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  • Nilesh Jain, Founder

    Nilesh Jain, Founder

  • How shocked would you be if you learned that India is yet to establishe a standard protocol for testing smokeless tobacco (SLT) products such as gutka, khaini and pan masala, which are the main culprits of oral cancer in India? Oral cancer, which contributes to more than 30 percent of all cancers reported in India, is posing a great economic burden on our national healthcare system, easily outweighing the taxation imposed on the SLT products. Even if the taxes on SLT products are doubled, it will still be hundred times lesser than what our country’s healthcare system is spending on taking care of the mass population suffering due to excessive SLT consumption, most of who belong to the low-income groups.

  • Harm Reduction Research & Innovation Center: Empowering Innovations To Build A Healthier India

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  • Top 10 Marketing Agencies – 2020

    Having already crossed 500 million internet users in 2018, India has witnessed a striking upsurge in the growth of digital channels, both in strength and volume. Reducing traditional marketing methods such as door-to-door advertisement, word of mouth publicity, radio announcements, and TV commercials as secondary, online has emerged as the mainstream. Be it social media, e-Commerce, or just internet surfing, Indians have transformed the digital medium into a full-fledged market, and this market has flourished into a prime source of bringing business through the internet! Growing at an impressive CAGR of 30 percent YoY, the marketing sector in India has something for everyone as far as opportunities are concerned. The International Journal of Advanced Research Foundation also reports that India is undergoing a golden period of digital marketing growth. Furthermore, factors like affordability, high engagement rate, influence of online, opportunity of reaching global markets, emergence of proficient marketing agencies & professionals, and governments’ Digital India initiative will continue propelling the industry forward. With the skyrocketing internet access over a larger population, India is sure to emerge as the top market in the world with the highest numbers of internet users. As the enterprises in India are getting more dependent on digital platforms for revenue generation and information sharing, marketing is becoming a promising industry with rapid career growth, increasing influences, and widespread activities! To assist our readers in identifying some of the best ‘Marketing Agencies’ in the country, CEO Insights presents ‘Top 10 Marketing Agencies - 2020’. The Editorial board of CEO Insights has scrutinized the list via frequent deliberations by a renowned panel of industry’s topmost CEOs, directors, VCs, and industry analysts, throughout the year. Evaluating the scenarios in versatile perceptions has brought CEO Insights to sketch the organizations which have created history with some marvellous marketing projects. This scrutinized list will perform as an informative manual for enterprises with an interest in the segment.

Top 10 Marketing Agencies – 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Big Bears Bankupalli Ganesh Shastry,Managing Director Big Bears A 360-degree creative advertising services, including ATL, BTL, & TTL advertising with a humanistic approach towards digital communication in about creating a better consumer experience through technology.
Consultmate Anchal Mehta,Co-Founder Consultmate Specializing in the areas of Social Media Marketing, PPC Campaigns, SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Development, and many others
Creation Infoways Satya Narayan Satapathy,Founder Creation Infoways Offering end-to-end marketing services that include Goofle Analytics, SEO, Digital Marketing, Facebook marketing, PPC Campains, and more
Filesie SaiKalyan Chakravarthy Anupindi ,Founder & CEO Filesie A growth & result-driven inbound marketing agency enriching customer experiences of small & medium businesses through performance-driven digital marketing, thereby enhancing their RoI
Fractional CMO Srikanth Vadrevu,Business & Marketing Head Fractional CMO A marketing automation solution provider leveraging its expertise to serve niche sectors like SaaS, Real Estate and Manufacturing
IAGMAR Ranga Acharya,Founder IAGMAR Infusing traditional + modern marketing concepts to offer some of the most effective marketing solutions leveraging its decades of team experience.
Innovative Media Services Sanjay Singhania,Managing Director Innovative Media Services A provider of outdoor and digital marketing solutions with the aim to keep the communication between brands and their respective target groups simple yet effective.
Krish Productions Jayant Varma,Founder Krish Productions A specialty experiential marketing company offering end-to-end solutions for all kinds of events production and management beyond client expectations and budget.
Marketing Panthers Pankaj Saroha ,Marketing Head Marketing Panthers Delivering highly responsive and interactive website design,development, implementation & digital marketing solutions that are focused on clients’ requirements and success goals
Story Experiences Amit Gupta, Founder Director,,Neha Kalra Bathla, Business Head Story Experiences An award-winning event and full-service marketing agency striving for perfection in event planning and management through relentless, insightful skills & logic and pursuit of innovation & creativity

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