Exicom Unveils India's Fastest DC EV Charger for Effortless Charging


Exicom, a prominent provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging and Critical Power solutions in India, has unveiled the country's swiftest DC Chargers, capable of up to 400kW. Dubbed Harmony Gen 1.5 DC Fast Chargers, these cutting-edge units come equipped with a host of sophisticated features. These include an advanced AI-powered remote management system, superior operational efficiency, integrated ambient lighting, and various enhancements tailored to enhance the charging experience for customers, a facet frequently neglected but crucial for first-time users.

Exicom has rolled out its revamped series of DC chargers, placing a strong emphasis on user-centric design and functionality to elevate the overall user experience. Among the upgrades is a cable management system aimed at facilitating the handling of heavy charging guns, while integrated ambient lighting serves to illuminate dim environments and provide status indication from a distance. Like their predecessors, the Harmony Gen 1.5 DC Fast Chargers are tailored to withstand India's challenging climate and electrical conditions, ensuring resilience against extreme temperatures and frequent grid fluctuations.

Harmony Gen 1.5 DC Fast Chargers’ efficiency, surpassing 95% and power levels to power a wide range of vehicles from lightweight cars to heavy-duty buses, underscores its versatility. Featuring an advanced AI-driven Remote Management System (RMS), this innovation enables predictive maintenance, significantly enhancing uptime for Charge Point Operators (CPOs) resulting in enhanced reliability for end users. Made from premium quality steel, Exicom’s Harmony Gen 1.5 DC Fast Chargers guarantee durability for charger owners.

Anant Nahata, CEO, Exicom, stated, “Our commitment to building exceptional products and driving tech innovation stems from our dedication to solving real customer problems. As we continue to offer these innovations in India and drive our international expansion, our primary focus remains on creating a seamless, frictionless experience for users and infrastructure owners alike. This forward-thinking approach ensures that we not only address the core needs of all vehicle categories but also pave the way for a greener transportation ecosystem. With over 4500 DC chargers successfully installed, we’re bridging the demand-supply gap and empowering EV drivers to confidently embrace electric mobility”.

Amidst the EV surge, the inclination towards DC Fast Chargers over AC Chargers is experiencing a swift ascent. As per a MarketsandMarkets report, the worldwide DC fast-charging market is anticipated to expand at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 37.6% from 2020 to 2025. This surge is propelled by various factors, such as the rising uptake of electric vehicles (EVs), government endeavors to boost EV charging infrastructure, and advancements in fast charging technology.

Exicom is dedicated to fostering the expansion of the EV ecosystem not only within India but also in Southeast Asian nations like Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia, as well as in Europe. The recently introduced Harmony Gen 1.5 DC Fast Chargers are well-suited for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) seeking DC fast chargers for installation at dealerships and service stations, as well as for Charge Point Operators (CPOs) responsible for overseeing public charging networks.