Wipro 3D, Nikon SLM Solutions Unite to Enhance Additive Manufacturing


WiproWipro 3D and Nikon SLM Solutions have announced a strategic alliance aimed at accelerating the adoption of additive manufacturing (AM) in India. This partnership seeks to enhance innovation, streamline production processes, and promote the widespread use of AM technology across various industries in the country.

Yathiraj Kasal, Business Head and General Manager at Wipro 3D, emphasized the partnership’s potential to expand AM adoption significantly. "By leveraging our experience in deploying 3D printing solutions across multiple sectors, we can drive the growth of additive manufacturing", Kasal stated. He highlighted that this initiative aligns with the 'Make in India' and 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' missions by enabling the domestic production of innovative, cost-effective metal parts and systems.

Nikon SLM Solutions brings to the table a range of advanced metal AM systems, including the Nikon SLM 125, Nikon SLM 280 2.0, Nikon SLM 500, and Nikon SLM 800. These systems are renowned for their high build rates and precision, which enable Indian manufacturers to produce intricate metal components efficiently and with superior quality.

Ashan Dhunna, General Manager of Nikon SLM Solutions India, noted that the collaboration aims to drive innovation in high-precision industries through tailored solutions. "This partnership combines Wipro 3D's comprehensive understanding with our cutting-edge technologies to address future challenges in additive manufacturing", Dhunna said.

Together, Wipro 3D and Nikon SLM Solutions aim to bolster India’s capabilities in additive manufacturing, fostering growth and technological advancement within the sector.