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Rahul Jhaveri: Expressing Passion For IT By Developing Innovative Solutions

Rahul Jhaveri: Expressing Passion For IT By Developing Innovative Solutions

Rahul Jhaveri,Founder & Director

Rahul Jhaveri

Founder & Director

Effective IT systems and increased productivity solutions are required for every company, be it small or large. Whether it employs IT professionals or leverages the benefits of outsourced technical support, robust and reliable IT services enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Businesses therefore need to refresh their present support infrastructure and keep up to date with the latest technological advancements. To offer standard technical support and create innovative products for companies, irrespective of their business size, Rahul Jhaveri established JhavTech Studios.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Rahul spoke about his passion and love for IT as well as how he is contributing to the industry through JhavTech Studios.

What inspired you to start your career in such a populous segment and what drives you today as an entrepreneur?
My path was decided for me before I was even born. Coming from a family which owned a business, it was quickly decided that I would do Business and Economics in school and college. However, in the 10th grade, I met Rex, my Computer Science teacher, who, I guess, sparked my interest in IT and helped turn my real love of IT from a hobby to an actual occupation. So I picked up programming and computer science as I realized that was my passion and something that I really enjoyed. My journey started in Australia to pursue my degree and as soon as I graduated, I joined a nonprofit organization as a junior programmer. Within 5-7 years, I was quickly promoted and successfully managed AUD$5 million projects. But there was always a nagging feeling must be that business gene in me. I longed to be my own boss. At that young age, though, I didn't have enough capital to go out on my
own, so I had side hustles that kept me going. These side hustles ranged from buying and selling mobile phones for profit, right up to building mobile apps. At this point, failure was my middle name none of it really took off, but that fire and passion was always alive. I even once dreamed of working for Google! I managed to get an interview, but was then rejected. I took the rejection hard, and it really made me stop and think why not just drop every thing and build my own business. I tell everyone never underestimate your own abilities and continually reach for those dreams, because little did I know at that point in my life that I would be sitting here right now, 10 years into building and growing my own company.

Our priority is service no matter the size of your company or the size of the project, Jhavtech will always ensure the highest quality of product and the best possible experience

You have been an entrepreneur for over a decade now. What are the unique sets of skills/abilities that helped you reach this level and what is your success mantra in business?
Yes, that's right it has been over a decade! Nearly 15 years in the IT industry itself. I honestly don't think that there are any unique sets of skills/abilities, just that a lot of companies don't necessarily practice this in their day-to-day business. I don't know if it is some thing that is just within me, but I feel that the No.1 mantra that any aspiring entrepreneurs out there need to follow is service. I think that I have successfully embedded that into the work culture here at JhavTech. There is no difference in the way we treat a $1,000 client to a million dollar client. We don't turn clients away based on the size of the project. The service that we provide is critical in ensuring that every client is satisfied with the end product. It's not just about trying to get them on board with a sales pitch and providing them with a great end product, we also take after sales service very seriously. If one of my clients approaches me two years later and asks, 'Can you help me with this?' we do not hesitate to
assist them it is not about the money. It really comes down to the enthusiasm for technology as well as the need to make sure that our clients are completely satisfied. This is why we have a 100 percent client retention rate. We haven't yet knock on wood had anyone leave us.

How would you characterize JhavTech Studios as a company and its market position?
I think JhavTech has captured a very niche market we are proudly non discriminatory, and we tend to have clients who come to us having been badly managed by the people they worked with before us. We call these our rescue projects. These clients take time and patience, and this really sets us apart from our competition. We make certain that we take the modest step of demonstrating how effectively we perform and emphasizing how important that client is to us, and then the rest is history. So if I had to characterize JhavTech, it would be that we always put our clients' needs at the forefront of every decision we make, and that aspect makes us one of the leaders in this market.

"The service that we provide is critical in ensuring that every client is satisfied with the end product"

Which milestones in your career path have provided you with the greatest sense of fulfillment as an entrepreneur?
The greatest sense of fulfillment that I have had comes from the words of my clients. I get numerous emails and messages once projects are completed thanking my team and the efforts that they have put forward to make their journey a pleasant one. That is the single most important milestone for me it motivates the team to perform better and give more than a 100 percent. The other important milestone for me has been the fact that the growth of JhavTech has been attributed mostly to word of mouth the great service and quality of work that we provide are what gets us more clients!

Rahul Jhaveri, Founder & Director, JhavTech Studios
Rahul has been working in the IT industry for more than 10 years. Currently, he is the Director of JhavTech Studios, which offers services in the area of Web & Mobile development. As Rahul is equipped with extensive experience in the IT industry in Australia, he also offers consulting services on contractual basis.

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