfect but you will still achieve your target provided there is qualified and proactive management team managing at project. In my professional carrier, I have seen good companies suffering for years due to their promoter's management inability. A management must have a clear long term business strategy and should have the characteristic to create a great team and accept changes as required.

How do you recognize and mitigate risk?
Any project is discussed in details with concerned team. All probably risk factors are evaluated carefully and mitigation plans are made accordingly. Periodic evaluation of project status is discussed with team and accordingly the report is shared with our clients. We don't have any specific framework and our market research is done mostly through secondary research, continuous monitoring, mathe matical models with logical means.

How do you maintain a balance between your personal and professional life? What is your secret success mantra?
For me, its been a pretty disciplined everyday calendar. I always value my personal and family life above anything. I don't believe spending long time at office and a quality six hours a day in office is enough for me. Playing with my daughter, cooking, watching movie at home are almost an everyday routine. I like to spend weekends with my close friends at our favorite places.

6. What are the characteristics of successful Investment Director and How would people working for you describe your management style?
We must follow what successful leaders taught us. Be honest with yourself, believe your capabilities and always be proud about what you are. A great leader must accept changes, learn to accept failures and think long term. Honestly, the three words describes me as an Individual Bold, Transparent & Emotional.

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