Siddharth Sinha: Navigating The Logistics Landscape With Passion & Ambition

Siddharth Sinha: Navigating The Logistics Landscape With Passion & Ambition

Siddharth Sinha, Managing Director, Sino Global Logistics, 0

The distinction between logistics companies (3PL) and freight forwarders lies in their scope of operations. Logistics companies oversee all facets of the logistics process, whereas freight forwarders primarily focus on the physical transportation aspect. One of the starts up during pandemic in this field has caught everyone’s attention. SINO GLOBAL, established in 2020, is a privately owned freight forwarder and logistics service provider based in Shanghai, China. Starting during the pandemic by experienced industry professionals to serve the customers in China and India was potentially risky but rewarding too as businesses were facing lockdowns and uncertainties in supply chains globally. They offered innovative, reliable and comprehensive services in various aspects of cargo movements, including freight forwarding and third-party logistics (3PL) services. Siddharth Sinha, the Managing Director of Sino Global Logistics Co. Limited, has been at the helm of the company, guiding its efforts in providing efficient logistics and freight forwarders services to its customers.

During an interview conducted exclusively with us,
Siddharth Sinha provided us with valuable insights
into the operations and functioning of the company.

Can you provide a summary of your professional
history and accomplishments? What drives and inspires you in your daily work?

I embarked on my professional journey in 1996, commencing my career at TNT Express Worldwide, an Australian express company that later became part of the Dutch Post. After gaining experience at First Flight, an Indian express company, I transitioned to freight forwarding and cargo services. My endeavors primarily took place in Delhi & Mumbai where I also worked for a cargo company. Subsequently, I became an independent partner in Zeta Logistics, a company that brought me to Hong Kong and eventually to China, representing an Indian company for a short period of time. Throughout the past 17 years, I have been dedicated to the freight forwarding and logistics industry with focus in Air freight. In 2019, I thought of starting on my own and founded Sino Global Logistics but it could only take shape in 2020 by that time Covid had struck but we overcame the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and thrived. My motivation lies in a long-term aspiration to establish an organization that employs hundreds of happy individuals and fosters a positive and gratifying work environment.

In your extensive 25-year career, how did you achieve success and what principles have shaped your path?
Throughout my career spanning over 25 years, I have gained invaluable knowledge and experience in the industry. Starting at a young age due to financial circumstances, I had to prioritize work over formal education. However, it was during the past 10-15 years that I truly grew, meeting great minds, acquiring industry expertise, establishing connections, and creating opportunities not only for myself but also for others. As a result, I earned recognition and trust from peers and
clients, which became a gratifying reward. Along the way, I had the privilege of meeting remarkable individuals and working with exceptional superiors, maintaining enduring relationships with them. The initial years served as a practical learning phase, akin to a postgraduate diploma, while the subsequent years brought forth notable achievements and accomplishments, including successfully managing government projects during the challenging COVID-19 period. Success, for me, cannot be measured or quantified; it is the continuous personal and professional growth, the welfare of my family and staff, and the ability to seize opportunities that truly matter.

With The Current Global Supply Chain Dynamics, Asia, Particularly India, Presents Significant Growth Oppor-tunities

Can you please provide some information about Sino Global Logistics Co. Limited and its current standing in the market?
Sino Global Logistics Co. Limited is currently a small organization with a team of 30 people. Despite our size, we take pride in fostering a positive and contented work environment for our team members. In terms of our position in the market, we acknowledge that we are a small player in a vast industry. However, we have carved a niche for ourselves by focusing on the China-India and China, Middle East trade lanes. Our expertise and reliable services have gained recognition, particularly in facilitating trade between India and China.

Please share your leadership style and the principles or strategies you employ as a leader.
I approach leadership as an ongoing learning journey, recognizing that it doesn't come naturally to anyone. While some individuals may possess innate charisma, true leadership in the context of day-to-day business requires experience, education, and empathy. I place a strong emphasis on training, encouraging even senior executives to revisit fundamental concepts and engage in continuous learning. Through training programs and coaching sessions, I foster motivation and personal growth for myself and the team. I understand the value of seeking guidance from coaches to enhance my own development. Moreover, I prioritize gravitas, maintaining a strong presence and remaining receptive to learning from others.

What is the ultimate goal or direction you are working towards?
Our future trajectory involves expanding our operations and focusing on India as our next destination. With the current global supply chain dynamics, Asia, particularly India, presents significant growth opportunities. As Indians, we take pride in the country's policies, workforce, and entrepreneurial spirit, which make it an ideal market to tap into. Our hearts, investments, and aspirations are directed towards India, and we are determined to forge partnerships and scale our presence in this promising market. We are excited and proud to embark on this new chapter.

Siddharth Sinha, Managing Director, Sino Global Logistics
Siddharth is a committed visionary in the logistics industry, actively shaping the future of the field. He is driving positive change and advancements in the industry, ensuring its continuous growth and development. He is also actively involved in Arts Exchange Programs between China and India through his Non Profit organization Chaiti Arts Foundation.