Munishk Gupta: Promoting Financial & Health Inclusion Vouching For Sdg 3 'Good Health & Well Being' Of United Nations | CEOInsights Vendor
Munishk Gupta: Promoting Financial & Health Inclusion Vouching For Sdg 3 'Good Health & Well Being' Of United Nations

Munishk Gupta: Promoting Financial & Health Inclusion Vouching For Sdg 3 'Good Health & Well Being' Of United Nations

Munishk Gupta,  Managing Director

Munishk Gupta

Managing Director

Undoubtedly, Indian professionals are making their mark on the global stage. Among the exceptional Indian origin leaders Munishk Gupta is a noteworthy name in the France business landscape. With a transformative impact as an intrapreneur and entrepreneur, Munishk has made significant contributions to Fortune 100 group companies and advised esteemed intergovernmental bodies. His global multi-cultural perspective spans 40+ countries, including EMEA, North America, and India. He holds degrees from French prestigious institutions such as Ecole Poly technique Palaiseau, ESCP, and Sciences Po Paris. He has managed large P&L responsibilities exceeding $300 million, led teams of 5,000+ employees, across Telecoms, FinTech and now Healthcare. His latest venture, IVALUEHEALTH (“Health for Everyone” Platform), focuses on health awareness and inclusion, aiming to bridge healthcare gaps and increase awareness in underserved markets. Also, make healthcare more inclusive as part of United Nation SDG 3. CEO Insights is proud to interview him.

What have been the growth factors that helped you reach this position?
It’s a combination of things. One fundamental element contributing to my professional growth has been the opportunity to work across various roles, business verticals, and cultures, transcending the confines of a singular specialization. While my background lies in engineering, I have been fortunate enough to engage with diverse areas such as business, finance, operations, and strategy. This multifaceted exposure has allowed me to evolve and cultivate a holistic perspective of the organizations where I have been a part as an employee or as a senior advisor.

Moreover, a pivotal aspect that has greatly influenced my growth as a person, is my extensive experience working across 40+ countries. This multicultural exposure has provided me with invaluable insights into different mindsets and goals/ perspectives held by people at
multiple levels around the world. By immersing myself in various cultures, I have developed a heightened understanding and appreciation for the nuances that shape individuals’ approaches to work and life.

Success in leadership is not about being bossy anymore, but more about collaborating, serving towards a goal and paving growth path those around you; it works across industries, geographies & cultures

What’s been a motivation that drives you as a leader?
My primary motivation is to make a positive impact on people’s lives, fostering inclusiveness and diversity beyond gender or color. Recognizing privilege and disparities, I am driven by a strong sense of purpose to bridge gaps and contribute to meaningful, business and ethical outcomes. Providing opportunities to the marginalized brings me immense satisfaction and good for society too. Aligning my efforts with this mission brings joy and fulfillment.

Highlight the evolving business landscape. How do you inspire your team during uncertain times?
Today's rapidly changing business landscape is driven by prioritizing innovation and using emerging technologies. Success comes only with adaptability and agility. Building strong partnerships and collaborations, as well as focusing on sustainability and social responsibility, are crucial factors. Leadership during uncertain times is both a challenge and an opportunity to galvanize and empower our teams. To inspire and rally our members, several key strategies come into play. First and foremost, open and transparent communication is paramount. It's crucial to provide regular updates, sharing both the situational challenges and the potential opportunities that arise. By keeping our team well-informed, we foster a sense of trust and unity, which is essential for navigating uncertainty together in a paradigm where technology is shifting faster than its own adoption.

How would you define IVALUEHEALTH as an organization and its current position in the market?
The core mission of our organization is to champion health inclusion, particularly in emerging markets such as Africa. Building on
my previous experience in the field of financial services & inclusion, IVALUE HEALTH aims to extend its reach to address the critical need for health related awareness and basic information for education purposes. Through this initiative, we strive to bridge the gap between limited access to healthcare services and the availability of digital & mobile technology, effectively promoting health inclusion.

By offering basic information (no diagnosis, no prescription, no health data) and tips on a range of health topics, we empower individuals to have informed choices about their well-being in their dayto-day lives. We boast an impressive 72 categories in 14 languages and broke the language barrier by providing service over the voice for those who are handicapped (e.g., blind) or illiterate, surpassing all other actors on a global scale for awareness and quiz/ gamification for education purposes. It is used by businesses as a ‘Value Add Service’ under white-label, exchange for loyalty points, incentives in the form of employee benefits, reward/gift, or CSR for branding & social good. Many non-profit entities (NGOs, Foundations, Governments, and international bodies) have used it for branding, digital transformation, and inclusion. Nearly 3 million people have benefitted from this so far and it gives immense pleasure and satisfaction. Being startup, we continue to look for partners who can be on a journey with us and change lives.

What kind of opportunities or developments do you anticipate in the healthtech space?
The healthtech industry is witnessing exciting opportunities driven by technological advancements, particularly with the increasing role of AI in the coming years. Augmented intelligence will pave the way for full-fledged artificial intelligence, necessitating workforce preparation for evolving roles and responsibilities. By embracing this technological shift and proactively upskilling and reskilling their workforce, leaders can position their organizations as innovation leaders in the healthtech industry and drive positive outcomes. Anticipating these changes and investing in training programs, while fostering a culture of continuous learning, ensures employees are ready for future AI-driven roles, all while maintaining ethical practices.

Munishk Gupta, Managing Director, iValueHealth
He strives to create innovative solutions accessible to everyone. Committed to make a lasting impact and envisions a healthier, more equitable and inclusive world.

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