Park Group Of Hospitals: Being A Pioneering Name In The Indian Healthcare Space

Park Group Of Hospitals: Being A Pioneering Name In The Indian Healthcare Space

The perfect blend of government and private hospitals has been the backbone the Indian healthcare system and their operational excellence and clinical expertise has been again showcased in the recent pandemic scenario. Park Group of Hospitals has been a pioneering name in the Indian healthcare space since their inception. Owing to the quality and effectiveness of their treatment, Park Group of Hospitals has been able to build a positive reputation in the industry and grow into one of the most preferred healthcare providers for people from all walks of life. Their commitment to offer best-in-class healthcare services to their patients has been a cornerstone behind the success of Park Group of Hospitals and over the course of their operations, they have never compromised on the quality of their healthcare services. Park Group of Hospitals is headed by industry stalwart Dr.Ankit Gupta.

Dr.Ankit talks in detail about his professional journey and the unique operations of Park Group of Hospitals in an exclusive interview with CEO INISGHTS.

Kindly throw some light on your professional background & experience in hospital management that has been helping you in moulding strategic business modules for your hospital?
When you operate in a sector that demands in-depth understanding of complex scientific, medical, social and economic interplays, ground level knowledge of all facets of hospital functioning and management skills play a very important role. It’s the professional acumen, good leadership, management skills and dedicated team work of the healthcare professional that save lives of the patients. Being a qualified physician, understanding the Healthcare Management at macro and micro level has helped me to strive for consistent improvement in the Indian healthcare realm.

Please tell us more about Park Group of Hospitals and elaborate on the various specialties/ departments that you cater to. Also, tell us about the unique benefits of undergoing healthcare treatment from your hospital?
Park Group of Hospitals &The Signature Hospital come with legacy of trustful, empathetical and best affordable healthcare service providers. We represent a very advanced Super Speciality
Hospital’s chain treating all types of diseases in Delhi NCR and adjacent states. Park Group of Hospitals and Signature Hospital is empanelled with all the Government, Defence and Paramilitary agencies providing quality state of art services at CGHS rates. Park Group of Hospitals and Signature Hospital are also empanelled by major PSUs and also recognized by all major TPA’s of our country. Also, Park Group of Hospitals and Signature Hospital are all NABH Accredited with state the of art equipment, highly qualified team of doctors and patient friendly trained staff.

Park Group of Hospitals and Signature Hospital is empanelled with all Government, Defence and Paramilitary agencies providing quality state of art services at CGHS rates

We are an Advanced Super Speciality Hospital chain with state of the art equipment and diagnostic facilities under one roof in all our hospitals, treating all types of diseases including Cardiac Sciences, Neuro Sciences, Orthopaedics & Joint Replacements, Oncology (Medical, Surgical &Radio Therapy), Aesthetics & Reconstructive Services, Gastroenterology, Pulmunology, Nephrology – Urology & Kidney Transplant, Dialysis Centre, Gynaecology & IVF Centre, Emergency & Critical Care among others. Park Group of Hospitals and Signature Hospital envisage providing very highquality patient-centric healthcare services and facilities to all with commitment and compassion.

Please enlighten us about the physical & technological infrastructure of your hospital. Also, tell us about the tools, technologies, laboratories & machineries that you leverage to come up with your multispecialty services?
We have all the competencies like Certified (EHR) Electronic health records, Surgical & service line technologies, Hybrid OTs, Ultrasound imaging devices, Infection detecting technologies, Healthcare staffing management technology and all other facilities
that any other multispecialty hospital provides.

Park Group of Hospitals is at par with any other Multispecialty Service Provider in the country. Customer satisfaction is the top priority which we practice and on our own continuously upgrade our self as and when required. We conduct surveys with the patients who have visited and got treatment from our hospitals to know about their experiences and suggestions from them if any are considered objectively to improve our services further.

What are the challenges & opportunities that you foresee in the current healthcare market? Can we expect to see newer innovations & upgradations from your side for enhancement of your existing healthcare solutions?
The healthcare scenario throughout the globe presents a contrasting landscape. At one end there are advanced medical devices, qualified medical professionals, and well-equipped hospitals and clinics, at the other end there is the rising cost of medicalcare and ageing population trying desperately to fit in the complexity of the future. The challenge before us is to strike this balance to sustain our group of hospitals in the Healthcare service provider market.

We are focusing towards the Digital transformation. We are progressing towards this really faster especially after the Government announcement on National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) that has the potential to radically transform the healthcare system of the country. The NDHM lays out broad objectives of establishing and managing core health data in a standardized form, infrastructure for its exchange along with a Health ID (HID) designed for all Indians, a personal health record (PHR) system with a federated architecture for enabling sharing of health data within the Ecosystem, and a citizen Health Locker with complete individual health records shareable only with citizen’s consent. We are preparing our self ab initio for this transformation.

Dr.Ankit Gupta, MD
Dr. Ankit has got vast clinical and management expertise which has helped him to guide Park Group of Hospitals towards sustained success in the industry. He has also laid out well laid out future plans for taking Park Group of Hospitals to greater heights.

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