The Speck In The Healthcare Wheel

The Speck In The Healthcare Wheel

Anamika Sahu, Managing Editor, 0

Technology intervention in various industries is quite old, but it is gradually strengthening the ecosystem for the betterment. AI, ML, Robotics and IoT are already transforming the healthcare industry and medical equipment is not different.

Giving faster and accurate data to help healthcare professionals to deal with the most critical of health issues, technology integration has become as crucial for medical equipment manufacturers as well.

However, when I recently spoke to Vinod Ramnani, Director, Opto Circuits, he said that the medical equipment manufacturing industry will grow further and too vast courtesy technology, the basic equipment will
remain so forever, with minimum or no twist to it.

Aatmairbhar Bharat has instilled a pride in every individual who strive to make everything indigenously. However, as the medical equipment manufacturing industry was largely driven by Chinese and other imported materials, we have a long way to go to become self-reliant. The government too has to come up with ways to support the industry in becoming so.

From tax benefits to subsidies to relief packages and more, the industry needs more helping hands. The government should also regulate and encourage hospitals and other healthcare institutions to use domestically made products. This is still a challenge until we achieve the most critical tasks along with earning the trust of the healthcare industry to shift to Made in India products.

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