• Suresh Madan, President & CEO, MyHealth Center

    Suresh Madan, President & CEO, MyHealth Center

  • Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare systems around the world have drawn attention to the disconnect between the ideal system and what actually exists. Health professionals have noted many instances of poor design in both system and processes, and also in the slow adoption of information technology innovations. Our experiences have highlighted the need for the industry to use methods that do not rely on traditional, in-person consultations and still provide high-quality healthcare. Suresh Madan, President & CEO of MyHealth Center, bridges this gap. Myhealth Center is a diagnostic facility that provides tele health services by certified physicians and cardiologists from the comfort and safety of their patients’ homes. Founded in 2013, MyHealth Center has grown into a market leading provider of efficient and high-quality healthcare services, operating through 48 locations in Ontario province of Canada.

  • Suresh Madan: Leading Healthcare with Technology in Canada

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 Top 10 Indian Leaders in Canada - 2021

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  • Top 10 Indian Leaders in Canada - 2021

    Canada is one of the favourite immigration destinations for Indian entrepreneurs. Apart from being a mosaic of different cultures, languages and religions, Canada's respect towards Human Rights is proving an excellent step for business progress. Canada's law and order safeguard businesses from corruption and gains pivotal importance from Indian corporate professionals. Investors' attention is more towards innovation and business success optimization. Amidst the business-friendly law and regulations, business success in Canada is more than just stats. Experts suggest that business success in Canada is difficult, as consumer-focused businesses have limited growth. For a business expert, a franchise is the best option without hefty investments.

    Indian leaders in Canada help in transformation of businesses. The leaders find the gaps in business and lead teams from scratch. Amidst Covid-pandemic, leaders are more focused in the digital transformation. Renowned business leaders state that technology development, food & beverage, education, and sports are the major sectors in which the leaders intervene and develop world-class businesses. Because of the ingenious leadership in business and the reputation of the business leaders, Indians have received help during the tough Covid times, with Canada helping people in healthcare and every Indian staying united. The Canada India Business Council announced in recent times the formation of inaugural Advisory Council of top-notch leaders with success in international businesses, confirming the strengthening of the Indo Canadian businesses. "The creation of this Advisory is a direct, business-led response to the Honorable Indian Prime Minister Modi's call to action," stated Victor Thomas, President & CEO, Canada India Business Council.

    In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, we bring to you a list of 'Top 10 Indian Leaders in Canada - 2021'. Crafted by a team of excellent CEOs and VCs, industry veterans and the CEO Insights editorial team, this archive recognizes the foremost leaders of Indian origin contributing to Canada's business landscape. The listing has inspiring stories of the leadership success and the contribution by the leaders in business empowerment.

Top 10 Indian Leaders in Canada - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
POA Educational Foundation Aditya Jha,C.M. & LL.D POA Educational Foundation A Member of the Order of Canada and appointee of the Government of Canada to the Board of First Nations Financial Management Board, Aditya is fostering economic growth and development through education
Soulroom Arunabha Dastidar,Founder & CEO Soulroom With skills in project management and project planning Arunabha, contributes to business development and improvement of business performance
JP Laboratories Dr. Jagan M Payidiparty,Founder, President & CEO JP Laboratories Dr. Jagan is a renowned scientist and an inspiring entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry specializing in a variety of areas including quality control, quality assurance, compliance, research & regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical industry
Ambashi Engineering & Management Mahendra Pandya, President & CEO, President & CEO Ambashi Engineering & Management Mahendra is a consulting engineer with 39+ years of experience in business management, civil/structural engineering, construction contract administration & project management for infrastructure, industrial, steel structural mining, and government sectors
Atom Health Miral Mehta,Co-Founder & CEO Atom Health Making a positive difference in situations that involve tele medicine, emergency care, chronic care and travel healthcare
Neopolitan Pizza Mukund Purohit,Founder Neopolitan Pizza Mukund is an Indo Canadian Businessman & Entrepreneur and a winner of Pravasi Bhartiya Samman Award 2017 by the Government of India, Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal 2012 by the Government of Canada and Canada-India Friendship Medal 2012 by House of Commons & Canada-India Parliamentary Friendship Group
Maple Diversity Communications Niraj Sinha,Chairman & CEO Maple Diversity Communications Niraj has 25+ years of experience in multicultural marketing, advertising, academics and journalism
Fairfax Financial Holdings Prem Watsa,CEO Fairfax Financial Holdings Prem was awarded with Padma Shri award and led acquisition of insurance companies and contributed to the business development of Fairfax
Manulife Rahul Joshi,Chief Operations Officer Manulife Rahul is renowned for strategic leadership and success in leading high performing teams in consumer banking businesses in large scale and complex environments
MyHealth Center Suresh Madan,President & CEO MyHealth Center Suresh is a healthcare entrepreneur and with 30+ years of experience in management consulting and supervizes a chain of 50 multi-specialty healthcare facilities

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