• Dr. Sheeba Karthick,  Founder, MD & CEO

    Dr. Sheeba Karthick, Founder, MD & CEO

  • Ayurvedic food & cosmeceuticals, which date back to Indus Valley civilization, have made a huge comeback. The word Ayurveda has gained a strong reputation in the Indian FMCG and OTC markets, wherein more than 75 percent of households nowadays use Ayurvedic products. In a bid to enter this faster growing segment, many major cosmetic brands from the west have started introducing ‘natural’ variants of their existing brands. Even WHO demonstrates traditional medicine as being the primary system of healthcare, as the side effects derived from harmful chemical ingredients in commercial cosmetics pose several health risks.

  • Dr. Sheeba Karthick: An Inspirational Leader Turning Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones

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Top 10 Women in FMCG - 2020

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  • Top 10 Women in FMCG - 2020

    Gone are the days when society used to be imbued with gender stereotypes. In this modern era, women loosening the traditional conservative shackles and unfolding the clichéd house maker roles are discovering new domains. Effectuating their presence not only in the Tech, Auto, Fintech, lifestyle, healthcare, and many other verticals, women have also vanquished the FMCG industry with their entrepreneurial prowess. Where assortment innovation and freshness are the key drivers to succeed in this specialized FMCG, the increasing number of women entrepreneurs has undoubtedly affirmed to drive the major economic growth of the country with their acquired feat in the industry. Endowed with openness to global and ethical standards of manufacturing and developing FMCG products and items, India’s FMCG industry has greeted women entrepreneurs to take the lead in the major segments in the industry. And as per the recent reports, out of 58.5 million entrepreneurs in India, nearly 14 percent are women, where these women-owned businesses have diversely acquired the sectors like food & agriculture, manufacturing, and retail (cosmetics & others) trade. Conversing with multiple women entrepreneurs from the FMCG industry of India, CEO Insights Magazine has compiled a thorough listing of ‘Top 10 Women in FMCG – 2020’. Post a meticulous evaluation, an expert panel comprising of the industry leaders and CEO Insights Editorial Board have come up with this list of accomplished women entrepreneurs in FMCG industry. The listing throws light on their entrepreneurial journey with emphasis on their distinctive FMCG business ideas, models, strategies as well as their projects that have positioned them at a height in the industry today.

Top 10 Women in FMCG - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Pikkle Shikkle Gurdeep Kaur,Co-Founder Pikkle Shikkle Creative inherently, she is an entrepreneur who entrenched Pikkle & Shikkle out of her love & experiments with traditional dishes
Body Cupid Mansi Chowdhary,Co-Founder & Director Body Cupid A passionate entrepreneur who is dedicated & devoted towards her ideas, thus making dreams turn into reality through her hard work & resilience
Mo's Bakery Mohita Mathur, Founder & CEO Mo's Bakery A corporate sector employee turned entrepreneur, her endeavour is to create truly healthy and inspired snacks, which are unique and tasty
AEKA Herbal Cosmetics Nandhini Priya N, Founder & CEO AEKA Herbal Cosmetics A self-confessed connoisseur of cosmetics and an advocate by qualification, she is a fiery entrepreneur who runs an organization, of the women, for the women and by the women
Sanofud Nutrition Nishi Srivastava, Founder & CEO Sanofud Nutrition An astute entrepreneur with deep molecular biology expertise and sound business sense
Le 15 Patisserie Pooja Dhingra, CEO & Executive Pastry Chef Le 15 Patisserie A renowned pastry chef, entrepreneur, author and food influencer, who is revolutionizing the Indian Gourmet Dessert industry
Liara Dr. Sheeba Karthick, Founder, MD & CEO Liara A specialist in Ayurveda & Beauty Therapy, she is the one-and-only-woman CEO in the Indian cosmetic & food industry who renders 100 unique cosmetics & dietary products with ayurvedic therapeutic values
Tiffin To Go Shuchi Jain, Founder Tiffin To Go A food & travel enthusiast revolutionizing the food industry with a range of freeze dried ready-to-eat vegetarian meals that are nutritious and preservative-free
AnybodyCanBake Sonia Gupta,Founder & Trainer AnybodyCanBake An entrepreneur whose business is the reflection of her passion for healthy baking, where she also engages in training & creating home bakers and mother-preneurs
SOVACARE Vasavdatta (Vasu) Gandhi,Co-Founder, SOVACARE SOVACARE A passionate entrepreneur who looks beyond Ayurveda to find skin & hair care solutions to tackle the changing modern day lifestyle problems and climatic change