A Technology Transformation Guide for Modern-day BFSI Sector

A Technology Transformation Guide for Modern-day BFSI Sector


Parag Bhise, CEO, Nucleus SoftwareIndia has successfully maneuvered the smartphone revolution by exponentially improving the telecom network infrastructure and democratizing digital services in the country. The newfound convenience and trust significantly helped the financial industry infuse confidence into a vastly untapped market. While financial literacy is still a work in progress in India, we have come a long way. According to an ASSOCHAM-PwC report, India's Fintech market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 31 percent till 2025

However, given a dynamic, highly competitive industry landscape, the predominant aspect of leveraging this highly potent environment will be the digital transformation and, in turn, providing exceptional experiences to the customers while keeping the security intact. Through an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Parag Bhise, CEO, Nucleus Software, takes us to the deeper layers of digital transformation in the financial industry. Parag has a passion for using technology to solve business problems, and he has been doing that for more than 30 years, handling various functional aspects, such as Managing Product Lifecycle, Delivering Globally, Planning IT Strategy, Ensuring Quality, and Running IT Infrastructure and Internal Systems.

In conversation with Parag Bhise, CEO, Nucleus Software

India’s financial services industry is expected to reach $ 250 billion by 2025. Could you elaborate on the factors that are catalyzing the growth?
The robust growth of India's financial services industry can be attributed to a combination of factors. Central to this evolution is the swift integration of digital technology and the widespread adoption of fintech solutions, which have not only enhanced accessibility to credit but also significantly improved operational efficiency within the sector. India's advantageous demographic structure, marked by a large and youthful population, presents a substantial and ever-expanding market for financial services, driving demand and innovation.

Concurrently, government-led initiatives such as UPI and Jan Dhan Accounts powered by Aadhar have played pivotal roles in amplifying financial inclusion efforts and promoting digitization across the nation. These endeavors have been complemented by strategic regulatory reforms enacted by entities like SEBI, RBI, and IRDAI, which have fostered an environment of stability and transparency. Furthermore, significant investments in infrastructure, a surge in foreign capital inflows, a thriving startup ecosystem, a rising culture of savings and investments, and the deepening of globalization ties have collectively propelled the industry's dynamic expansion, firmly establishing India's financial services sector as a formidable player on the global stage.

How do you perceive the outlook of the business landscape going forward, and how does Nucleus Software see the transformation?
The BFSI sector is undergoing rapid evolution characterized by the continual emergence of innovative applications, processes, and products. These innovations leverage cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data analytics, smart contracts, and digital wallets to propel the BFSI sector towards digital transformation at high speed, where many organizations are striving to implement robust, scalable, and seamlessly integrated systems capable of handling substantial volumes. This shift is aimed at providing a wide array of financial products and services to address the high demand and distinctiveness of the Indian market, as well as prioritizing an enhanced customer experience.

In the current business environment, financial firms need to exhibit hyper-agility to both deliver services and stay in step with rapidly evolving technologies. The race towards hyper-innovation is evident as organizations seek to introduce new products and services swiftly and effortlessly to the market.

Our platforms can be optimally configured to enable intelligent decisions & process improvements as well as manage challenges like compliance, security, scalability, and, above all, provide robust & sturdy future-proof operations

Digital transformation is not just good to have but a must-have in the present financial services landscape. At Nucleus Software, we keep a close watch, are tuned to every change, and put ourselves in our customers' shoes to ensure they stay ahead of the evolving financial landscape, be it trends or needs expected from the financial services industry.

It is critical that our customers use our digital technology platforms optimally to manage their digital transformation journeys, considering the complexities and competitiveness in their business operations. Our platforms can be optimally configured to enable intelligent decisions & process improvements as well as manage challenges like compliance, security, scalability, and, above all, provide robust & sturdy future-proof operations.

We assess our customers' performance to gauge how our innovations might affect them, recognizing that their success is paramount to our own.

With our deep domain expertise spanning over three decades, we consider customer centricity as core to innovation as it helps us keep an eye on the future. It is the key to planning and developing our solutions pipeline. 

What does technology leadership mean in today’s complex, high-demand technology ecosystem? As a leader, how do you contribute to this?
In today's digital world, technology is indispensable for any thriving business. Technology leadership encompasses more than just ensuring a company's products or services are delivered effectively; it also entails orchestrating the creation and flawless operation of tech-driven workflows. In essence, a technology leader guides the organization through the intricacies of the digital landscape, ensuring it remains competitive and adaptable. Such leaders bridge the gap between business goals and technological innovation, playing a pivotal role in the company's success. 

Our contributions towards ensuring our customers gain technology leadership are immense. We ensure the best-fit digital transformation approach, where it is crucial to get it right the first time. We ensure robust, scalable, and future-proof solutions that provide the platform for innovative product offerings and market expansion. Our technology contributions have created a paradigm shift in the financial services space, and they continue to evolve on new trends, requirements, and ease of doing business.

How would you define your team? As a leader, what are the skills that you look for in fresh candidates?
Our innovative team always keeps customer-centricity at the heart of what we do. We ensure learning goes hand in hand with discharging job responsibilities as it is one of the most important factors to grow. We provide a sharp focus on ensuring that our team is strong in domain knowledge, in addition to being strong in technology, ensuring that our teams stand out as experts and consultants who can guide our customers to adopt the best-fit solutions and also create a lasting impression with our customers.

To enable continuous upskilling, we have iLearn, an empowering platform that allows our team to pursue courses at their own pace and convenience. The aim of our program is to cultivate a culture of continuous learning within the organization. We also have leadership development programs such as– Young Leaders Program for first-time leaders to help them transition from individual contributors to become effective team leaders and LEAD, a program curated for second-level leaders. These programs have proven invaluable for personal and professional growth, enhancing leadership skills and networking capabilities.

Among our core values, collaboration, being result-oriented, and innovation stand out prominently. We steadfastly believe in the power of collaboration to achieve the best results and actively promote it within our organizational culture. 

At Nucleus Software, we provide our team members with the valuable opportunity to engage and collaborate with various teams and departments across the company. This collaborative spirit is integral to our mission of achieving outstanding results and fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

In our quest for fresh talent, we support the notion of unlocking the potential inherent in the youth of our nation when they are provided with suitable chances and exposure. We look for team players with innovative minds and provide them with the freedom to express themselves. Once onboarded, they undergo an intensive training program of 6-12 weeks conducted by the Nucleus School of Banking Technology (NSBT). It focuses on equipping them with advanced technological skills tailored for the global financial services sector, building domain expertise, and ensuring they are well-prepared for industry demands.

What would be your advice to the individuals aiming to set benchmarks in their career in this industry?
A crucial piece of advice is to prioritize continuous upskilling. In today's rapidly evolving landscape, the skills and knowledge one acquires today may quickly become outdated. Therefore, committing to lifelong learning and growth is a necessity. Dedicating time to staying updated with the latest industry trends, emerging technologies, shifting customer demands, and best global practices is important to remain relevant in the field.

It is critically important for any professional to stay extremely customer-focused and continuously keep assessing customers’ current needs while foreseeing futuristic needs as well as proactively finding out and addressing customer pain points.

Finally, it is equally important to put the organization’s priorities before your own and provide a single-minded focus on the vision and goals set by the organization.

I am sure if the above advice is followed, any individual can set and achieve professional milestones in their career.

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