Propertypistol: A Company Which Stakeholders In Real Estate Space Can Blindly Trust

Propertypistol: A Company Which Stakeholders In Real Estate Space Can Blindly Trust

Ashish Agarwal,Founder & CEO

Tushar Shrivastava, Co-Founder & CTO

Ashish Agarwal, Founder & CEO

Over the next one to three years, the real estate market is likely to see a lot of change. More investors turn to the real estate market with the economy fluctuating because of its resilience. However, to get the most out of the real estate market, one must spot trends before they become apparent to everyone.

With all the new technology that is being adopted in the real estate space, it has become even more imperative to keep the consumer in mind. For instance, the basic pain points in real estate for a general buyer is the fact that one won't be clear about what might be the total hypothetical or actual options which are available in the market. Thus, drastically increasing the timeframe of decision making. Furthermore, ensuring a credible trust factor is one of the most crucial aspects in real estate business.

While transacting in real estate today, buyers won't be sure that all the facts are true. For example, buyers will always be in a doubt of whether a person is offering the right price, or if there is a better price which is possible. Also, buyers always have a doubt on whether the papers are fine or not, or will they be able to trust the builders or the brokers.

Perfectly understanding these aforementioned pain points of the real estate segment, PropertyPistol has been the percent partner who can aid the stakeholders in the real estate segment to overcome these challenging hurdles. Since the inception, the company has been focusing on transparent transactions at the minimalistic timeframe, irrespective of how big or small the transaction actually is.

PropertyPistol has been on a mission to create a place where the buyer can look at options and transact with a peace of mind. The brain behind the inception of PropertyPistol has been its founder and Co-founder. Founder and CEO, Mr. Ashish Narain Agarwal, is an IITian, who has arguably re-engineered the technological sphere of the real estate industry with his continuous efforts in reorganizing the communications and business process between the stakeholders of real estate; Brokers, Builders and Buyers.

His vision of bringing the 3Bs (Buyer Builder and Broker) of the real estate industry on a single Brick and Click platform has helped PropertyPistol to win trust and create immense value in the entire ecosystem. He has a deep knowledge of prominent markets across India. Also, his rich experience in strategy and planning has evolved PropertyPistol as one of the wellknown brands in the real estate market. Previous to this, he
was also one of the founding team members of PropTiger and is an Ex IBMer as well.

“As a founding team member of Prop tiger, I was responsible for almost 60 percent of PropTigers’ operations, wherein, we scaled it up from the scratch. After working for one and a half years, I left the company to start a new company, which has more of my thought process,” explains Ashish Narain Agarwal.

If we talk about the other half of the brain behind PropertyPistol is Tushar Shrivastava who is the Co-Founder and the CTO of the company. Tushar Shrivastava is an IITian by degree and has brought staggering technological advancements in PropertyPistol.

His dedication and unbeatable passion for technology has brought a real estate revolution. With his strategically built platforms like PropertyPistol Syndicate,, he aims to transfer the real estate industry on these platforms and ease the entire real estate communications and transactions. Adding more to his technological expertise, Tushar Shrivastava specializes in Ruby on Rails, Product Strategy, Digitizing Businesses, Engineering, and E-Commerce.

The Propertypistol carries out its operations with respect to its three core values; trust, professionalism, and benevolence

Creating Benchmarks With A Robust Set Of Teams
“We have a robust team, who are carrying out operations across regions such as Bangalore, NCR, Dubai, and GCC countries. So, all of these areas are headed by our VP level professionals and they have been with us for years now, wherein, some of them are from the industry with insurance background, but we've a very strong sales setup, wherein, we are creating benchmarks in the sales industry, i.e., real estate sales,” highlights Ashish Narain Agarwal.

With a robust sales team setup, the company has undoubtedly been creating benchmarks when it concerns sales in the real estate industry. If we look at the company’s revenue, properties worth 1800 crores were sold last year. While, the number of units sold was almost 2400 odd number of units and Syndicate brokers empanelled 1500+. This year, the company is pretty confident to cross this number in spite of COVID.

PropertyPistol’s competency can be seen with respect to the homestead of premium clientele base that they have. They are the top sellers with all their premium builders right from Godrej, L&T, Brigade, Prestige, to name a few. By working with these premium brands, the company has contributed almost 10 odd percent of their overall top line. Thus, setting up a benchmark for themselves and as well as for the players in this space.

Delivering Value Driven Services
“My prime motivator and the core
thought have always been to develop and master a very strong value system. The core reason why we have been successful so far is due to our value system. And I'm sure the future holds good for us. The entire decision making, leadership capabilities, every credibility of a leader flows from one's core values. So, if my core values are strong and rock solid, everything else will follow,” signifies Ashish Narain Agarwal.

The PropertyPistol carries out its operations with respect to its three core values; trust, professionalism, and benevolence. The company has 750 brokers who are associated with them through syndicate with 1500+ brokers getting added every month. If we talk about the benevolent practice that PropertyPistol adheres to, is that the team has always believed in sharing and growing together. This has made the company's growth an unrestrictable one. Hence, every decision is taken with respect to the aforementioned core values. So, if you make the right decisions based on the right values, things will fall into place.

The biggest challenge for most of the players in real estate is particularly cash flows. However, I have always bagged on corporatized big builders with every core value that we muster, thus prioritizing us in terms of payouts. If we talk about our technology capabilities, it is not just used by us, but our technology is being used by our broker and builder partners.

“As 90-95 percent of the resale and rental market is controlled by brokers. Propertypistol is aggregating the brokers on a platform called syndicate, which is a tech driven platform”

Offering First Value-Based Technology Platform
As 90-95 percent of the resale and rental market is controlled by brokers. PropertyPistol is aggregating the brokers on a platform called syndicate, which is a tech driven platform. They have got 750 brokers already on the platform, and are ramping it up in a big time. This Syndicate program is an important industry initiative of PropertyPistol to bring all retail and institutional brokers on a common platform. This technology solution is based on the “Together-We-Grow” philosophy, which is custom built to help the Real Estate Broker Community to professionally run their business with enhanced business opportunities and revenue streams. This helps brokers to use the tools and technology to perfect one’s business strategy and also improve customers’ experience.

PropertyPistol has also aggregated builders on radiate platforms, which is the industry's first value-based technology platform that provides a holistic business solution. This solution has helped builders to tap upon an untouched brokers and buyers’ market.

“As we have resumed back on our expansion plans, we have around 200 people who will be joining us in the next few months. Currently, we are now at a stage where you will feel that the flower has bloomed. And you will start seeing more and more of us in other real estate spaces as well," concludes Ashish Narain Agarwal.

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