• Sreekanth Lapala, CEO, Dextara Digital

    Sreekanth Lapala, CEO, Dextara Digital

  • As technology futurist Kevin Kelly would say, right now is the best time to start a new business. Paradoxically, recessions and unstable periods present the best opportunities to start new companies. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs today are quite fearful to take risks. However, that was not the case with Sreekanth Lapala. Although he did not see the pandemic triggered lockdown coming, he was not afraid to continue his strides as an entrepreneur. He established Dextara Digital, and never looked back. Dextara Digital is a Digital Transformation Services company focused on building deep functional and technical expertise in Salesforce technologies. The key achievements of Dextara Digital are becoming a Salesforce Partner in record time and becoming one of the fastest companies to ramp up to 50+ team in less than 6 months and that too during the pandemic. The inception of Dextara Digital is exclusive and very interesting.

  • Sreekanth Lapala: Exemplifying A New Era Of Entrepreneurs

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Top 10 TECH STARTUP CEOs - 2020

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  • Top 10 TECH STARTUP CEOs - 2020

    During the timeline 2016 and 2020, there was $60 billion income for a whopping number of 50,000 Indian tech startups. It made India the third-largest tech startup hub in the world, where investments are increasing with time. Last year, in 2019, Indian tech startups witnessed $34 billion in funds. In 2020, almost $17 billion has been recorded between January and May. It influences a vibrant startup ecosystem, which is growing steadily, where a variety of tech-enabled industries are enhancing growth. In this year, the online services segment, which includes aggregators, e-commerce platforms, and e-retailers, and healthcare, flourished. More so in the crisis and post-crisis period. Online video conferencing, telecom, and data services have taken a major role in the Indian tech sector, which is further responsible for the development of the tech sector, with their connecting services. The Indian tech startups, in multiple industries, are marching towards the invention of new technologies every now and then. The professionals are immersed in creating new production systems in the verticals of retail, transportation, hospitality, automotive, food delivery, logistics, finance, and insurance. India has 1.3 billion people, and its economy is growing rapidly. It has become a major hub for startups, which are engaged in raising funds, and innovate technology under the leadership of overwhelmingly knowledgeable, skilled, and unique leaders. With their astonishing leadership attributes, CEOs are driving companies towards explosive growth, and rising as the next tech leader. In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, we present a list of ‘Top 10 TECH STARTUP CEOs - 2020’ which are selected by industry veterans, technology inventors, and innovators, and the CEO Insights magazine editorial board. The listing is purposed to serve the readers with affluent knowledge about the present, and future of the tech industry in India.

Top 10 TECH STARTUP CEOs - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Technogiq IT Solutions Aditya Soni,CEO Technogiq IT Solutions He is delivering services in brand marketing, media planning, consumer focus, management, and client servicing.
Saibaba Information Technologies Ankkit S Hirani,CEO Saibaba Information Technologies He has optimum skills and knowledge in business development, marketing and strategising for real estate, and construction company.
Axleweb Technologies Anshul Shrivastava,Founder and CEO Axleweb Technologies In his 10+ years' software development experience, he has worked with chatbots, Google Home apps, and Alexa skills development.
KePSLA Deepak Mavinkurve,Founder & CEO KePSLA A travel tech passionate person with skills in NLP/AI, and has won many awards in multiple state, national & international for product innovation.
Infoscalez Technology Jaideep Kashikar,CEO Infoscalez Technology Striving to offer best in class solutions to solve their clients’ dilemmas.
RoundSqr Kiran kumar,CEO RoundSqr With interests in politics, philosophy, technology, sports, for 20+ years', he is delivering strategy, execution, and technology solutions.
Frigus Technologies Sankalp Solanki,Founder & CEO Frigus Technologies Renowned for business development, software development, digital marketing, outsourcing advisory, and his approach to hit sales target.
G2 Circle Santosh Goenka,CEO G2 Circle He is a second generation business person with strong hold in the apparel industry.
Tecxar Sonia Sharma,CEO & Co-Founder Tecxar Solving problems for companies, and managing their tech stack development & launching their products technology.
Dextara Digital Sreekanth Lapala,CEO Dextara Digital With his exclusive experience in business development, he is proficient in solving technical problems.