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  • Pradeep Bakshi, Managing Director & CEO

    Pradeep Bakshi, Managing Director & CEO

  • According to a research, the Indian air conditioning industry is catching-up fast to reach the 10 million units landmark by 2025. The world's second-most populated nation could turn into the planet's top client of electricity for cooling. To combat the rising impact of heat-wave conditions, there is a dire need to watch-out at the broad range of cooling methods, for both rural and urban India. There are several companies in the industry that are specializing in air conditioning and cooling technology. From a vast list of air conditioning companies, Voltas Limited is the most potential partner you can trust. The company has been synonymous with cooling products in India for the last six decades. The company is well-known for its product range, excellent quality, extensive reach, popular marketing campaigns, credible after-sales service and sensible pricing. In the last couple of years, it has also added kitchen and home appliances as part of its product port-folio through a JV with Turkish consumer durables giant, Arcelik.

  • Voltas: Re-engineering the Future through Innovative Thinking & Smart Engineering

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  • Top 10 Product Development Companies - 2020

    The world is badly hit by pandemic and companies are retuning their strategies ­ right from product development, marketing, sales, to finance. With situations dicing every now and then, the rules for the games are rewritten and hence companies have to tune-in their products to fit the changing need and demand of the market and consumer taste. While it is essential for the companies to look at other aspects of business, many of them are turning towards product development companies to innovate and design their products that they can launch faster in the market and which perfectly addresses the customer needs bang on. This is where product development companies play an important role in transforming their clients' offerings and thus ensuring that they have enough time to focus on their core competencies. The current times are creating a different kind of market situation forcing companies to act faster, right from designing products to manufacturing and launching them faster than others. This industry is today speeding up and changing the way we do business and with this wide acceptability, it is no surprise that this progressing market is here to stay. Addressing this need of the hour is CEO Insights Magazine's `Top 10 Product Development Companies ­ 2020', a directory listing the companies which are offering exemplary services in the industry. An expert panel comprising of product development experts, CEOs, technical experts and CEO Insights Editorial Board performed detailed due diligence to evaluate the industry before listing the frontrunners. The listed companies have distinguished themselves through successful ideation and implementation of practical ideas, thus creating a niche for themselves.

Top 10 Product Development Companies - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Analogy Design India Sai Krishna Mopuri,Managing Director Analogy Design India Believes in reinventing and reimagining every day by creating fresh digital experiences and beautiful physical products
Cognitive Clouds Prasanna Gopinath,Founder & CEO Cognitive Clouds Developing custom software products for top companies to build remarkable web, mobile and tablet products
Invent India Innovations Sanandan (Sandy) Sudhir,President & CEO Invent India Innovations A global Innovation Company focused on developing patentable and game changing products with businesses across the globe
Isometric Solutions Vasuki BK,CEO Isometric Solutions Offering end-to-end product design and development services in various industries including electronic products, healthcare, automobile, aviation, industrial applications and more
Lumiford Shahi MD Karim, Chairman,Abhijit Bhattarcharjee, CEO Lumiford Manufacturing and marketing consumer entertainment, surveillance and office durable electronics
Pulz Electronics Anirvan Ghose,Managing Director Pulz Electronics An innovative company creating core technologies based on which audio products are developed to cater to the requirements of the cinema, professional audio, studio and dedicated home theatre segments
SprintCube Narendra Vaghela,Co-Founder SprintCube A digital product design & development agency working with clients around the world to help them build better digital products that users love ­ faster
TEQZO Consulting Shanavas M S,Creative Director TEQZO Consulting One of the leading Industrial/Product Design companies offering services to small and medium business in US, UK Europe and rest of the world
Vivarttana Technologies Shanthala Nagaraj,CEO & Data Scientist Vivarttana Technologies Focused on building products to address business problems in the market and business solutions across different industries
Voltas Pradeep Bakshi,Managing Director & CEO Voltas Believes in engineering smart, intuitive, and innovative solutions, in order to drive comfort & convenience for customers

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