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Bhavin Parmar: Adding Value To The World Through Organic Farming

Bhavin Parmar: Adding Value To The World Through Organic Farming

 Bhavin Parmar,   Co-Founder & CEO

Bhavin Parmar

Co-Founder & CEO

While we all prefer to host down a polished career path in IT, Media, and other thriving industries, Bhavin Parmar decided to choose organic farming as his bastion; he believed that a better society is the precious luxury we can have. Although the decision seems easier than done, it takes volumes of perseverance, grit, determination, innovation, and most importantly, passion to say no to handsome jobs and make a mark in agriculture. Having his grounds in engineering from NIT, and MBA from IIM, he leveraged his tech prowess & business acumen to make a change in the agriculture segment. He believed that Agriculture, Engineering, and Business combined would enable the Indian organic food market to move towards global prosperity.

Born into a family involved in agriculture, he grew up with an understanding of the sector by observing the nuances very closely. Owing to his attachment to the industry and a responsibility to contribute to the farmer community, he plunged into his entrepreneurial journey in 2016. The founder of multiple organic farming ventures Bhavin gives his 100% whatever he does.

To deduce more about Bhavin’s startups and his professional journey, CEO Insights presents an exclusive interaction with him. Below are the inspiring excerpts of the conversation.

Take us through your educational background and professional journey before venturing into

I have pursued a Post Graduate Program in Management from IIM Indore. Before which, I completed BE Electronic Engineering from NIT. Initially, right after engineering, my profession began with an IT firm. I got to work with TCS and stayed there for nearly 4 years. Never letting off an opportunity to learn
and grow, I decided to pursue a master’s in business management and then shifted my career path to agriculture. For almost 3 and a half years, I worked with an Organic Food brand. Upon deciding to involve myself full-fledged in the industry, I launched Grow Well Organic & EcoProducts Pvt Ltdand subsequently, Trishya Natural and Eco-Products LLP and Vedaroots Pvt. Ltd.

Striding Vedaroots towards the path of being a global market leader in Organic Foods

What led you to build a venture in the organic food sector and what pushes you to make it big in the industry?
Apparently, Rajasthan is a land of kings, royalties, colours, rich culture, and heritage on one hand; it is also a cracked, sandy, and arid ground with water scarcity on the other. Beyond these uncontrollable problems, the state still dwells on several problems when it comes to farming. Hailing from an agricultural family, I have seen my family’s hardships. Now when there are such gremlins, we can do two things: either grieve around or take the opportunity to make a change.

Most successful business ideas today are those that try to solve the problems of people, provinces, and nations. My venture into entrepreneurship was also one such effort of making things better for farmers, offering a stable livelihood, innovating the sector, and distributing highquality organic food not only in India but also across the world. The natural profile of the crops of this region is a big advantage to us.

How are you trying to help the farmers through your organizations?
Indeed, the best way we could help local farmers is by making them stand on their feet while creating opportunities to earn from multiple sources. We have created several
agricultural projects in our village by introducing a variety of crops and vegetables. Now, farmers can grow different vegetables and more along with regular crops. We are also looking forward to foraying into dairy in the upcoming years so that it will turn into a comprehensive system where farmers can have multiple sources of income.

Tell us about your experience at IIM, Indore. What are the learnings you carry and cherish even today?
As a novel podium that crafted the lives and personalities of numerous business leaders, the position of IIM remains quite eminent in its students/ alumni life. The institution has played a magnanimous role in my personal and professional voyage. It taught me to look beyond my core competency and foray into a market where I don’t have much expertise. It gave me the confidence and courage to chase my passion for contributing to society. Apart from this, it has equipped us to handle difficult and complex situations and consistently work towards reaching mile stones.

How has Vedaroots expanded in the industry over time?
Vedaroots came into life after going through so many challenges. Just to give you an idea, we launched it at the peak of the pandemic in June 2020. Now you can imagine the struggle of starting a business at that crucial time.We currently offer a varied category of products such as Dals(Pulses), Flour & Dalia, Rice &
Cereals, Spices & Condiments Oil & Sweeteners, and Organic Snacks as well.

Moreover, our business was all about making these Indian products reach the international consumer market. However, in less than 1.5 years now, we have grown into one of the fastest & highest-selling organic food brands in the USA, covering more than 20 States in the country. While focusing more on market expansion and international reach, we aim at utilizing best management and governance practices according to global standards to be effective in maintaining and serving the best quality.

Bhavin Parmar, Co-Founder & CEO, Vedaroots
From schooling in local medium to engineering in NIT, and MBA in IIM from a corporate professional to a serial entrepreneur and agripreneur, Bhavin is a multifaceted and versatile leader striving to make a big difference through his ventures

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