Prakhar Srivastava: We At Digiblocks Have Launched The Country's First Home Services On Demand Solution Goodapp | CEOInsights Vendor
Prakhar Srivastava: We At Digiblocks Have Launched The Country's First Home Services On Demand Solution Goodapp

Prakhar Srivastava: We At Digiblocks Have Launched The Country's First Home Services On Demand Solution Goodapp

Prakhar Srivastava,Managing Director

Prakhar Srivastava

Managing Director

Technology has altered the way we socialize, conduct business, shop, live and work in recent years. It has gotten ingrained in our daily routine and is now an unavoidable aspect of our lives. Technology's role in business cannot be overstated and the emerging technologies are being used by businesses all over the world to help them increase their competitive edge and drive strategy and growth. But the key lies in constructing an ideal solution using befitting technology components, which takes a specialist.

Passionate about solving business problems using technology is Prakhar Srivastava and he established Digiblocks to pursue that passion at a much larger level.The complete techno logical solutions offered by Prakhar through Digiblocks assist organizations in achieving better success Under the aegis of Prakhar, Digiblocks uses design thinking methodologies to find the root of the problem and solve it using technology.

In an exclusive conversation with CEO Insights, Prakhar enlightens us about his passion for technology.

How are you currently utilizing your professional experience to create smart, technology driven solutions?
I have over 12 years of expertise in the information and software technology industry, particularly focussed in artificial intelligence technology. With this experience, I have always believed in using effective, clever, and innovative solutions to assist people and organi zations achieve their maximum potential. I have been extremely fortunate in that and have always been associated with startups from the beginning of my career. And I'm familiar with the ins and outs of startups as well as the trials and tribulations they face as they grow into larger and scalable businesses. Now, as a strong
technology enthusiast, I have been able to achieve today and create smart and creative technologies, and I've found a firm called Digiblocks with whom I collaborate in the South African market.

We at Digiblocks have launched the country's first weapons detection and intrusion detection platform

How would you describe Digiblocks as a company and its market position? What is the one-of-a-kind service that your company provides to clients?
Digiblocks is a company dedicated to developing successful business and customer solutions, and we've also invested in a few creative South African startups. Furthermore, we have invested in businesses that are focused on the industry's talent and resources such as AI-Driven Security Solutions. I have always been a firm believer in these technologies and their potential to benefit those around us. As a result, with an AI-driven perspective, we're aiming to solve difficulties for our end clients that have never been solved before. We have two primary products one is called InceptScan and its security software that can detect aggressive activity, as well as weapons detection and intruder detection, on any terrain using any CCTV camera.

Africa as a continent and South Africa as a country have serious securitychallenges, with petty crimes occurring in many parts of the country. So I've always thought to myself Let me just develop something for the betterment of the country. Apart from that, we have got a product called Godd App. South Africa has a big unemployment problem, with about half of the population unemployed, according to my estimates. The governmentand businesses are collaborating to find solutions that will close the gap between the wealthy and others who are in even greater need. And GoodApp platform offers high end clients convenient services, such as day-to-day services, which they may book and reach out to various service providers in the area. As a result, a monetary flow from the rich to the
poor occurs, allowing and generating additional employment in the country.

What do you appreciate best about South Africa as a market? How would you describe the country's business environment and government backing?
South Africa is a unique country, full of culture and people of many backgrounds, races, and experiences, and this is what makes us incredibly bonded in a very different way, even in the most challenging circumstances. And with the challenges such as un employment and security concerns, we are all standing together and trying to improve the country. And, from a business standpoint, I have always received tremendous and fantastic support from many firms and the government, particularly when I launched
Goodapp, which focuses on unemployment by in industry in the country. And, as I previously stated, goodapp is a platform that focuses on bringing day to day customer service to the doorstep, connecting local service providers with the wealthy, and then creating a revenue flow from the wealthy to the poor. As a result, more wealth will be generated for the country's lower class. And as a result of the debut of good app and my work on these types of solutions i've received a lot of positive feedback from various People across the country.

Which milestones in your professional career have provided you with the greatest satisfaction?
For me, the most significant achievement is the launch of the country's first weapons detection and intrusion detection platform. South Africa had a lot of security issues with robberies in malls and other places, so we started working on software that can connect to any CCTV camera and detect intruders, violent behavior, and weapons, and then send an immediate alarm to the nearest security officer or security company. And we've observed a significant reduction in security challenges wherever we've implemented the solution. The launch of GoodApp was the next milestone we reached, and it was even bigger than that.

Prakhar Srivastava, MD, Digiblocks
Prakhar has over 12 years of expertise in the information and software technology industry, particularly focused in artifi cial intelligence technology. With this experience, he has always believed in using effective and clever innovative solutions to assist people and organi zations.

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