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Parag Sachdeva: Enriching Lives With Sustainable Food Products

Parag Sachdeva: Enriching Lives With Sustainable Food Products

Parag Sachdeva,Group CFO & COO

Parag Sachdeva

Group CFO & COO

The current industrialized food system has been recognized as a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, public health crises, environmental and soil health degradation. Del Monte Foods, a great contributor to the sustainable food network, foresaw the concerns of the food industry as early as 1886 and has been delivering healthy high quality products in the most efficient and earth-friendly manner possible ever since then. Parag Sachdeva, COO of Del Monte Foods, has played a vital role in leading the company's focus on nourishing people, communities and the planet. Parag is an experienced and innovative leader who has helped to transform the business to meet consumers' evolving needs, while preserving the unique position of the company in the industry. His advocacy of innovation has supported the company in launching over 50 new products in the past several years. Parag continues to recognize the company's obligations to social and environmental responsibility thereby working to grow a more hopeful tomorrow. Below is an excerpt of the CEO Insights' exclusive interview with him.

What inspired you to take a career path in the Food and Beverages industry and what keeps you going today?
I have 28 years of experience in management and finance, performance management, mergers & acquisitions, treasury, and IT & human resources. Before joining Del Monte, I was with Carlsberg Asia where I supported efficiency and effectiveness programs across the Asian and African regions. Prior to Carlsberg, I spent nearly 20 years
with HJ Heinz where I held leadership positions in the Asia Pacific region. I earned a bachelor's degree in Accounting and Commerce as well as an MBA from Aligarh Muslim University in India. From an early age, I was inspired to enter the Food and Beverage industry. Today, nearly three decades later, I'm still just as enthusiastic about the industry.

I am always seeking to learn from those around me to evolve my leadership and communication styles. Every day presents new opportunities to learn staying open and hungry are what have helped me continue to grow around me to evolve my leadership and com

What are the key ingredients that helped you achieve the level you are at today?
There are several factors that have led to my continued professional growth, including having a‘can do'attitude, no matter how difficult the task, and continuously pushing for business improvements along the way. Being able to connect with others across cultures and soliciting different perspectives have also been vital. Above all, I am always seeking to learn from those around me to evolve my leadership and communication styles.Every day presents new opportuni ties to learn and staying open and hungry are what have helped me continue to grow.

Tell us about Del Monte Foods' unique selling proposition in the market. What are the company's main brands?
Del Monte Foods is a leading producer, distributor, and marketer of premium quality, branded, and plant based food products We are accessible to consumers across our portfolio of beloved brands, inclu
ding Del Monte, Contadina, College Inn, JOYBA and S& W. For generations, our company has proudly earned our reputation with a series of innovations anddedication to quality. We always strive to cultivate the best wholesome vegetables, fruits, tomatoes, broth, meal solutions, snacks and beverages to help people live a life full of vitality. We continue to bring forward a broad range of benefits to our new product platforms. We are also continuing to reduce our food waste in creative ways by using small cuts of fruits and veggies in new products and food donations to divert them from the landfill and fight food insecurity.

Tell us about the professional mile stones that have been the most rewarding.
I was a part of the leadership team that improved Heinz's portfolio in China. I helped turn around the trading businesses of Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore at Heinz and also implemented a new performance driven culture across Asia Pacific for the same. I success fully drove a zero-based budgeting approach across Heinz, Carlsberg and now at Del Monte. Most recently, it's been energizing to collaborate with the stellar Del Monte leadership team to transform and grow our US and Asia operations.

Parag Sachdeva, Group CFO & COO, Del Monte Foods
Having over 25 years of experience in diversifying domains, Parag now holds the role of CFO of Del Monte Philippines and Group CFO of Del Monte Pacific, in addition to serving as COO of Del Monte Foods.
Hobbies: Playing Tennis
Favorite Cuisine: Indian, Mexican and Thai
Favorite Book: The Life by Michael Jordan
Favorite Travel Destination: Austria and Italy
Award: Chairman's award at Heinz

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