• Krishnan Vaidyanathan, Founder & CEO

    Krishnan Vaidyanathan, Founder & CEO

  • Late 90s and 2000s were the years when Indian banking was experiencing a sea change. While foreign lenders like Citibank had introduced 24/7 banking by rolling out automatic teller machines (ATMs) with the tag line `Citi Never Sleeps', Indian origin private banks were catching up on the pace to change retail banking through credit cards and corporate accounts. Many management executives, team or project leads, back then in the banking industry, were transforming drawing board concepts into reality. Having worked in an environment that had the challenges of a startup but the backing of large established brands, these executives took a leap of faith to step into an exciting, though more uncertain, world. Having started his banking career in 1991 with ANZ Grindlays Bank, Krishnan Vaidyanathan is one of those few bankers who had the opportunity to work on Information Technology when digital world was in its infancy in India.

  • Krishnan Vaidyanathan: The People's Banker Bringing True Financial Inclusivity

A Seal of Success

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Top 10 Leaders in BFSI - 2021

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  • Top 10 Leaders in BFSI - 2021

    Presently, the Indian banking system has 12 public sector banks. The sector includes 22 private banks and 46 foreign banks, 56 regional rural banks, 1485 urban cooperative banks, and 96,000 rural cooperative banks. Additionally, the sector of banking has cooperative credit institutions to its administration. In the previous year's last quarter, the summative of ATMs in the country increased to 209,110, and furthermore, it is expected to reach 407,000 by 2021. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been conserving the Indian banking sector for decades and under the authority, it is functioning well and contributing to the country's financial development. With the recent initiatives, the financial and economic condition on the country's premise is strengthening compared to other parts of the world. The data from the credit, market and liquidity risk studies comprehend that the Indian banks are in general resilient and fought the economic depressions well. Now, the Indian banking industry has been rolling out banking models like payments and small finance banks and RBI's new measures might help in restoring the expansion of the domestic banks. The insurance sector is facilitated with the growth of finance and in the last decade, the premium from emerging businesses of life insurance companies in India increased at 15 percent CAGR and reached INR 2.13 (US$ 37 billion) in FY20. The leaders in the Banking Financial Services and Insurance are proactively notifying the growth through their exclusive strategies and thoughtful calculations. In this edition of the CEO Insights magazine, a list of `Top 10 Leaders in BFSI - 2021' is presented to the readers to deliver the development by the leaders and their respective journeys. The listing is prepared by a team of industry veterans, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights editorial board.

Top 10 Leaders in BFSI - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
PinCap Amit Pandey,Chief Executive Officer PinCap He is a TEDx speaker, executive coach, motivational speaker, leadership coach, advisory council member of 3 universities and 4 colleges and has received Young Inspirational Leader of the Year - 2018.
Centcart Insurance Broking Services Brijesh Parnami,Director Centcart Insurance Broking Services For 20+ years, he is contributing to the society with insurance solutions, and education for the people.
SecureNow Insurance Broker Gaurav Negi,Founder SecureNow Insurance Broker He is multiple experience in corporate risk, customer relationship management, market research, and team management, and has strong skillset in business development.
J. B. Boda Group Gautam Boda,Vice Chairman & Managing Director J. B. Boda Group He is an dynamic personality and renowned for his humbleness and incredible ideas for growth and development.
Finolet Krishnan Vaidyanathan,Founder & CEO Finolet He is a renowned personality in the sector who is helping towards the growth of unserved and underserved community through the delivery of formal financial products.
SabPaisa Pathikrit Dasgupta,Co-Founder, CEO, and CBO, SabPaisa SabPaisa Bringing in Revolutionary Innovations and upgradations in the India BFSI space
Muthoot Finance M. G. George Muthoot,Group Chairman Muthoot Finance Recently he has won Distinguished Alumnus of the Year Award by Manipal University and he is known for his extremely well versed leadership qualities.
Indian Bank Padmaja Chunduru,MD & CEO Indian Bank He has accumulated an extensive range of banking exposures that cover the entire spectrum of operations, including corporate loans, retail operations, digital banking, treasury and international operations.
Equiniti India Sam Halford,Managing Director Equiniti India Having spent decades in public and private sectors, he has exhibited incomparable management prowess and has formulated incomparable decisions when required.
RIA Insurance Brokers Suresh K Sethi,Director RIA Insurance Brokers His exclusive knowledge and skills in the insurance industry has helped the firm to grow with invincible industry networks and he has 20+ years' experience in the leadership roles for renowned Indian corporates.

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