Verizon Partners with Ericsson's Vonage API for Network Services Innovation


VerizonVerizon, the U.S. telecommunications giant, has collaborated with Ericsson's Vonage API platform to extend its network services and capabilities to the developer community. The partnership aims to foster innovation by developing new APIs, contributing to the creation of a robust ecosystem of network APIs. These APIs, according to Verizon, will empower developers to build secure, reliable, and innovative applications. The collaboration is a strategic move to realize the full potential of 5G networks, expedite enterprise digital transformation, and explore incremental monetization of network assets.

Senior Vice President of Technology and Product Development at Verizon, Srini Kalapala, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing the shared commitment to making network capabilities easily accessible for developers. Verizon, having offered APIs for several years, plans to leverage this collaboration with Vonage to advance its API journey. The partnership will focus on evolving existing APIs and innovating next-generation, advanced APIs to propel the global industry forward.

Vonage, renowned for its suite of communications APIs encompassing voice, video, messaging, and verification, brings its expertise to the collaboration. The company also provides a portfolio of AI-capable, low-code/no-code programmable components, simplifying application development. Seckin Arikan, Executive Vice President at Ericsson, sees this collaboration as a milestone in executing Ericsson's strategy to establish a global network platform business.

Verizon's integration with Vonage's API platform follows in the footsteps of Deutsche Telekom, emphasizing the platform's appeal for network services among prominent telecommunication players. The collaboration aims to offer seamless integrations with business applications and productivity tools while expanding versatile network APIs to the broader developer community.