Nishi Srivastava: Countering Protein Deficiency Head-on

Nishi Srivastava: Countering Protein Deficiency Head-on

Nishi Srivastava, Founder & CEO

Nishi Srivastava

Founder & CEO

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of an individual’s physical and cognitive development. Protein, the building block for bones, cartilage, muscles, skin and blood, is one of the primary ingredients to sound nutrition. Also, by embracing easy to access fast foods & packaged food and sedentary lifestyles, India is witnessing a rise in lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases & obesity a problem that can be simplified by consuming a balanced and protein rich diet. However, protein deficiency is rampant across various demographics in India. In fact, a recent survey concluded that 68 percent of people in India are protein deficient while 71 percent have poor muscle health. The report also established that over 70 percent Indian housewives and working women were suffering from protein deficiency.

Nishi Srivastava, a seasoned entrepreneur and biotechnology whiz believes that it is important for us to increase our protein intake, irrespective of our age, lifestyle and physical activities. Fuelled by this belief, she founded Sanofud Nutrition, a provider of nutrition and supplements to people looking to achieve/maintain their health & fitness goals. Incorporated in 2019, the Gurgaon headquartered firm not only renders high quality protein supplements to users but is also taking small steps towards ensuring enduring health for all Indians. In a candid conversation with CEO Insights, Nishi speaks to us about the inspiration behind founding Sanofud Nutrition and her entrepreneurial journey.

Throw some light on your educational & professional journey that led you to found Sanofud Nutrition. Also, what is your current role in the organization?
My higher educational journey began at MITS, Berhampur University where I earned a graduation degree in Biotechnology. I then went on to complete my MBA degree in finance & HR from Apeejay Stya University, Gurgaon where I was awarded the Bronze medal from the University for securing the
third position. I then gathered
experience in HR functions, administration, sales & marketing, accounting standards & principles, personnel management, organizational development, strategic planning & execution. However, my biggest training ground was my venture in the space of antique dealing that I had founded eight years ago.

In June 2018, I founded Sanofud Nutrition as a pilot project and incorporated the firm in May 2019 as a Private Limited organization and rebranded & re-launched my products. In my current position as the CEO of the organization, I leverage my in depth knowledge of molecular biology and lead the development of the company by monitoring, creating & implementing the organization’s mission & vision.

We ensure that each of our product undergoes a rigorous testing process and is utra-filtered & micro-filtered, hence positioning us at the top in the industry

Tell us about the various products provided by Sanofud Nutrition. What is it that makes your products different and unique as compared to its market competitors?
We have launched three Sanofud products so far; whey concentrate (2kg/4.4lbs with serving size 30g/scoop and 67 servings), whey isolate Zerolate (2kg/4.4lbs with serving size 30g/scoop and 67 servings) and mass gainer (3.18kg/7lbs with serving size of 300g/3 scoops and 11 servings).

The biggest differentiator for us is the quality, be it of our products, raw materials or manufacturing facility. All our products are manufactured using state-of-the-art facilities and are made using only the best quality resources in the cleanest environments. Developed upon conducting in depth research, every Sanofud product has a unique composition and is devoid of any fillers & banned substances. With a shelf life of 18 months, our products are gluten free, 100 percent vegetarian, have zero sugar and are quick to mix thus having no gritty texture. We ensure that each of our product undergoes a rigorous testing process and is utra filtered & micro-filtered, hence positioning us at the top in the industry.

Over 60 percent of dietary supplements sold across India are fake, counterfeit and unregistered,
therefore Sanofud products use unique identification code as a simple authentication method.

Being an entrepreneur is a 24/7 job. How do you strike a balance between work and personal life?
Family plays a critical role in every person’s life, especially for women entrepreneurs. I could not have achieved all that I have if it was not for my family’s and spouse’s support. I ensure that when I am at work, my singular focus is there and when I am at home spending time with my family, I leave my work, laptop & phone at the doorway.

I am an obsessive baker and I like to unwind by trying our new cupcake recipes. My other interests include western dance, travel to beach destinations and trying out Indian food, for instance litti chokha from Patna is one of most favorite dishes.

As an entrepreneur, it is pertinent to stay informed; therefore I rely on several blogs, newsletters and researches to gain new information. I also enjoy collaborating with interesting people with whom I can share innovative ideas or any other valuable information.

Can you tell us about the challenges that you faced as an entrepreneur? Also, what would be your words of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs?
Every day comes with its own set of challenges when you are an entrepreneur, be it in terms of establishing a brand, staying adrift in wake of competition or generating revenue to sustain a profitable business.

As an entrepreneur, one needs their networks to be as large as possible in order to present their product in front of investors who can then support the business with their smart fund. One might also face various social challenges to pull back from the entrepreneurial path; but at the end, the right amount of determination and focus towards achieving goals will help you in being successful.

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Nishi Srivastava, Founder & CEO
A simpleton at heart with lofty dreams, Nishi has earned a degree in biotechnology from MITS, Berhampur University and an MBA degree in finance & HR from Apeejay Stya University, Gurgaon. The passionate entrepreneur leverages her indepth knowledge pertaining to molecular biology to build the best quality protein supplements.

Offerings: Whey Isolate, Whey Concentrate, Mass Gainer

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