Renew Air: Rejuvenating Our Tomorrow

Renew Air: Rejuvenating Our Tomorrow

Savitha Rao ,FounderHow brainy is it to pollute our tomorrow to purify our air today? Not at all! But our modern day digital habits are quite killing us despite contributing towards taking eco-friendly steps to get our electronic products recycled. On the other hand, there is a vast disconnect between the fact we know and the real facts about air pollution. While we always wear masks when going out, we are ignorant that indoor air pollution can be 10 times more harmful than outdoor air pollution, and hence take no care at all. On the other hand, despite the growing demand for electric air purifiers, it is impossible to place it at every corner of the house. So what’s the best resolve to this dilemma?

When a two-year old child was suffering from bronchial condition, her mother used the best quality electric air purifiers, but to vain. But post being advocated about Renew Air, she bought several Renew Air purifier bags and placed them in her bedroom and on the bed. Few days later, she called Savitha Rao (CEO, Renew Air) to inform that her daughter was feeling better, thanks to Renew Air bags! There are many such stories that have eased the life of many by provisioning them with quality air, indoor and outdoor.
CEO Insights interviews Savitha to know what makes her products so magical.

Take us through your company Renew Air, its unique features and products.
Renew Air is essentially a consumer product focused on air wellness, both indoor and outdoor.We believe in offering quality products to our customers to help them build a foundation of good health. We create products that are rigorously tested and assess every aspect to enhance the value it adds to the customer and the planet. Besides air purifiers, Renew Air also offers a high grade N95 mask that is very effective, while being comfortable and practical to use in India, apart from Himalayan Salt Lamps and Renew Eco Fresh Bag.

How differently are your products made?
Every Renew Air products is rigorously assessed right from the prototyping stage based on varied
parameters. We use high grade activated charcoal that is optimized for air purification. There are people who have allergies to chemical fragrances. They face challenges in dealing with odour in the car. With Renew Air purifiers, they are able to deal with odour/pollution in a way that nurtures their health.

We ensure our products are effective, wallet friendly and planet friendly. We consciously use cotton so that the products can biodegrade entirely. We are thinking not just about our sales and profits today, but the impact on the planet a year from now from our products. Besides this, we continuously help educate our customers on different aspects of air pollution and recommend steps they can take to improve indoor and outdoor air quality.

That’s great! But your career majorly has been into marketing. How did you get into air purifiers and the knack of quality & affordable product building?
That’s correct. My corporate career was in International Marketing of high end shirting fabrics to top shirt brands across the world. While I worked with clients from every continent, I extensively worked with the Japanese market. Their attention to design and detail is like an education in itself. That shaped my approach to product design and quality in my journey as an entrepreneur.

Before incepting Renew Air, I was focused on a different aspect of sustainability, where we were making eco-friendly textile products to help people bring sustainability into their everyday living. It is here when a business associate who was exploring importing masks from US asked me to collaborate with him and requested me to research on air pollution and create a plan. I found their product quite expensive. I also tried the mask and found is very uncomfortable to wear even for 10 minutes. And that collaboration went nowhere. But in the process of research, I realized the magnitude of air pollution problem that India faces, and that we urgently need to create affordable + eco-friendly solutions. This led to the inception of Renew Air.

Your product seems great even for gifting. Any corporate tie-ups for the same?
Indeed, our products are not just biodegradable and of high quality, but are also so effective that corporates who recognize the growing impact of air pollution have started gifting Renew Air purifiers to their employees and customers.We collaborate with them not just to supply our products, but also to
educate their stakeholders on air pollution and what all they can do to breathe fresh.

We continuously help educate our customers on different aspects of air pollution and recommend steps they can take to improve indoor and outdoor air quality

What opportunities do you see in the air purifier industry, and how are you preparing yourself to leverage it?
The opportunities galore not just as a business, but also to be of service to the nation and citizens. We see e-Commerce and digital marketing as excellent ways to promote air wellness, as we can reach-out to customers, share information and then enable them to make purchase. Thanks to e-Commerce, our products have almost reached every corner of the country.

Going forward, we are exploring some innovative offline channels to reach consumers and enhance their wellbeing. Our retail associations help us get great insights into consumer psyche and help us innovate to serve them better. Basing this, we already have a pipeline of air wellness products that we are working on. Some products are inspired by Ayurveda, and some will combine style with functionality.

Your every product sales contributes towards making the planet green. Explain about this facet of Renew Air.
As a brand, we are committed to improving outdoor air quality. Every unit of Renew Air purifier bags contributes to the cause of tree plantation across India. In some cases, we plant fruit trees to help rural farmers get additional income from fruits, while the trees make the environment more sustainable. Besides these, I am involved in urban tree plantation initiatives in Mumbai.

Key Management
Savitha Rao, Founder

A B.Sc in Chemistry and MMS in Marketing, Savitha is at the heart of Renew Air’s innovative products and is very particular about the design and sustainability of her offerings.

Office: Mumbai
Offerings: Air Purifiers, N95 Masks, Himalayan Salt Lamps, and Renew Eco Fresh Bag

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