5 Common Inverter Battery Problems and Solutions


5 Common Inverter Battery Problems and Solutions

In this modern era, our lives are so dependent on electrical and smart devices that it is nearly impossible to imagine a day without electrical power. Consequently, an inverter battery is specially designed to provide electricity for a longer duration of time. Power backup solution like inverters converts Direct Current (DC) into Altering Current (AC) that helps to power your electrical appliances.

But have you ever imagined what will happen if your inverter battery encounters some problems? These uncertain situations can lead to several issues like no light, no microwave power and much more.

In this article, we will discuss some inverter battery related common problems and their solutions that you must know. Keep scrolling through to know the details.

5 Common Inverter Battery Problems and Solutions

  • The inverter is not Turning on

One of the most typical inverter issues is the inverter not turning on. The inverter being tripped, the battery being disconnected, the battery terminals being loose, the battery being weak or depleted, the battery terminals being reversible, etc., are the reasons behind the inverter not turning on. You must take the power switch to a service centre for repair if it is faulty. Replace the inverter battery if necessary, but if the inverter has tripped, you might need to press the device's trip reset button to bring it back up.

It is advised that you charge your battery for several hours if it has become weak. If it is outdated, it is best to replace it completely. Check the corrosion to see if the battery's terminals are loose, and clean them before using.

  • Inverter Battery is not Getting Charged

If your inverter battery is not getting charged, it can be because of a dead inverter battery and under this condition, you need to replace the inverter batteries. Other possible reasons for not getting charged include burnt rectifiers, melted fuses, and loose inverter battery connections. Again, connecting with professionals to get them checked or replaced is advisable.

  • Shortened Backup Time

Another problem that a lot of people face is the shortened backup time. This issue can arise due to excessive power consumption or when the inverter battery is not properly charged. To tackle this situation, you need to remove the excessive load. Also, in case the battery has lost electrolyte, it can lead to shortened backup time. Under this situation, you must regularly top up the batteries with purified water. Keep in mind that the water level needs to be kept between the maximum and minimum water limits.

  • Battery not Connected

At times, inverters do not function properly or effectively because of loose battery connections or because of no connections. To tackle this problem, you need to connect the battery again to the inverter and then switch it on to make it function easily.

  • Inverter Battery is Weak or Faulty

In case the inverter batteries are not working properly, then it can arise due to a situation like faulty batteries or dead batteries. It is one of the most frequent and common problems that arise. To make your inverter work effectively and supply power 24*7 hours a day without any hassle, you should get your batteries replaced.

Now that you know the common problems and solutions, you can easily tackle these situations on your own. Keeping your inverter and battery in the best condition possible and fully charged will help you experience an undisturbed supply of current to your electrical devices, even during power cuts. In addition, getting the best inverter battery will help you stay stress-free.

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