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  • Prasenjit Sinha, Managing Direct, Bebold South Africa & Co-Founder, Kudoti

    Prasenjit Sinha, Managing Direct, Bebold South Africa & Co-Founder, Kudoti

  • Over the years industry challenges have evolved and so has the expectations from leaders. A true leader takes a vision, whether it is their own or the company's, and uses it to motivate and inspire their employees to reach goals. An industry veteran known for his rich experience, Prasenjit Sinha is a name to look for when it comes to seeking leadership examples who are not just leading the way ahead with his vision and ideology but is also striving to maximize resource value while minimizing or even eliminating environmental impact so that both our economy and environment can thrive. A product innovation and management executive holding over seventeen years of experience, Prasenjit has managed diverse multi location teams of up to fifteen senior product managers and developers. Engaging in a one to one interaction with the team of CEO Insights magazine, Prasenjit highlights upon his professional journey and how he is making constant efforts towards leaving greater impact on society.

  • Prasenjit Sinha: Leading Initiatives to Make Transformative Impacts On Environment and People

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10 Indian Leaders in South Africa - 2021

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  • 10 Indian Leaders in South Africa - 2021

    Businesses, especially MSMEs are the main catalysts of development for any country. It plays vital role in economic development and contribution of wealth. Most of the developed countries in the world today climbed the ladder of success with a strong base in industrialization and business. Small and large businesses drive economic stability and growth by providing valuable services, products and tax dollars. Reports by Quantec Research says that business is the most significant direct contributor to the South African economy. The country is a upper middle income country and third largest in the continent of Africa. The past two decades saw wide diversification in the country's economy. In 2019, the financial industry contributed $41.4 billion to South Africa's GDP, managing more than $1.41 trillion assets.

    South Africa has become a major transport hub and has abundant potential business partners with experience in the region, a well developed banking sector, strong regulatory & legal frameworks, independent judiciary, high internet penetration and strong protection of social values and human rights. All these changes are attracting foreign investments to South Africa. It holds 84th position in World Banks Ease Of Doing Business. With a population of over 60 million people, South Africa is a fastest growing consumer market with numerous opportunities.

    The Indian Diaspora in South Africa consists of approximately three million people of Indian origin. Understanding the wide opportunities the country offer in business, there are large number of Indians who have migrated to South Africa and have been successful in business either in their own firms or in some of the well reputed African companies.

    In this issue, the CEO Insights introduces a list of 'Top 10 Indian Leaders in South Africa - 2021' who have contributed to the economic developent of the country. The list has been crafted by a team of CEOs, VCs and the CEO Insights editorial board, thus delivering inspiring stories of their journey and the contributions & roles played by them in the creation and empowerment of a powerful nation.

10 Indian Leaders in South Africa - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Anurag Shekhar,Associate Director & Head HR Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories A human resource professional with 10+ years of experience in International HR, Acquisition, Merger & Integration, Capability Development and Compensation
Jindal Steel & Power Ashish Kumar,CEO Jindal Steel & Power A veteran of operations in technical solutions for steel & power with excellent skills in Strategic Planning, Budgets and Customer Service
Nihilent Hanish G,Business Development Manager & Test Architect Nihilent An architect with 10+ years of experience in software testing for Service Level Agreement, Measuring, Monitoring and Implementing Projects-Based On Defined KPI
Zensar Harish Lala,SVP & Regional Head Zensar An accomplished leader with 20+ years of experience in success in Business Development, Client Relationship Management, Strategic Deal making and P&L Leadership
Larsen & Toubro Jabraj Singh,Head - Southern Africa Larsen & Toubro An expert professional with world-class skills in Business Development, Strategic Planning & Project Management, and Handling P&L for development of Power Distribution business
Digiblocks Prakhar Srivastava,Managing Director Digiblocks Uses the latest cloud-enabled technologies to solve the end users’ IT infrastructure problems in unique and innovative ways
Kudoti Prasenjit Sinha,Managing Director, BeBold South Africa and Co-founder, Kudoti Kudoti Has topnotch skills in Application Development, Custom Software Development, and Mobile Application Development, with world-class achievements in product management & entrepreneurship
Reuters Promit Mukherjee,Sr. Equities Correspondent Reuters Has 14+ years of experience as a correspondent, writer & editor for oil & gas, mining and renewable energy
Export Trading Group Rajeev Saxena, CEO Export Trading Group Rajeev has skills in P&L Management, Business Turnaround, Supply Chain & Transportation has impeccable experience in development of Logistics business development and Freight Forwarding
State Bank of India Syam Prasad Ankala,CEO State Bank of India Contributing to the progress of finance and economy development in Johannesburg with excellent people management & skills and knowledge of international finance and banking

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