Where to Invest Money in India for Good Returns?


Where to Invest Money in India for Good Returns?Investing is a habit every single one of us needs to master. Although, at times, we are all amateurs. This piece is for newbies who are trying to figure out where to start investing and how to start investing. If you are well aware of your financial goal, you can know that choosing a scheme would not be a hard task for you.

But, if you are still trying to figure things out for yourself, then this content will be quite helpful for you. Here are some tips that you can follow while starting your investment. Make sure you end up picking the right one.

Best Investment Options in India 2023

This list is quite long, so just read on to find out how to invest money in India:

1) Mutual Fund Investments

Investing in mutual funds means that your money will be invested in a variety of investment possibilities, mostly bonds, and stocks. When you invest in mutual funds, your investments are diversified, making it a safer option than investing in individual stock market shares.

Another advantage of investing in mutual funds is that the funds are managed by well-trained and knowledgeable banking professionals who are better equipped to manage investment portfolios than ordinary investors.

2) SIPs

SIPs are simple and smart investments that require individuals to invest a certain amount of money on a regular basis. The investor can choose the mode of payment (quarterly, monthly, or weekly) based on his or her convenience and taste. The money selected will be automatically deducted from the investor's account and will be invested in a specific mutual fund scheme.

Extra units of the scheme will be purchased and added to the investor's mutual fund account with each debit of the account. SIPs are regarded as ideal savings vehicles since they not only provide healthy returns but also assist investors in developing the habit of saving.

3) IPOs

IPOs are public offerings by corporations who want to sell stocks to the general public. Prices are often low when an Initial Public Offering occurs. If the company's performance has been satisfactory, the investor will have a larger possibility of profit. IPOs are among the most popular investment options in India, with returns exceeding 60% per year.

4) Stocks

Investing in the stock market lets you contribute to the capital of any firm that is listed on the stock exchange. The equity of a corporation can be obtained by purchasing its shares, and the price of those shares will rise or fall depending on the firm's financial success. Investors will earn if the company from which the equity was purchased profits as well.

The most important thing to remember when investing in the stock market is that good returns are only attainable if the investor is extremely cautious when selecting the stock in which to invest. Stocks with a low beta value are a better choice because the rise or fall in stock prices is determined by how the market changes.

5) Gold Bonds

SGBs are Reserve Bank of India (RBI) government securities denominated in grams of gold. They are released in gram(s) increments, with a minimum investment of one gram.

6) NPS

The National Pension Scheme is designed for people who want to develop a strong retirement fund by putting their money into a government-managed pension fund that invests in varied stock markets portfolios such as government bonds, corporate debentures, and shares. The earnings on such investments, or the accrued pension wealth, are used to purchase a life annuity, with a part available for withdrawal after the scheme cycle.

7) Monthly Income Schemes

The post office monthly income scheme is popular in domestic households, particularly among housewives and those who get passive income and want to invest it to make some money.

8) Government Bonds

To boost domestic involvement in the sovereign bond market, the Indian government has made direct bond purchases available to ordinary investors, who could previously only trade in government bonds through gilt mutual funds.

9) ULIPs

ULIPs are insurance and investment plans that offer consumers the best of both worlds. The operation of ULIPs is straightforward: the policyholder can acquire an insurance plan in which the premium paid is utilized to provide coverage, and the remaining is invested in equity and debt funds.

10) Real Estate

Last but not least, real estate is an excellent investment. Real estate provides the highest returns on investment in any industry. If you have the capital to make huge investments in real estate, a little patience is all you need because the value of the land or property will rise significantly over time.

11) PPF

PPF is one of the most popular and greatest investment solutions for consumers looking to invest their money in safe places. The 15-year plan is the greatest financial strategy for safely achieving your long-term life objectives. Originally designed as a safe retirement investment plan for self-employed individuals, the plan has proven to be popular among long-term investors.

12) FDs

Another popular investment option in India is a bank fixed deposit, which guarantees the safety of your money and gives consistent returns. You can invest a flat sum and receive a fixed rate for a fixed period of time. When your term is up, you will receive the principal plus compound interest accrued during the time.

Final Note

There is no end to the ways that you can watch your money grow in India - but if there is one thing you would have to be sure of, it would be your financial goals. Always make sure you choose investments that match your risks, income, and several other factors.