• Akshay Ballal, CPO, Fabheads Automation Private Limited

    Akshay Ballal, CPO, Fabheads Automation Private Limited

  • The fabrication industry is centered on manufacturing components that can be used to create larger machines and structures and Fabheads is one such company that specializes in the composites part manufacturing sector. In tandem, Fabheads focuses a lot of its resources on developing better, more reliable, automated fabrication technologies for the composites sector. The innovative products promising amazing results are handled by the company's CPO Akshay Ballal. Akshay Ballal has a dream to make products that can make a difference in the industry. To achieve such a feat, Akshay Ballal has built technologies that automate carbon fibre part manufacturing making it more accessible and reliable. Engaging in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights, Akshay Ballal shares his journey from being an intern to CPO at Fabheads.

  • Akshay Ballal: A Young Leader Fulfilling Challenging Responsibilities With Unique Strategies

The Emerging Role of CPO!

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The changing digital landscape has made us look at products very differently. With changing times, the customer demands have evolved, and this has also impacted the expectation of the products that they would opt for. To handle this evolving

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  • Top 10 Chief Product Officer - 2021

    Chief Product Officers are responsible for leading an organization's overall product development. Also known as the Vice President of Product of Head of Product, Chief Product Officers strategize the product development direction. In general, product development includes envisioning a product, product innovation, designing of product, development of the product, management of the product, and the product marketing aspect. The renowned tech giants' product officer's duty further includes product distribution, manufacturing of product and its procurement. For all the stated processes, Chief Product Officers contribute to the sections of the management of the product, user experience, research and design, and analysis of the product.

    Supervising the product management leaders' work, design direction of Director, product analytics head, and product marketing head, Chief Product Officers guarantees that the professionals' expertise, skills and creative knowledge are at the highest level in accordance to the company's strategic visions. Apart from supervising, the Chief Product Officer mentors every product management professional related to the product development stages, with influence on a product's are aligned to the company's culture and strategies.

    Chief Product Officers are leaders with the highest degrees which include PhDs for advanced knowledge in product development. The key functioning areas of a Chief Product Officer include business admin, economics, information technology, product management, marketing, psychology, and engineering. With their excellent communication, Chief Product Officers expand the product range and diversity of a company and exhibit exemplary leadership.

    In this issue of CEO Insights magazine, a list of `Top 10 Chief Product Officer ­ 2021' is provided to the readers by a team of industry veterans, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights magazine editorial team, with detailed information about the Chief Product Officer's experience which are inspiring and encouraging.

Top 10 Chief Product Officer - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Fabheads Automation Private Limited Akshay Ballal,Chief Product Officer Fabheads Automation Private Limited Automobiles and robotics enthusiast with passion about the technology development and leading the product development
Dineout Amit Bhatnagar,Chief Product Officer Dineout Exhibited record in product excellence with exclusive interest in data driven decision and marketing powered by technology
Metanoa Arun Chandran,Chief Product Officer Metanoa Constant learner with exemplary skills and knowledge in product and marketing
LectureNotes Technologies Chandi Prasad,Chief Product & Technology Officer LectureNotes Technologies Experienced in information technology and product development in software as a service, analytics and technology
Clickindia Infomedia P Ltd Deepak Aggarwal,Chief Product Officer Clickindia Infomedia P Ltd Game changer in businesses with contribution in product development as a leader for 10+ years
MyGlamm Niyaz Ahmed K,Chief Product Officer MyGlamm Niyaz has 16+ years of cross-cultural experience in start-up and mid/large organizations in Mobile, Omni channel, Health, Fitness, Local, News, Classifieds, Finance, Media, B2B, B2C industries for both Apps & Websites
IGP.com Priyesh Neema,Chief Product Officer IGP.com Developing India's AI-based gift discovery platform with astute knowledge in product development
AspectO Technologies Raghuram Vemuganty,Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer AspectO Technologies Knack for solving critical problems and an Indian army veteran with Army Commanders Commendation honor to his name
Financial Software and Systems Sathish N,Deputy Chief Product Officer Financial Software and Systems True pioneering figure in the Indian and International CPO stratum
GoodWorker Vikram Bhat,Chief Product Officer GoodWorker Solution provider to complex problems in product development with 17 years' experience in product strategy, management and business consulting