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  • In our interlinked world, business lifecycles are getting shorter and shorter. Organisations have anticipated changes in business models continuously every once in a while, but now many keep changing their strategies rapidly. There are times when the model continues meeting the organisational goals concerning revenue, competitiveness and cost differentiation and doesn't require to be shifted right away. However, an organisation should be prepared to upgrade it whenever it is needed and should know when and how to do as such. Indian Corporate Legal service providers have transformed the face of it. Besides, the global legal services market size was valued at USD 794.50 billion in 2018 and is expected to register a CAGR exceeding 4.1% from 2019 to 2025. The increasing adoption of the Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) model is expected to provide an impetus to the market growth.

  • R&S Law Associates: Leading Businesses To Strategic & Lawful Success

The Businesses' Backbone - Legal Consultants

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Today's world is a global market and hence every business wants to penetrate into numerous geographies to expand

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By: Neha Mahyavanshi, Senior Legal Counsel, Sap

The Jamdani is an ancient art form of weaving cloth from cotton yarn, originating in the Bengal region. It is woven

Top 10 Legal Consultants - 2020

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By: Vinita Radhakrishnan, Sr. Partner, Bananaip Counsels

When someone enquires about the 'Role of Patents


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By: Amitabh Ray, Managing Director, Ericsson Global Services

As a leading global player in the food services business serving 100 million people every day, Sodexo faced a huge challenge ­ food wastage.


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By: Arnab Ghosh, National Director, Corporate Fitouts, Colliers International India

As real estate moves towards institutionalization, sustain-able building elements need to be promoted so that they form a


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We are living in a digital disruptive world. Everything which was conventional is being challenged by the digitally


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By: Sohrab Sitaram, CEO & Director, Keventers

Customer engagement is everything in business and this is because of the increased presence of peer research and online reviews,


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Over the last few years, the Venture Capital in-vestments have trans-formed significantly, from VCs funding small groups of startups,


Robotic Process Automation In Manufacturing Industry: A Revolution

By: Jagdip Kumar, Head - IT, Cosmo Films

In today's time, the speed with accuracy is the mantra for any successful organization. Most of the manufacturing organizations

  • Top 10 Legal Consultants - 2020

    Legality remains a formidable factor for running businesses. The hidden complex meanings in a business contract, laws favouring the consumers' protection, and industry regulations make the business owners race to the chamber of a legal consultant. We all know that lawsuits are an inevitable part of doing business. This is the sole reason why council and advisory firms are functioning to limit the costs and help businesses hold ground against any false claim though not like a regular legal firm. Legal consultants document the complaints by a business, and consult them adhering to the local, state and federal guidelines. Finding legal consultancy is a daunting task as there are numerous legal consultancies and few are thriving and can actualize the requirement of your business, by getting involved with heart and soul. In this issue of the CEO Insights Magazine, we have listed such companies, who have been consistent in guaranteeing legal services with affirmative results. An expert panel that comprises industry leaders, veterans, legal professionals, and former legal consultants, along with the editorial team, together have shortlisted 10 best legal consultants who are helping businesses to stay aligned with the industrial legality. In the current edition of CEO Insights magazine, the list of `Top 10 Legal Consultants - 2020', brings to you the story of their passion, compassion, commitment, intellect, struggle, failure and most importantly, their success. Hope the list meets its purpose of existence and inspires many to reach a legal consultant for meeting the prolific business achievements.

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aarna LawAarna Law Shreyas Simha,Founding Partner Delivering topnotch legal, regulatory, and financial risk consulting and houses a group of lawyers with excellent national and international legality knowledge.
Alpha PartnersAlpha Partners Akshat Pande,Founder and Managing Partner Delivering legal services like corporate transactions and restructuring, private fund raising, exchange control and commercial legal advisory, and contract management.
Elevate ServicesElevate Services Pawan Kumar,VP Operations & Country Head (India) A law company providing consulting, technology and services to law departments and law firms through multi-disciplinary team of legal professionals, business professionals, and technology professionals.
Equi Law PartnersEqui Law Partners Praveen Mahajan,Founder and Principal Partner Offers legal consulting services with creative and innovative approach by a solution centric team in a cost-efficient manner.
J B Legal ConsultancyJ B Legal Consultancy Ashutosh Mishra,Senior Vice President Specialized in delivering legal consulting services related to administrative law and corporate law by a highly professional team consisting individuals from session court, high court and supreme court.
Parikh Dave & AssociatesParikh Dave & Associates Umesh Parikh,Founding Member Provides a variety of consulting services which include preparation of records and documents, due diligence, audit and certifications related to corporate laws, and also representing before different statutory authorities.
PatentManiac ConsultingPatentManiac Consulting Nitin Pal & Jatinder Kumar,Co-Founders & Managing Partners One of the fastest growing companies in the global IP solutions industry, offering localized and highly customized IP services.
R&S Law AssociatesR&S Law Associates Ravinder Singh Randhawa, Chanchal Kumar Singla, and Yash Pal Gupta,Founder Members & Principal Partners Providing high quality legal services and helping companies manage legality related to everyday functioning, employee contracts, litigation and legal advice and documentation.
Rising Sun Engineering & ConsultingRising Sun Engineering & Consulting Pinky Vyas,Founder & Chief Project Engineer Providing techno-legal consultancy and assistance with the interpretation of & compliance with laws related to construction contracts across the Indo-US corridor.
Sharma & Sharma (Advocates & Legal Consultants)Sharma & Sharma (Advocates & Legal Consultants) Sidhartha Sharma,Founder & Managing Partner A full-service law firm specializing in commercial litigation and alternate dispute resolutions mechanism, which offers end-to-end legal services under one umbrella and within a time frame.

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