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Vandana Chopra: Making Impressive Strides In The Global Carpets Industry

Vandana Chopra: Making Impressive Strides In The Global Carpets Industry

 Vandana Chopra,    Country Manager

Vandana Chopra

Country Manager

Carpets Inter is a pioneering business organization that aspires to consistently improve themselves as a modern-day manufacturer of modular carpet tile products. The company aspires to offer carpets that are well designed and sustainable. This company has presence across the globe with operations in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bangladesh, Kenya, South Africa, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE, Singapore, New Zeeland, Brazil, UK, and France to name a few. Vandana Chopra is the Country Manager of Carpets Inter. Her passion to become a catalyst of change in the global carpets industry has helped Carpets Inter to break new business frontiers and reach for greater heights in the market.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Vandana talks more about her entry into the carpets vertical, as well as, the unique business operations of Carpets Inter.

What motivated you to enter this industry vertical and what were the major challenges that you faced during your early days?
I have been working in this industry for almost 15 years now, while I was a part of a major furniture brand, every time I would go for a presentation or a meeting, I would be intrigued by seeing carpet tiles and being a woman I was always fascinated by the colors, design and the raw material used to make a carpet tile and with my first job in the carpet industry I realized that I love being a part, in suggesting the right design and getting involved in teaching the basics and the sustainability aspect of the carpet tiles. In brief I like being involved in a project from start till the end and love doing presentations to a room full of people.

Being a woman, it doesn’t matter how diligently you work, one always meets naysayers. Over the years I have come to understand that one just needs to put the head down and continue working and let their work do the talking for them. My vast industry experience, the network that I have built throughout my
professional journey and my passion for consistent improvement have helped me to reach this level today.

Can you give us a brief overview on Carpets International and how do you make people aware of the uniqueness of your products?
If you look at the carpet manufacturing industry as a whole, you can see that most businesses use the same raw materials, and machines. We want to change this up and offer something unique to our customers. We strive to offer the best quality products that are both sustainable and reliable. We contribute towards ocean cleaningprograms, At Carpets Inter, to date we have recycled over 830 million PET bottles into the manufacturing our unique ‘EcoSoft’ cushion back modular carpet tile, thus reducing the effects of plastic pollution on our planet. So, apart from just monetary gains, our priority is giving back to community through our sustainable products. This is just one of the aspects that separates us form the rest and apart from this, we have done various other CSR activities as well. And I believe that this mentality of ours has been the cornerstone behind our success.

No matter what position you are in, remain humble, be passionate to learn about new things, and make the best out of every opportunity that comes your way

When it comes to creating awareness- almost all corporate offices use carpet tiles but they don’t give that much thought into it while purchasing the carpet. I wanted to change this lackadaisical approach and educate people on the various aspects that they should keep in mind while purchasing a carpet. At the same time, I understand that each client of ours has a different requirement and we offer them specific products that best suit their needs. Through our continuous interventions, now, many of our clients are looking beyond just aesthetics while purchasing carpets. Also, we have partners across the country and their constant support has been crucial for making this awareness successful on a pan-India level.
Given the expanse of your carrier where would you like to see yourself in coming years?
Coming from humble beginnings my professional life has been very instrumental in shaping my identity and personality, I am certain that I will continue working for the most part of my life. As, I have grown to become a workaholic. I would certainly be keen in increasing our presence in India and also expanding our foot prints in nearby international markets.

What is your success mantra and what is the role played by your family in your success?
I always pitch a product with the mindset that I am going to win this. This positive mindset has also helped me to see the new opportunities that arise in the market instead of worrying about the multitude of challenges that might come our way.

My mother has been a huge inspiration for me and being a single mother, she had to work hard to support my education. So, I can confidently say that, if it wasn’t’ for her, I wouldn’t’ be in this position right now. Along with her My husband has also been a great support for me and always motivating and both of them have played a crucial part in my success.

How did the pandemic impacted your business?
The pandemic had drastically impacted our industry and the whole market was at a standstill with little to no projects happening. With that said, post pandemic, the market growth has picked up with new opportunities arising constantly. Recently, we have won few big orders from Multinationals which has been a great boost and good start to this year for our business.

What would be your advice to the coming generation of entrepreneurs?
No matter what position you are in, remain humble, be passionate to learn about new things, and make the best out of every opportunity that comes your way. Also, make sure that you get constant feedback from those around you and if you commit any mistake, learn from that and improve. Apart from that, make sure that you find a balance between personal and professional life.

Vandana Chopra, Country Manager, Carpets Inter
Vandana is a very career-centric person and it is her commitment to remain open to learn about new things that has helped her to blaze her own path to success in the industry.

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