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Sushila Bahl: Proven Performance In Corporate Soft Skills & Behavioral Training

Sushila Bahl: Proven Performance In Corporate Soft Skills & Behavioral Training

Sushila Bahl,Founder

Sushila Bahl


With technology ever evolving at a rapid pace, we see the pandemic compelling firms across industries to recalibrate and fundamentally change the way of doing business over the last few years. Remote working for professionals across domains has caused a few challenges that are becoming more visible with time. Various studies show, there has been a decline in productivity from a work from home setup. As a trainer/facilitator and a founder of a consulting firm, Sushila Bahl (Founder, Skilhance) understood this gap. "I found that it has become increasingly important to re-establish human connect in today’s corporate life. While online trainings enable speed n scalability, they also risk employee disconnect, short attention spans n reduced assimilation. We at Skilhance Training and Management Consulting, focus on a hybrid model that ensures active participation of trainees, personal connect n relevance of content. For us, the use of technology is an enabler and enhancer to delivering better quality learning programs and developing the required skills. We are extremely focussed on ensuring tailored content, quicker assimilation n relevant application to our corporate partners. Skilhance prides itself in designing and delivering several programs that brings out the much-needed people skills and leadership qualities in employees that are a mark of a successful organisation", says Sushila.

The CEO Insights magazine engaged in a conversation with Sushila to know more about the company and the value it is adding to the industry.

Please tell us about your educational and professional background. Having more than 20 years of experience in the industry, what drives you today?
I’ve always been passionate about bringing out the best in people, believing that the key to success is building on who you already are. I started my career more than 30 years ago, with an English Honours degree from Hindu College (DU), followed by MA in English Lit. Throughout my career, I have done multiple courses and certifications including a management degree in Human Resource Management, a Business Communication Certification from University of Cambridge and a Certificate course in Studies in Human Behaviour. I am a firm believer in continuous learning and ensure that I keep upgrading myself with the latest in the industry.

My defence background prepared me well to take challenges head-on,
to persevere and persist despite all odds. As all good things take time, it took me over a decade to establish myself and Skilhance as a reputed corporate training and consulting firm in India. During the course of my career, I have trained and empowered 50,000+ employees at various levels of management in well known companies, government organizations and the armed forces, including Godrej and Boyce, Mahindra and Mahindra, Zydus Cadilla, Mercedes Benz, Vanderlande Industries, Fiat Motors, Siemens Finance, National Defence Academy and many more.

I am a firm believer in continuous learning and ensure that I keep upgrading myself with the latest in the industry

Being in the training and consulting industry for over 25years has been extremely rewarding. At the end of the day, the greatest joy for me is seeing my participants apply the learning from my training/workshops in their professional and even their personal capacity contributing towards their overall growth and success. Till date, it is this joy and great satisfaction that drives me and keeps me going.

Define Skilhance as an organization and its position in the market.
Corporate Training/Skill development is a highly fragmented industry in India. The reason why large players have failed to capture the market is because most companies are looking for highly customized training and HR solutions. This is not easy to achieve with one set formula.

At Skilhance, we tailor make programs for clients after thoroughly understanding their needs and the ultimate impact/goal they are striving to achieve. We have revolutionized the way learning is provided, through our unique conceptual methodology, personalized attention to each participant as opposed to a conventional learning approach. Apart from our programs being highly interactive, we also ensure to loop back with our participants via regular interventions post the programs. This helps us measure how successfully our training has contributed towards achieving the goal, and also provide any additional resource if required to enable employees combat their challenges.

95percent of our clients are repeat clients. The biggest reason that they keep coming back to Skilhance year after year is because of the deep customization, personal attention and care we give to each of the participants. Post our training, clients over time have seen the immense impact of increased self awareness, positive Communication, better team behaviours, collaborative approach and an ownership mindset among other skills has on productivity and eventually the bottomline and other
deliverables in the Organization.

Skilhance offers facilitator led programs to provide contemporary learning solutions. What kind of unique conceptual methodology and innovative solutions are provided by the company?
Skilhance has taken a unique approach to thinking about training as an industry. While the success for candidates/ participants is dependent on what happens during the sessions, majority of the critical work is done before the training happens.

Our approach lies in the thorough understanding and discovery of what the need and the motivation for conducting the training is coupled with identifying the skill gaps the organization and the participant pool is looking to bridge. After discussions/consultations with the HR/L&D, team leads, managers, Skilhance creates a participant profile, analyzing the key skill issues that impact day to day operations and how these interlude with the job requirements of the participants.

During the training, we provide personal attention to each participant, helping them understand where they lack today and how they could apply the acquired skills in their day-to-day operations. This includes a pre and post training assessment. Towards the end of the training a personalized assessment report is handed to each participant. This self-awareness coupled with actionable plans has helped participants immensely to overcome their challenges, raise their own bar and move up the corporate ladder.

What would be your advice for the young professionals starting a new in the industry?
My advice is to never stop learning. Learning is like a road always under construction. To be successful, one must strive continuously to update yourself, to strengthen your strengths and weaken your weaknesses.

As a trainer and Facilitator, you are not just selling your content through trainings but also traits & personality through yourself. One must demonstrate the very skills that one propagates to the participants. Your image and reputation in this industry is paramount! Take time to build it brick by brick. The winning combination of your Integrity, Substance and Style will create a strong Personal Brand over time.

Sushila Bahl, Founder, Skilhance
Sushila is a highly articulate, confident, persuasive & effective trainer, having trained people of all profiles & levels of management. This enables her to build a shared sense of urgency and capacity for achieving identified goals. Her other key attributes include Designing Training Solutions, HR Consulting, Content Creation & Execution through both virtual & class room interventions. She focuses on adding value to Organizations through focused people interventions, thereby enhancing people productivity & contribution to the company’s bottom line.

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