• Chinu Kala,  Director, Rubans Accessories

    Chinu Kala, Director, Rubans Accessories

  • Every great dream begins with a dreamer’, and in today’s story, the dreamer is Chinu Kala (Director, Rubans Accessories). Intelligent, eloquent, graceful and immaculately dressed, Chinu is a true fashionista in every sense of the word. A creative entrepreneur and a former Mrs. India participant, she has put together her Fashion Jewellery brand Rubans Accessories with flair and style. Not only her collections are fascinating, but so is the story that narrates the journey of this first-generation entrepreneur, who has managed to build an empire from scratch.

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  • 10 Best Fashion Startups - 2020

    India is increasingly becoming a focal point for the fashion industry, reflecting a rapidly growing middle class and an increasingly powerful manufacturing sector. According to the McKinsey’s research report, India’s fashion market will be worth $59.3 billion in 2022, making it the sixth-largest in the world, comparable to the United Kingdom’s ($65 billion) and Germany’s ($63.1 billion). Contributing to this market is the fashion startup brands (apart from the well-established organizations) that are doing very well in the market. To build momentum around conventional stores, the startup brands are adopting innovative techniques: for instance, leveraging technology to enhance the in-store experience with digital marketing displays, improved checkout and much more. With all this, it is clearly evident that India has emerged as a strong startup nation handholding startup founders and other professionals in their journey of unveiling products & solutions in the industry. Nowadays, startup brands are determined to take advantage of the industry’s blossoming growth. The majority are selecting one of three routes to excel in the market. First, they are collaborating with the existing e-commerce platforms. This is most suitable for players with low brand awareness and relatively little capital to invest; it also offers a good way to test demand and customer preferences. Second, brands that have little local knowledge and are looking to enter the market quickly are opting for a franchise model, developing brick-and-mortar retail spaces. Finally, players that have significant local knowledge and capital resources are creating fully owned and operated stores. With such strategies, the brands are all set in the path of development. But, what lies ahead for the fashion startups in India? The future seems quite prospective for them as their innovative products and solutions are predicted to attract a horde of investors as well as customers, across the world. The Indian Government is also playing proactive roles in moulding a bright startup ecosystem for these startups to thrive and develop. However, it is imperative for the Government to seamlessly shape its policies so as to foster innovation, risk-taking, and growth. Exploring the world of startup brands and their portfolio in India, CEO Insights has come up with a detailed listing for ‘10 Best Fashion Startups - 2020’. An expert panel comprising of entrepreneurs, industry experts and VCs along with CEO Insights Editorial Board has prepared this list of front-runners in the startup space, post a meticulous evaluation. The listing not only showcases the excellence of these startup brands and their exemplary products/services, but also the variegated trends disrupting the Indian startup ecosystem.

10 Best Fashion Startups - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Craftsvilla Manoj Gupta, CEO Craftsvilla An online marketplace connecting local artisans & designers to global customers & furnishing customers with unique Indian products including handmade, vintage, ethnic, organic & natural products
Flyrobe Shreya Mishra,Co-Founder & CEO Flyrobe An online rental store for designer apparels & accessories serving as an experiential marketing platform for designers & a great platform for customers to experience new brands & styles without worrying about the price tag
GetNatty Kaizad Hansotia,Founder & CEO GetNatty An online & offline platform with an aim to bring back the spotlight on designers - the original pioneers of fashion, enabling them showcase their creativity & find their target audience
Kompanero Indranath Sengupta, Director Kompanero A brand dedicated to offer the best quality leather products with vintage appeal and contemporary design
LimeRoad Suchi Mukherjee, Founder & CEO LimeRoad An online fashion scrapbook which allows users to create their own look by choosing from an extensive products showcased by over 1500 vendors and share it online
Outre Couture Apurva Agarwal,Founder & Designer Outre Couture An organization that aims to bring all the fashion ideas to life with its end-to-end solutions in designing, sourcing, manufacturing and more
Purple Glossy Padmini Bollineni, Founder,Sundeep Bollineni, Co-Founder Purple Glossy A platform bringing together designers, local artisans & customers in rendezvous with one another, facilitating buying & selling on a global scale
Piranha Sportswear Ashwin Kaarthik Ravindran, CEO Piranha Sportswear The Indian sports brand that went on to become the kit makers of FC Goa (2017-18 season) within merely a year after its launch
Rubans Accessories Chinu Kala, Director Rubans Accessories One of the only brands in the country to offer a wide range of products in both western as well as ethnic category, catering to styles, trends and seasonal demands of the consumer
Weavesmart Mahaveer Jinka, Co-Founder & CEO, Weavesmart Weavesmart One of the fastest growing e-Commerce company centred around offering authentic handloom products while enabling weavers to earn 25 percent more than the traditional, unorganized handloom industry