• Alice Prince, Senior VP & CFO, Antony Prince, President & CEO

    Alice Prince, Senior VP & CFO, Antony Prince, President & CEO

  • There is no denying that the profitability of a shipbuilding project is decided on the drawing board. Albeit the design cost is only a fraction of the ship’s total cost, some shipyards opt for designs based on lowest bid, and land in troubled waters with huge cost overruns due to poor designs. In fact, a design created without an eye for construction, operation and eventual recycling will end-up being more expensive, and probably an ecological disaster.

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10 Best Engineering Services Providers - 2019

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  • 10 Best Engineering Services Providers - 2019

    Aiming to become the global superpower, India has been seamlessly making great strides in the field of engineering and its allied services, thus standing out as one of the major engineering hubs across the globe. Disruptive technologies and innovations across each sector in engineering are taking the overall engineering market of India to greater heights. Over the last few years, this sector has contributed a great deal to the Indian economy by integrating with other industry verticals and thus, unveiling innovative products & solutions that can solve the potential problems and needs of people. On the other arm, the Engineering R&D sector in India is gearingup to reach its preset $100 billion by 2020 target by augmenting its manpower, resources, and other imperative fortes. The Indian Government also must play a proactive role in uplifting this sector via financial support, new initiatives, highend research capabilities, skilling initiatives and many more. Further, the Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO) market is also contributing volumes to the growth of the overall engineering services industry in terms of new product development, value engineering and engineering consulting functions. Be it across the traditional verticals like Aerospace, Automotive, Telecom, Semiconductors, Consumer Electronics & Construction or emerging verticals like Computing Systems, Energy, Infrastructure & Industrial Automation the ESO market holds its own significance. However, there are a spectrum of challenges hovering over the Indian engineering sector like finding and retaining the best talent, attuning with the rapid advancements in technology, bringing in the world class infrastructure, and many more. While most companies are striving to mitigate these challenges, others are still in the phase of struggle. But, on the bright side, many experts predict that the engineering sector in India will experience a steady yet remarkable growth in the years to come. Delving into the intricacies of the engineering sector in India, CEO Insights has come up with an informative listing ‘10 Best Engineering Services Providers - 2019’, which entails companies that stand out with their comprehensive engineering services portfolios. An expert panel comprising of industry leaders, VCs, engineers and other experts along with CEO Insights Editorial Board have compiled the names of front runners in this sector. The listing not only describes the varied engineering services offered by these front runners, but also the trends and advancements unfolding in the engineering sector.

10 Best Engineering Services Providers - 2019

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
ARi Vinod Sharma,Associate VP & Head - APAC ARi The one-stop-shop for engineering services and a business partner that is passionate about excellence in delivery, innovation, and getting the job done in a efficient way
DIN Engineering Services Executive Team,Team DIN Engineering Services A global leader in providing high calibre Engineering Design Services encompassing end-to-end CAD & GIS with an impressive quality score & on time completion rate
Fichtner India Jayaram Rangan, Managing Director & CEO Fichtner India With Industrial Process Safety and Environmental Protection at its core of operations, the firm is seamlessly creating a spectrum of top-notch and cost-effective tank protection devices
Kingsley Engineering Services Bipin ShyamSundar Tiwari,Chief Operations Officer Kingsley Engineering Services With Industrial Process Safety and Environmental Protection at its core of operations, the firm is seamlessly creating a spectrum of top notch and cost effective tank protection devices
Onward Technologies R S N Gowri Shankar, Chairman & MD Onward Technologies An ISO 9001:2008 certified firm outshining as a leading and global EPC company proffering transparent and timely delivery of high level EPC services to disparate industries
Panso Solution Pvt. Ltd. Jayaram Rangan,Managing Director & CEO Panso Solution Pvt. Ltd. Acting as an EPC Contractor’s Engineering company provides comprehensive engineering solutions covering the entire gambit of engineering disciplines in Energy, Environment, Water & Infrastructure Sectors
RSN Engineering & Construction Antony Prince,President & CEO RSN Engineering & Construction Associated with Algoship Designers Ltd. and G.T.R. Campbell Marine Consultants Ltd., the company provides a full range of innovative and quality ship design and marine consultancy services for the global maritime industry
Smart Engineering & Design Solutions Alice Prince, Senior VP & CFO,Antony Prince, President & CEO Smart Engineering & Design Solutions Offering an entire range of innovative & high quality design services mainly in the areas of Ship Design, Retrofit Design, Enviro Design, and Allied Engineering
Trenchless Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. Pravin Chaudhari,Director & CEO Trenchless Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. With presence across PAN India and Middle East, the firm stands as the torchbearer for its clients in providing engineering services and executing turnkey projects across Automation, Electrical and Instrumentation
Virtuoso Projects & Engineers Pravin Chaudhari, Director & CEO Virtuoso Projects & Engineers With presence across PAN India and Middle East, the firm stands as the torchbearer for its clients in providing engineering services and executing turnkey projects across Automation, Electrical and Instrumentation

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