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Biju George: Translating Visions & Dreams Into Actions

Biju George: Translating Visions & Dreams Into Actions

Biju George,   Managing Director

Biju George

Managing Director

Art in various forms is abundant in a culturally diverse country like India. Traditional art forms practiced in all corners of the country are valued worldwide for their uniqueness. Biju George, Managing Director at Puthussery Projects is working on making cultural and traditional handicrafts of Kerala available to the masses. A company holding on to values derived from family, Puthussery Projects is showcasing the traditional handicrafts on its e-commerce platform to be appreciated and valued by a wider audience.

A designer at heart and an engineering graduate who uses his design talent and engineering principles in everyday life, Biju George has spent close to 25 years in the IT industry delivering IT solutions to customers around the globe.

Ceo Insights magazine recently engaged with Biju in a one-on-one interaction. Here's the highlight from the interview.

Tell us about your professional background & education. What inspired you to take up the leadership role at Puthussery Projects?
After completing my B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, I joined my uncle's company upon his invitation, where I got first-hand experience in designing industrial tools, managing the production floor and workforce, and, more importantly, how to run a startup effectively. My IT career started in New Delhi, and I then had to move to Singapore due to project requirements. I did an MBA in Strategic Management from NTU to hone my management skills. After completing my MBA, I joined Escher Group's (an Irish IT product company) Singapore office, where I was responsible for Client Management within the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

When I returned to India from Singapore, the culture of my home state, Kerala, urged me to utilize the knowledge and experiences from around the world to benefit the local
community. My wife and I went on a road trip through Kerala. It was a great trip that refreshed our memories about our homeland, its people, arts, crafts, and nature. The observations from the trip inspired us to form the company Puthussery Projects. Limited. With an in-depth global exposure, early exposure to managing small companies, and being a solutions person, I was excited to take up the role of nurturing and managing the new company.

Openness builds Trust. When there is trust, we can progress faster in any engagement, ensuring positive outcomes. Caution is always maintained to ensure that openness is not one-sided

Could you talk about the learnings and experiences you acquired from the Nanyang Technological University and how you apply them in your current role?
I went into an MBA programme to validate my management aptitude through a formal academic programme. The diverse profile of the peers in the classroom gives you many perspectives about any issue that you discuss within the classroom. With students from around the globe, your thought process widens from interacting with your batch mates from diverse backgrounds. It develops a way of thinking that helps you consider numerous aspects before making a decision. Our numerous activities outside the classrooms were a great way to improve our skills as we interacted with people of different backgrounds & molded our leadership skills. The global immersion, broad exposure, and sharp decision-making skills are always an asset in any role you take up.

How would you define Puthussery Projects as an organization & its position in the market?
We sincerely appreciate excellence in work and believe there is art in every exquisite piece of work that people do. We narrate their stories and the craft they create, presenting their talent to appreciate it and enhance the dignity of these artists.

We have started with an initiative called, Graamyam, a one-stop shop for all your home decor and lifestyle needs with only hand made and ecofriendly products. Graamyam is
an e-commerce platform where we present crafts for sale.We are the only e-Commerce portal from Kerala, offering many crafts from the villages of Kerala. New initiatives from Puthussery Projects involve a nature friendly hospitality project and a social project to transform every household into a viable business venture. An intense love of life, keen observation to recognize talent, admiration for good art, and deep appreciation for the people behind it are the values we aspire to.

What are some of the challenges you have experienced in your professional journey so far? How did you overcome and learn from them?
Coming from a family of professionals where everyone is employed in reputed organizations, making a career shift to start a business was not an easy decision. Since I had been working abroad for more than 20 years, I had to deal with many unknowns, especially regulations and the local business culture. Establishing the right contacts and seeking professional help has helped in this aspect but maintaining an appropriate inventory level is another challenge. A year of operations enabled me to develop a production calendar to maintain an optimum inventory level. In addition, I have utilized all my people management skills to establish a good relationship with craft communities to continue a mutually beneficial journey.

In the future, what goals do you wish to invest in & how do you plan to take them further?
We plan to make Graamyam a global brand for home decor and launch our hospitality projects, which will be premium properties with the utmost care taken to have a minimal environmental impact and bring benefits to the community around the property through sustainable living.

Biju George, Managing Director, Puthussery Projects
Though Biju was in the technical world during the early part of his professional career, he has always pursued his other interests of being close to nature, appreciating art and just being with people. An ardent traveler and a keen observer, he likes to watch good movies irrespective of language, gardening and backyard farming, and photography. He enjoys authentic traditional cuisine, whether it is Italian, Iranian, French or Fijian.

Favorite Book: God Father
Favorite Travel Destination:
New Caledonian beachest he countryside in New Zealand

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