Fractional CMO: The Marketing Automation Expert For SaaS, Real Estate & Manufacturing Industry

Fractional CMO: The Marketing Automation Expert For SaaS, Real Estate & Manufacturing Industry

Srikanth Vadrevu,Business & Marketing Head

Srikanth Vadrevu

Business & Marketing Head

To target the urban home buyers, VBHC (a real estate firm) invested a huge sum on AdWords, added more than 14,000 keywords and created around 36,000 ads! Despite pumping-in so much monies, it struggled to generate genuine sales qualified leads. Realizing this, VBHC decided to hand-over the campaign to someone with digital marketing expertise in the real estate space, and thus partnered with Fractional CMO. With a two-pronged approach, Fraction-al CMO identified the irrelevant keywords, removed them from the campaign, and started afresh with a new set of relevant keywords & placements, while adding new campaigns and channels to reach-out to the buyers. Theresult? VBHC saw a 300 percent increase in leads, reduced the CPL by 150 percent, and 2,400 sales qualified out of 8,440 leads generated.

This is what you reap when you invest and partner with the right firm possessing the right set of expertise in the niche space. Fractional CMO has many similar success stories to its credit from the field of Real Estate, SaaS and Manufacturing. CEO Insights interacts with the Marketing Head of Fractional CMO, Srikanth Vadrevu to know more about the expertise and the future plans.

Kindly elaborate more on Fractional CMO and its uniqueness.
We are a full-stack Marketing Automation agency and serve SaaS, Real Estate and Manufacturing companies' marketing needs. We bring a combined marketing experience of more than 20 years to the table. Our team holds global marketing campaign management experience, which puts us in a strategic position to cater to clients from US and APAC geographies. A HubSpot Silver Partner agency based out of Seattle, we have
operations in Hyderabad too. Our understanding of technology, business and marketing has helped us to craft high performing marketing campaigns.

You offer a suite of services. Tell us more about them and the unique benefits they bring to the table?
Our host of services includes marketing automation, inbound marketing, digital advertising, marketing operations, and account based marketing. These combined make us a trusted marketing partner for our clients. We have an unbeaten track record of offering marketing automation services for the leading players in the SaaS, real estate and manufacturing industries. Our skilled marketing technologists have experience in working with marketing automation software and can manage automation projects of any scale without any hassle. We have an exclusive partnership with marketing and sales automation software services such as HubSpot, Pardot, and Salesforce that can drive your marketing automation projects to success.

With sole focus on technology and real estate, we are the go-to for any marketing objective that a company wants to achieve

What are some of the challenges clients deal with, and how are you helping them?
Though there are a host of marketing solution providers, most of them are generic and not niche-focused. The vacuum is more in the space of SaaS, Real Estate and Manufacturing industries. Hence, customers struggle to find their perfect marketing partner. What they get as a service is very generic marketing solution instead of a niche, customized marketing approach that will fit best for their industry. But Fractional CMO is steering its way to become a niche provider for the mentioned three industries. We are on the verge of becoming an agency focused on services around marketing operations for these industries.

What are the various technology stack know-how that Fractional CMO holds?
We have a robust marketing
technology stack knowledge, which helps us in accelerating clients' marketing success. Some of them are HubSpot, Marke to, AgileCRM, Wingify, Zoho CRM, Google Adwords and more. Our domain know-how, exclusive partnerships, and proven track records give us an edge over other marketing agencies. With sole focus on technology and real estate, we are the go-to for any marketing objective that a company wants to achieve.

Brief us more about your team of experts who are the table-turners.
Shreyash Surana (Co-Founder & Principal Consultant, Fractional CMO) holds around 13+ years of experience in creating business impact by conceptualizing and executing 360 degree campaigns. I have close to eight years of experience in technology and business marketing domains, while the Real Estate marketing section is handled by Sugandha Chhalani. She brings-in a decade of experience in sales & marketing, business development, branding, corporate communication, and advertising across verticals. Our team also comprises of marketing automation consultant, content consultant, senior graphic designer, SEO consultant and lead generation specialist who bring-in over 12 years of experience in successful execution of marketing campaigns.

Any innovation that is on the way?
We will soon be adding CRM services to our existing solutions suite along with marketing automation services. This will enable us to provide bespoke marketing operations services to our clients. Also, we are training our team with the latest features of CRM and marketing automation systems. We are requesting our current customers to run pilots with our team on CRM projects, and we do not charge them for it, thus getting our team industry-ready.

What blueprint have you chalked-out for Fractional CMO?
To become a leader in marketing automation services. We want to be sole marketing automation focused company, and we have plans chalked-out for the same.

Office: Hyderabad & Seattle

Offerings: Marketing Automation, Inbound Marketing, Digital Advertising, Marketing Operations, and Account Based Marketing

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