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Lav Pathak: Bridging Gap Between Talent & Opportunities

Lav Pathak: Bridging Gap Between Talent & Opportunities

Lav Pathak,Founder & CEO

Lav Pathak

Founder & CEO

Entrepreneurship has the most exciting and inspiring notion to it. And every entrepreneur has their own notion behind taking the road towards that journey. For some, it is the pursuit of passion, some want to thrive beyond the boundaries, some want to address the needs of the market and then there are some who want to give back to society. Lav Pathak, is one such example of a socially conscious entrepreneur, who believes profit is essential, but so is the need to give back to the society. He not only amends the lives of his candidates in a highly progressive manner, but also makes amendments in society and the world at large.CEOInsights engages in an exclusive chat session with Lav.

Take us through your journey and the turning point where you decided to be an entrepreneur.
I have pursued Bachelors of Technology as my graduation. In the journey of my graduation, I realized that there's no end to opportunities if only one knows where to look for. I have personally faced a lot of barriers in my early corporate life that began with my graduation itself and hence wanted to bridge the gap between the talent and the job market out there.My perspective on this was further solidified by my vision of giving back to society. With that aim in mind I started Hoxlp Recruiting and Staffing Services to
provide internships and staffing solutions to organizations.

What makes Hoxlp Recruitment & Staffing unique among its competitors in the market?
Hoxlp Recruitment provides solutions to the candidates streamlining recruitment and connecting with talent. We provide internships to the newcomers to help them grow and learn what they are coming for. Moreover, as an organization our values, perseverance trust diligence andexcellence are the unique features that help us stand out in the competitive market. To add to our values, we not only focus on making money, but also building relationships and helping the emerging youth to do better in their lives.

A strong believer in values, Lav dedicates his profession in building best opportunities for the youth globally

What vision do you follow as a team in Hoxlp?
I consider my team as my family. We collectively work towards our candidates building a successful career, not just earning profits. We as a team try to walk that extra mile to give our candidates the opportunity to explore the market and encounter their talents. We work with the mission to eliminate the shortcomings of the students and add feathers to their profiles.

Throw some light on the opportunities in the evolving market of Human Resources.
Technology has truly impacted the way we live our day to day lives and also the operation of the recruitment industry. Technology has completely changed the hiring process. Today,
digital job platforms are the new norm and so are a variety of technologies used in recruitment today. Technology has afforded us an easier way to reach top talent across the globe. Hence with technology growing in every sector, we are working harder than ever and evolving ourselves to cope up with it in the recruitment industry.

Tell us about the milestones that bestowed you with utmost satisfaction both as an individual and an entrepreneur?
Hoxlp was incepted in the year 2019. Soon after its inception, we were nominated under the list of Top Five Startups in India.It's been just two years of providing our valuable services to our customers. But in such a short span of time, we have been able to cater more than 800 success stories and helped them build their professional career. Hence, the most satisfying mile stones are the positive feedback that we have received from our customers and the relationship that we have been able to build with them.

What would be your advice for the emerging leaders who want to grow their businesses in Australia?
I would advise the youth who plan to emerge as an entrepreneur to have a solid business plan, work on your values and build a team based on that and to never stop learning. Australia is a vast market for growth and development in various sectors. I would urge the budding entrepreneurs to run behind values rather than earning profits. An entrepreneur must always think about providing the best possible service to their customers.

Lav Pathak, Founder & CEO, Hoxlp Recruitment & Staffing
With a degree in Bachelors and Technology in Computer Science, Lav aims to provide staffing solutions to organizations across India, United Kingdom, and Australia.

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