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Ashish Gupta: Spearheading Customer-Centric Innovation To Transform Foundry Material Manufacturing

Ashish Gupta: Spearheading Customer-Centric Innovation To Transform Foundry Material Manufacturing

 Ashish Gupta,  MD

Ashish Gupta


Every time we hear a success story, one of the first few things we google about them is their background and education. What did they study? Where did they study? What are their roots? The truth is, not all are born leaders. Some people become leaders because of the values they learn from their families, while others develop their leadership skills within educational institutions. These universities act like breeding grounds for innovation, nurturing not just business acumen but also the holistic qualities that make a great leader.

MAHE Manipal is an excellent example of such an institution. This esteemed institute has a long history of shaping exceptional individuals. But for Ashish Gupta, MD of Vision Metal Aid, the story holds the best of both. While the institution shaped him into a leader, his journey took shape from a powerful inspiration closer to home – his father, the Founder of Vision Metal Aids. Today, Ashish carries that legacy forward along with his mother Asha Gupta, Director. CEO Insights is privileged to delve into his story in this exclusive interview.

Share about your background. What were the early days like when you started managing the business, and what were the challenges you faced?

I was born in Haridwar, and my father Late Satya Prakash Gupta worked for BHEL. In the year 1984, my dad resigned and started his venture but closed it in 1988. How ever, he restarted this company in 1993. After completing schooling from DPS Ranipur, I did chemical engineering at MIT Manipal. Although I landed a job in Birla Group, I turned down the offer and instead decided to join my father’s venture – Vision Metal Aids. My dad was my mentor, but after his sudden demise in February 1999, I started managing the business single-handedly at the age of 24.

The early days were full of hurdles. It was filled with challenges from the market and competitors, as I didn’t have the requisite expertise, but limited marketing skills. I took up everything as a challenge and moved on with a belief that success comes after you conquer your biggest obstacles and hurdles.

I had to learn quickly and adapt to the changing business landscape. Also, make some tough decisions, but I had the support of my team, and together we were able to steer the company through diffi-cult times.

Share with us your academic experience from Manipal Academy of Higher Education Karnataka. What did you learn from the campus beyond academics?

My academic experience at Manipal Academy was nothing short of phenomenal. I learned a lot from my professors and peers, but what I cherish the most is the exposure to diverse cultures and backgrounds.
The campus provided me with a platform to interact with people from different regions of the country, which helped me to broaden my horizons and develop a global perspective. In addition, I was also awarded a second gold medal for the Best Chemical Engineer award.

Apart from academics, I learned valuable life skills such as time management, leadership, teamwork, and communication. These skills are essential for any professional to succeed in their career. Overall, Manipal Academy of Higher Education Karnataka played a significant role in shaping me both personally and professionally.

Ashish believes that quality improvement comes via simplification of design & up-to-the mark manufacturing processes

Tell us about your company Vision Metal Aids and its journey so far.

Vision Metal Aids manufactures products or raw materials for foundry and steel melting units. We started our manufacturing journey in 1993 with all kinds of riser sleeves, hot tops, and fluxes and gradually kept adding products like coatings, resins, resin coated sand and Lustrous carbon additives. Now, we are a leading manufacturer of foundry raw materials like resins, coatings, exothermic sleeves, and lustrous carbon additives for steel industries, and what we give to the market are premium quality products. We have four manufacturing units in the Haridwar Industrial Area and setting up a unit in Rajasthan. We have sales and marketing offices in Pan India, and we are particular about safety norms and are ISO certified company.

Our group achieves a turnover of Rs 90 crore per annum. Our growth has been steady, and we are always looking for ways to expand our reach and increase our revenue. We believe that our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has been instrumental in our success.

As the Director, what are the factors you take into account when developing effective corporate growth strategies?

To develop an effective corporate growth strategy, I analyze market trends, customer demands, and our company's strengths and weaknesses. I invest in research and development while prioritizing safety. It is important to train and empower our workforce and maintain transparency with all stakeholders.

Shed light on the products you manufacture and the manufacturing process.

We manufacture all kinds of riser sleeves, resins, lustrous carbon additives, resin coated sand and refractory coatings, and we have designed specific products for different kinds of melts like steel, Cast Iron, SG Iron, and Non-Ferrous. The products are formulated in such a way as to give the best casting quality that reduces rework and rejection due to different types of defects. We have more than 30 products with a team of 450 people at work. The facility is divided into various departments, each of which
takes care of quality control, procurement, production, R&D, and sales marketing. We have a well-equipped R&D lab, and proudly we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

What sets your brand apart from the existing competitors?

Our extensive industry experience, value for money, complete quality assurance, excellent customer support, well-equipped manufac-turing facility, and skilled workforce are our high points. In addition, with the assistance of a well-furnished infrastructure unit, Vision Metal Aids has been able to deliver premium quality products. Vision Metal Aids is a valuable partner with a team that works round the clock. It helps us in the continuous improvement of our products.

Quality standards and continuous improvement are the backbone of our company's success. To maintain these standards, firstly, we prioritize quality control at every stage of the production process, from procurement to delivery. Secondly, we invest in advanced technology and equipment to enhance the production process' efficiency and accuracy.

Thirdly, we conduct regular training and development programs for our employees to keep them updated with the latest industry trends and best practices. Further, we encourage feedback and suggestions from our customers and employees to identify areas of improvement. Lastly, we have a dedicated R&D team that works round the clock to develop new products and improve existing ones.

Tell us about your export markets, and what are your plans?

With globalization and technological capabilities, we export to Pakistan, Africa, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Indonesia, and more. Now, we can see that India has tremendous growth potential, and we are optimistic about the market's future. As the second largest producer of castings in the world, it has ambitious growth plans with new capacities being added at a rapid pace.

As a company, our future destination is to become the leading manufacturer of foundry raw materials globally. We are committed to achieving this goal by investing in advanced technology, expanding our product portfolio, and leveraging our skilled workforce. We are working all the time to build further on our USPs.

I believe that ‘Things of quality have no fear of time; they are both timeless and priceless.’ Quality improvement comes via the simplification of design and up-to-the-mark manufacturing processes and procedures. Moreover, we want to continue to grow sustainably and contribute to the nation's economic growth by creating job opportunities and supporting the Make in India initiative.

Ashish Gupta, MD, Vision Metal Aids

Ashish's hard work and honesty have helped him build a clientele that includes BHELCFFP, Haridwar, RICO Auto Gurgaon, Universal Auto Foundry Jaipur, HNV Castings Neemrana, Sigma Electric Jaipur, Beharilal Ispat, Kumar Steels, Vimal alloys, Kisco Castings, and more. He also took over the franchise of the reputed Mount Litera Zee School in 2013 and opened 2 pre-primary schools in Haridwar.

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