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Suresh Madan: Leading Healthcare with Technology in Canada

Suresh Madan: Leading Healthcare with Technology in Canada

Suresh Madan,President & CEO

Suresh Madan

President & CEO

since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare systems around the world have drawn attention to the disconnect between the ideal system and what actually exists. Health professionals have noted many instances of poor design in both system and processes, and also in the slow adoption of information technology innovations. Our experiences have highlighted the need for the industry to use methods that do not rely on traditional, in-person consultations and still provide high-quality healthcare.

Suresh Madan, President & CEO of MyHealth Center, bridges this gap. Myhealth Center is a diagnostic facility that provides tele health services by certified physicians and cardiologists from the comfort and safety of their patients’ homes. Founded in 2013, MyHealth Center has grown into a market leading provider of efficient and high-quality healthcare services, operating through 48 locations in Ontario province of Canada.

Could you give us brief details about your educational and professional back ground. How does your strength and skills differentiate you from your peers in the industry?
I was born in India, where I completed my engineering degree. I was an MBA at IIM Ahmedabad, after which I worked across diverse different organizations for over 10 years. I immigrated to Canada in the 90s in search of a better professional career and life for my young family at the time.

One of the things I decided early in life, and which helped me succeed, is the goal to have a life long learning process. Irrespective of where I was, I tried to look for an appropriate learning opportunity, and I got certification in that particular area. One receives considerable opportunities to grow. One must take the learnings from previous careers, use it into newer areas, and adopt them. Don't shirk away from learning new concepts, new ideas, new themes, and excel in those. So that's been my focus in continuously learning and exploring new opportunities.
From an immigrant from India, working in Canada for three decades to becoming the top Indian Business Leader in Canada, the journey has been long and impressive. How did you ideate MyHealth Center?
It's not that easy to evolve as a successful business leader in Canada. One has to endure various ups & downs, read a lot, and learn to reach to a successful level. You have to find opportunities in the market that can be huge, do thorough research to understand the business opportunity, and meet with clients & potential customers to understand their specific needs.

At myheath center, it is extremely important for us to deliver superior customer experience, and that cannot be done unless we use all the tools available to facilitate the same

When I was looking at an opportunity to build my own business venture, I identified a visible vacuum in the healthcare industry. There was the need to create a highly engaging service which went beyond the usual 10 minute patient doctor interaction and the patient did not have to stay at the facility for too long.

Luckily, in my investment management and portfolio management career, I was acquainted with several physicians or doctors. I first started approaching them to see if there was an opportunity.

I was lucky to find enough partners and collaborators who contributed not only in defining the thinking I had, but also actively contributed towards the project. We started at a small scale. Since the concept was sound and the service we provided was exemplary, the customers were happy. They kept coming back, which has helped the business grow, and today, we are in 48 locations across Canada.

You come from a diverse background, working in India and Canada. At this point, you must have seen it all. But were there any new challenges that you faced when you started MyHealth? How did you overcome them?
Absolutely. In any any newer area, you face several challenges. Prior to founding MyHealth, I was in the investment management sector, where I had to build portfolios for our clients in an investment fund. In that industry, one requires a small core team which is relatively easier
to manage.

However, when I came into healthcare, I realized that teams are much bigger in service industry. One can only work as much as the team can deliver. Hence, to expand the company, there is constant work in recruitment and trying to expand the team. Motivating and engaging with the team becomes crucial here. Bringing together large number of people with right qualifications, with the right skill set and motivating them to inculcate a common mission was quite challenging. However, I was lucky to have associated with 750 healthcare professionals who are highly qualified and dedicated.

I realized the importance of creating a culture which starts from the top, where you respect each other and have empathy to their specific needs. The team I have built has trust in me that I will always have their interest in mind and I think that is extremely important. MyHealth has been awarded ‘Best Place to Work’ over last four years and ‘Best Managed Companies’. These are the testament to our teams working hard and delivering the high quality service our patients deserve.

Technology has become the need of the hour. How are you using tech to revolutionize your service, especially in the times of COVID-19?
The credit for all the growth that we have achieved over the last eight years goes to our technology adoption. At MyHeath Center, it is extremely important for us to deliver superior customer experience, and that cannot be done unless we use all the tools available to facilitate the same. Our patients can chat from home with the doctors in real-time, and get their complete medical records on their smart phones or other devices. We have made interactions with patients easier.

For the doctors, we have state-of-the-art tools and tech to help them take better care of their patients. We have also adopted a peer review in our systems, where a doctor can review the work of another doctor which ultimately enhances the quality of the offering.

Prior to COVID, we had a relatively low level of telehealth, but since March 2020, we have experinced patients as well as doctors becoming increasingly comfortable with emerging tools providing telehealth. We are able to emulate the hospital setting virtually and doctors can visit the patient in the patient’s setting. Doctors can see the room, see this setting, and see the patient's condition through various other remote monitoring devices and ultimately provide the prescription.

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