Uplers Unveils AI-Powered Talent Screening Tool to Redefine Evaluation, Onboarding of Talent



Uplers, a leading recruiting platform known for its pioneering tech talent matchmaking, has launched UpScreen, a revolutionary AI-powered talent screening tool that is set to redefine how organizations evaluate and onboard talent.

By utilizing artificial intelligence, UpScreen expedites the process of locating the most pertinent applicant profiles.

After mapping the job description, the required level of tech skill, and other hiring criteria, it presents candidates with a series of both tech and non-tech questions.

With the use of sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, UpScreen carefully examines resumes in order to discover applicants who are most qualified for the open positions.

The ease and effectiveness with which it integrates with current hiring procedures streamlines the experience for recruiters.

Bhuvan Desai, VP of Operations at Uplers, says, “UpScreen truly takes hiring practices into the age of AI, leveraging state-of-the-art AI algorithms to redefine how we evaluate talent. Our aim is to simplify recruitment through this pioneering screening tool that surpasses conventional methods.

In the past year, Uplers has effectively deployed hundreds of talents to its global customers with the help of AI-based screening. Our recruiters are now able to submit profiles 10 times faster and with greater confidence than ever before thanks to Upscreen AI-based scores. We have been successful in fulfilling our commitment to clients to hire one of the three AI-screened shortlisted candidates in ninety percent of the cases.

Devi Prasad Biswal, Head of Global GTM at, says, “We were hiring for a Sr. Business Analyst role. After struggling to filter out irrelevant applications, the Uplers team introduced us to UpScreen. After setting up on Upscreen and adding the required assessment questions, we were able to get the 4 best profiles from over 100 candidate profiles. Uplers and UpScreen simplified the screening process and saved endless hours in the hiring process. We were able to quickly hire top talent, whom we’ve now on-boarded.”

Beyond traditional screening, UpScreen offers thorough and unbiased AI screening reports. By removing human bias from the evaluation process and providing real applicant assessments based on recorded responses, UpScreen ensures transparent evaluations. Numerous businesses already utilize UpScreen, which improves the hiring process for all parties involved.