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Tejinder Singh: From Tech Prodigy To Venture Building Maestro  A Chronicle Of Innovation & Leadership

Tejinder Singh: From Tech Prodigy To Venture Building Maestro A Chronicle Of Innovation & Leadership

  Tejinder Singh,    Founder

Tejinder Singh


In the dynamic landscape of the digital era, entrepreneurs hold the power to shape the future. Dreaming big ignites innovation, propelling progress and ushering in transformative change. Relentless innovation is the driving force that fuels industries, fostering resilience and adaptability. Embracing this ethos not only propels personal success but contributes to the greater good, creating a positive impact on communities and the world at large. Within the digital age, entrepreneurs emerge as architects of the future, and one such visionary advocate of this principle is Tejinder Singh, a leader committed to steering towards a brighter tomorrow.

Tejinder Singh, a seasoned entrepreneur with a dynamic background spanning over 25 years, stands as the Founder and driving force behind 360 Nautica Tech Venture. His diverse expertise encompasses the realms of technology, retail, business process outsourcing, e-commerce, and ticketing, reflecting a rich tapestry of experiences. At the helm of 360 Nautica, Tejinder spearheads a venture-building initiative designed to guide entrepreneurs through the transformative journey from the conceptual stage to establishing self-sustainable organizations.

Below is an excerpt of Tejinder Singhs exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

Give a brief account of your professional journey. Also, tell us the inspiration behind the establishment of 360 Nautica Tech Venture.
Over my 17-year professional journey in the GCC region since 2006, I've experienced a diverse trajectory. Originating from a startup background in India, I co-founded Sparsh, the country's first call centre, in 2003. Sparsh gained significant traction and was eventually acquired by Intelnet in November 2005, marking a historic moment as the first Indian call centre to be listed on the Bombay stock market.

Following the acquisition, I explored new markets in the Middle East and diversified my ventures into digital assets, ticketing companies and e-commerce. As the entrepreneurial landscape evolved, I observed a shifting startup ecosystem, prompting me to consolidate my ventures. The onset of COVID-19 catalyzed a re-evaluation, leading to the establishment of 360 Nautica Tech Venture.

This venture signifies a transition from creating individual brands to nurturing emerging talent within the startup landscape. With a focus on investing, mentoring, and coaching startups, 360 Nautica Tech Venture spans diverse sectors and embodies a 360-degree perspective on opportunities. The name "Nautica" draws inspiration from maritime navigation, symbolizing clarity and vision. Currently, the venture encompasses over 25 brands across 16 companies, operating in six countries with a
team of 2000+ professionals, marking a transformative journey in technology and entrepreneurship.

Where is 360 Nautica Tech Venture positioned as a venture builder and a growth capital platform empowering entrepreneurs and businesses today?
360 Nautica Tech Venture stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial and investment prowess, transcending beyond a mere political narrative. Positioned as a venture builder and growth capital platform, the essence lies in believing not just in internal structures but also in external startups with promising ideas.

When crafting effective corporate growth strategies, I navigate the intricate landscape of innovation, always discerning between the realms of red ocean and blue ocean ideas

The philosophy extends beyond individual visions, emphasizing the power of diversity in knowledge, talent, revenue, geographies, and people. Building a cohesive group emerges as a superior narrative, outshining the focus on a single company.

For five consecutive years, I was listed by Forbes, a testament to the phenomenal story created in the challenging Middle East landscape. Numerous accolades, including recognition by the Indian Embassy in Qatar, the Government of Qatar, and the Prime Minister of Qatar, add to the motivation fuelling this entrepreneurial journey. As the Chapter Director for Startup Grind in Qatar since 2019 and now in Chandigarh, India, I contribute to the global startup community, leveraging my experience to mentor and guide emerging talents. The ultimate motivation stems from witnessing startups grow, thrive, and achieve higher valuations while offering support to those who seek guidance on their entrepreneurial journeys.

As the Founder, what are the factors you look into when developing effective corporate growth strategies?
When crafting effective corporate growth strategies, I navigate the intricate landscape of innovation, always discerning between the realms of red ocean and blue ocean ideas. Red ocean signifies a competitive market where proven ideas thrive but demand extensive effort to carve a niche. On the other hand, the blue ocean represents uncharted territories, exemplified by unique and disruptive concepts. Whether evaluating startups in the Middle East, Far East Asia, Europe, or India, the foremost criterion is the idea's uniqueness.

The second pivotal factor is scalability. Can the concept be expanded, reaching a broader audience and potentially achieving substantial valuations? This consideration aligns with the third factor: the creation of tangible wealth for investors, including myself, and the promoter. These factors are inter woven with the fourth aspect assessing barriers to entry for potential competitors. Addressing these four key questions determines the viability and prospect of a startup. While success is never guaranteed, these checkpoints serve as a robust foundation for propelling an idea from conception to the launch of a thriving business.
What is the kind of mentoring experience you create for entrepreneurs and the latest concepts you help mentors impart to them?
In fostering an enriching mentoring experience for entrepreneurs, my approach encompasses three integral elements. Firstly, I scrutinize the financial viability of the startup, treating both internal and external ideas with equal significance. Once convinced of its scalability, I extend financial support, considering various investment avenues. Secondly, in terms of mentorship, I draw upon my extensive 30-35 years of experience, offering comprehensive guidance in navigating technical intricacies and overcoming ecosystem challenges. Thirdly, I open up the vast ecosystem of my businesses, providing tangible support such as marketing assistance, and technological expertise, and leveraging the strengths of my diverse brand portfolio. For instance, in Qatar, I may offer a startup a combination of cash investment alongside non-cash support, including marketing, legal, and technological resources. This multifaceted approach reflects a commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial ventures through a blend of financial backing, mentorship, and strategic business support.

You possess over 25 years of strong professional experience across various industries. Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines / methodologies you follow as a leader?
In my 25 years of professional experience, my leadership approach revolves around fostering innovation and originality. I adhere to the principle of pursuing Blue Ocean projects, emphasizing the creation of unique, absorbing ideas. My steadfast advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to avoid copying others; instead, trust in their original ideas. The core belief is that genuine ideas breed success, as trust in one's vision forms the foundation for a thriving venture. Another integral aspect of my leadership philosophy is instilling confidence in individuals, whether they are seasoned team members or budding entrepreneurs. Success, in my view, stems from a combination of persuasion, unwavering belief in innovative ideas, and trust in the potential of individuals.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
Our objective is expansion, aiming to construct the most extensive digital ecosystem in the GCC. Currently, we've established over 25 brands, with a focus on fostering innovation and exploring new avenues. The overarching goal is not only to invest in startups but to continually cultivate fresh talent and novel concepts. This approach propels us forward in our pursuit of creating the largest digital ecosystem. The driving force behind our endeavours is the motivation to explore untapped potential, embrace new ideas, and consistently strive for growth.

Tejinder Singh, Founder, 360 Nautica Tech Venture
Tejinder Singh, Founder of 360 Nautica Tech Venture, boasts 25+ years in Tech, retail, e-commerce, and ticketing. A seasoned entrepreneur, he scales ventures, including Qtickets and QT Souq. As Startup Grind Doha's Chapter Director, he fosters local startup growth. His prowess spans digital platforms, marketing, and venture finance.

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