Milan Construction: Pledges Hassle-Free & Timely Delivery of Construction Projects with Accent on Innovation

Milan Construction: Pledges Hassle-Free & Timely Delivery of Construction Projects with Accent on Innovation

Milan Virani,Managing Director

Milan Virani

Managing Director

The most prevalent plight entangling the current construction realm in India is the highly expensive and time-consuming project delay which transpires due to a gamut of reasons and hinders the planned schedules or contracts of organizations. Devoting itself to address and resolve this grave issue, Milan Construction, a pioneer in the Indian real estate & construction sector, not just accomplishes construction projects on right time but with no hassles and in accordance with all legal procures. Spanning across residential, institutional, commercial and industrial spaces, the firm ascertains to maintain timely delivery of its engineering & construction services by deploying a fair number of engineers who impart complete dedication towards work. To enhance the productivity and cost effectiveness of its business, the firm seamlessly innovates, develops and adopts all the state-of-the-art technologies in construction present in the market and also employs advanced & successful equipment across all its methods and materials.

Milan Construction's 24-hour working system entailing the day-night shifts of labour is indeed one of its biggest advantages for attaining excellence from its top-notch and timely executed value added projects and also becoming customers’ most preferred choice in the bracket of construction. The firm also emphasizes on continually enriching the competence of its people and making them feel proud to work at its premises. Supervised by Milan Virani (Managing Director), Milan Construction currently owns 4000+ labourers who work all day and night to execute construction projects from concept through
ribbon-cutting and beyond besides constructing confidence in its customers. Check out the snippets of an exclusive conversation of Milan with CEO Insights and get edified more about Milan Construction and its unparalleled services in the field of construction.

"Breathing the vision to be an industry leader and a market-driven engineering construction company, we are executing landmark projects across diverse realms by being more than a builder"

Could you walk us through the journey of Milan Construction as well as your association with the firm?
Back in 1989 my father–Hasmukhbhia Virani, started as a one-man army and later laid the foundation for Milan Construction with all of his dedication, hard-work and great inputs. Our firm was then providing services to close friends and family only. Post my graduation in Civil Engineering, I joined Milan Construction as an employee in 2014 for the next two years, learning the nitty gritties of the industry. Later I joined hands with nine other members to uplift the firm. During my tenure as an employee, I learnt a plethora of aspects regarding work and eventually became one of its owners & entrepreneurs. Within a span of four years, we were able to grow into a firm with 150 permanent members on a payroll basis.

Kindly shed some light on the diverse construction projects of your firm.
Breathing the vision to be an industry leader and a market-driven engineering construction company renowned for excellence, quality, performance and reliability in all typesofconstruction, we are executing landmark projects across diverse realms by being more than a builder. As residential buildings are becoming multi-functional today, we not just ensure the development & construction of these buildings to clients but also deploy our preformed methods & systems to optimize their efficient maintenance. On the other hand, we plan and implement institutional construction projects after acquiring extensive training and expertise on multiple facets. We also undertake and accomplish commercial construction projects as per the
bidding process as well as industrial construction projects with highest standards of safety & quality, as a full-service general contractor. In a nutshell, we have completed the construction of 35+ buildings already while few are still under work and others planned on prior basis.

What are the new domains in construction that you are innovating on?
Considering the benefits of prefabricated & modular construction like high flexibility, less wastage, recycling of material, durability in all weather conditions and reduced time &money, we are currently innovating on this domain at our organization. As construction today entails too much of modern infrastructure and not nature, we are also foraying into green construction with focus on constructing environment-friendly buildings that has high longevity.

How is safety being promised to your employees? Kindly elucidate about your future plans for Milan Construction?
To build a safety culture aimed towards achieving zero accidents, we observe and consider safety of our employees from nail to hair and also their health by deploying all-hazard equipment like guard & interlocks, warning systems, working methods & training, Program Project Risk (PPR) tool and other engineering control tools.

By staying conversant with all the construction news and updating our knowledge through internet, I and my team seamlessly work in tune with our mission of outshining as a leading construction company in the global market.

Key Management:
Milan Virani, Managing Director
With experiences of working alongside his father for Milan Construction, Milan currently demarcates as its most acclaimed owner & entrepreneur who emphasizes on on-time execution of construction projects across multiple sectors.

Office: Surat
•Residential Projects
•Institutional Projects
•Commercial Projects
•Industrial Projects

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