Sandeep Yadav: Navigating Success From Military Precision To Corporate Dynamism | CEOInsights Vendor
Sandeep Yadav: Navigating Success From Military Precision To Corporate Dynamism

Sandeep Yadav: Navigating Success From Military Precision To Corporate Dynamism

Sandeep Yadav,   Founder & CEO

Sandeep Yadav

Founder & CEO

IIM Bangalore stands as a beacon of excellence, consistently producing distinguished business leaders. Renowned as one of India's premier business schools, IIM Bangalore excels in management, marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship across various sectors. Sandeep Yadav, the Co-founder of Deliveryplus is a distinguished alumni of this institute. Since its inception in 2016 Deliveryplus has been an early entrant focused on Tier 2 and below market synonymous with delivering top-notch customer experience. Guided by a commitment to professionalism and driven passion Deliveryplus has raised the bar several levels up in customer care in rural Bharat.

Sandeep Yadav's leadership is marked by building a diverse, dedicated and diverse team, meticulously tailored to their roles. Notably, he prioritizes creating employment opportunities in remote areas and encouraging women to be part of the team reflecting a commitment to social impact. By aligning the company's recruitment strategy with its core values, Deliveryplus successfully attracts, builds and retains talent. Fostering a passionate culture deeply committed to performance and excellence the team has been able to make a huge impact. Sandeep Yadav's journey from IIM Bangalore to leading Deliveryplus is a testament to the institute's enduring legacy of producing influential business leaders.

Engaging in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insight’s magazine, Sandeep Yadav spoke about Deliveryplus Services’ journey so far and the position of the firm in the logistics industry.

Can you provide a brief overview of your professional journey, from your early days in the Indian Army to your current role in Deliveryplus?

Service and leadership have shaped my diverse and illustrious career. After my schooling in a sports boarding school, I joined the Indian Army at a very young age and served the nation for 20 years. Leadership skills were enriched in active operations as a commander in Sri Lanka, representing India in
Bhutan as part of IMTRAT and Kargil War. Managing logistics in critical situations like Gujarat earthquake, Op Parakaram, national-level procurement at Army HQ made SCM my core competency. I went to IIM Bangalore for an MBA after the army to challenge myself and learn. Core subjects like Retail, Supply Chain and coupled with international exposure in Tsinghua University, China expanded my knowledge and vision horizons.

As an Operations head at Infosys, managing global accounts like British Telecom and AT&T gave me exposure to use of tech and managing global ops. I joined Amazon from Infosys as part of the core team to launch India operations in 2012. My team and I built the Amazon network in India launching innovative programs and scalable /stable models like Franchise network /Kiryana store and more.

However, a passion to build a network for rural Bharat was the inspiration for launch of Deliveryplus. Our focus has been to solve challenges in Tier 2 markets and below and build a stable network. Our business in these areas has grown nearly 80 percent in top-line revenue and profitability over the last seven years, closing last year at 1K hubs spread across 21 states. I am driven by solving challenges by innovation and building and building stable networks with social impact. I emphasize hands-on experience and incorporating technology as an enabler. Quality and result orientation is my leadership style which has evolved from the disciplined army to the dynamic corporate world. Our work culture blends sports team spirit, military precision, academic acumen and corporate dynamism resulting in Deliveryplus Services' success.

Our leadership approach emphasizes hands-on involvement, with leaders expected to understand & execute roles one level up & two level down

What unique experiences and lessons did you learn at IIM Bangalore, beyond academics?

IIM Bangalore was a transformative experience for me personally. The diverse class composition, including individuals from various professional backgrounds, provided valuable insights. Engaging in class discussions on case studies and learning various viewpoints /strategies really made every minute worthwhile. Live case studies,
projects with companies like Titan Industries helped a lot. Building a personal rapport with amazing professors contributed significantly to my learning. It instilled in me the importance of structured thinking, planning, and execution - crucial elements in both military and corporate leadership.

How would you define Deliveryplus as an organization, and what is its current position in the market?

Deliveryplus is customer-centric, values-driven, and frugal in its approach. We prioritize team bonding, minimize wasteful spending, and ensure quality services at any cost. Our focus on Tier 2 and below markets differentiates we are not in competition with anybody except our last performance. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our green energy initiatives. As for our market position, we aim to be the partner of choice for quality and cost in this market.

What leadership approach do you follow, and how do you guide your team towards goal attainment?

Our leadership approach emphasizes hands-on involvement, with leaders expected to understand and execute roles two levels down and one level up. We foster in-house leadership, with individuals growing within the organization. Open communication and a flat organizational structure promote transparency and quick decision-making. We balance execution and target achievement while nurturing a culture of loyalty, sustainability, and quality service.

What future do you envision for yourself and Deliveryplus?

Personally, my future aligns and is in harmony with Deliveryplus journey. We aim to solidify our position in Tier 2 and below markets, focusing on sustainable growth and becoming a leader in Bharat's vast rural landscape. Additionally, we are committed to empowering women in our workforce, breaking industry norms and launching initiatives like all women delivery teams. Our green energy focus aims to bring environmentally friendly solutions to rural India.

Sandeep Yadav, Founder & CEO, Deliveryplus

Sandeep Yadav,a creative thinker unconstrained by conventional wisdom, builds teams and integrates technology to create new opportunities

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