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Sunil Bohra: A Leading CFO setting Up Systems And Processes With A Pragmatic Approach And Visionary Outlook

Sunil Bohra: A Leading CFO setting Up Systems And Processes With A Pragmatic Approach And Visionary Outlook

Sunil Bohra,Executive Director & Group Chief Financial Officer

Sunil Bohra

Executive Director & Group Chief Financial Officer

Building the foundation of his career based on his sturdy proficiencies and pragmatic outlooks, SunialBohra has gained in-depth experience in setting up systems and processes, formulating new strategies and developing organizational structures which today helps him to facilitate sustainable growth for the organizations. Playing a pivotal role in driving phenomenal organic as well as inorganic growth of the UnoMinda group in the last few years through expansion and Domestic/Cross border M&A while keeping strict financial discipline, Sunil has set up the corporate affairs function in the organization to dive into some of the strategic initiatives with regulatory bodies.

Joining an interactive session with CEO Insights, Sunil Bohra, who is currently positioned as the Executive Director and Group Chief Financial Officer of Minda Industries, reveals some of the significant specifics of his distinguishable corporate career.

1. What different roles have you been undertaking at Minda Industries? As the CFO of Minda Industries, what are the key drivers that you deploy to ensure that the company’s Finances are used appropriately to meet its short/long-term needs?
At UNOMinda Group, I support strategic and operational decision-making in a ‘business partnering’ capacity in addition to fulfilling traditional stewardship responsibilities relating to governance, compliance and control, and business ethics. Along with being a partner, I also play a role of a business challenger challenging potentially imprudent managerial decisions. I also have to adorn the hat of company ambassador, effective and influential communicator while building and maintaining the relationship with the external auditor, investors and analysts, banks, regulators, government, industry, media and trade groups.

Having embedded fiscal prudence
and discipline throughout the business, we have developed a very effective system of setting performance targets that support the company’s strategic direction which are benchmarked, measured and monitored frequently. We set long terms plans broken in yearly budgets which is reviewed through detailed quarterly management review and monthly MIS.

The capital discipline has been also set up by translating an investor mindset into a day-to-day management style focusing on return on investment/capital, at the same time also ensuring the customer expectations and delivery is never compromised. While we are not averse to investment, we thoroughly evaluate competitive investment/expansion opportunities which are synergetic and meet group goals.

2. What were the initial challenges that taught you the basic lessons of managing diversified functions of organizations? How does your vast experience in Corporate Finance, Business Control & Accounting help you to chalk-out efficient business modules at Minda Industries?
Over the years, I have realized the importance of increased collaboration and clearly defined unified goals. At UNO Minda, we follow one team, one goal and one mission which drives the team in a unified way. I also focus on finding long-term solutions to issues, automation across the functions like using best-in-class ERP, power BI tools and smart dashboards to be more efficient and have accurate and precise information for decision making.

Using the rich experience and knowledge gained over the years to provide an independent perspective and to constructively challenge the commercial and operations teams, I ensure that business decisions are grounded in solid financial criteria. Having worked as Chief commercial officer heading marketing, procurement and supply chain, I use my negotiation skills to control costs and improve the supply chain for just in time approach. I focus on value maximization by providing expert opinions and providing suitable business growth suggestions.

3. How do you ensure to update yourself with the latest industry trends and technologies so that you could always steer your organization towards the zenith?
I keep on tracking the latest regulatory changes some of these recent regulatory changes like BS-VI, emission norms have also provided incremental business opportunities. We also actively participate in
various industry forums like SIAM, ACMA CII and more where there is two-way communication with industry leaders. These forums also help in highlighting any issues and recommendations for improvements in the industry. I also have regular meetings with our marketing and technology team to know about the preference of OEMs as well as end customers and to also understand the early signs of the shift in technology preferences.

4.In your professional journey so far, which are the milestones that bestowed you with utmost satisfaction?
I had an opportunity to Head finance and then the commercial function of Oil and Gas giant in India, especially during the period when the baton was being passed on from Scottish company to Vedanta group, which was a challenging and yet fulfilling experience. I also was the youngest Finance head in Vedanta Group of such a large company, producing one-third of the country’s total crude oil production.

I had joined UNO Minda at a time when the industry was facing muted growth, steering the ship during these tough times while adding assets like Delvis, Germany and Harita Seating Systems Limited, Listed on NSE and BSE, through M&A was equally satisfying. I also took the initiative of further strengthening the corporate governance in the organization, and I’m pleased that we have been recognized with the coveted Golden Peacock award for excellence in Corporate Governance. I am proud of being able to make a significant contribution to the growth of UNO Minda and make it one of the most admired Group creating significant value for all its stakeholders.

Sunil Bohra, Executive Director and Group Chief Financial Officer
A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and an alumnus of the Harvard Business School, Sunil Bohra has a professional career spanning over 22 years. With handling multifaceted roles in large organization like Vedanta Group and UnoMinda Group, Sunil made a humble beginning as Associate after completing Chartered Accountancy from ICAI. However, with keen finance acumen and hard work he not only quickly rose on the corporate ladder to become the youngest CFO’s in the Vedanta Group also became a member of executive committee driving strategic decision making. After spending close to two decades at Vedanta Group, he joined UnoMinda Group as Group Chief Financial Officer and key member of senior management.

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